The beginnings of Tryst was started by the team at Assembly Four. Its founders, Eliza, chendo and Lola began the project in response to the overwhelming popularity of Switter and the increasingly desperate need for a free alternative to verified advertising.

We are a platform which puts escorts, BDSM, massage providers, and adult entertainers first. We include all genders and demographics, provide fair pricing, and focus on continual development. Sex Workers across the globe needed a new, reliable, and better Backpage alternative, so we stepped in.

We believe in being part of change in the sex industry in digital spaces. The internet has been a great boon for sex workers throughout the world, giving most the ability to work independently. This has dramatically decreased the risk of exploitation from third parties. Our research and experience in sex work has lead us to three main goals.

chendo, Eliza, and Lola

What are we trying to achieve?

Bring the overall cost of advertising down for sex workers

Part of our aim with Tryst, is to build a platform which allows sex workers of all financial standings to access clients. To execute this thus far we are offering a free plan which is manually verified with access to features like available now. We have also structured our memberships to be non exploitative and significantly less expensive than any other large verified platform.

Provide a platform which helps cater to all genders and demographics

We have developed an affirmative action policy to prioritise the employment of marginalised communities. Our team is diverse, supportive of one another and committed to the platform. Where we are lacking experience, we endeavour to always consult with workers from relevant communities.

Help fund organisations fighting for sex workers rights, the decriminalisation of sex work, and against exploitation and human trafficking in the sex industry

Millions of sex workers and victims of human trafficking across the world are suffering under the criminalisation of sex work. Sex workers are often the closest contacts to trafficking victims and choose not to report out of fear for their own safety. If sex work was decriminalised, these victims would not only be easier to find and help but it would drastically reduce the amount of violence and abuse directed towards sex workers. We are dedicated to financially backing the orgnaisations involved in fighting for the rights and lives of sex workers and trafficking victims and have thus far financially and/or technically supported over 20 organisations. We also support forward thinking digital rights advocates and others whose values align with our own.


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