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Escort Terms

Escort Terms

. 5 min read

Slang and abbreviations have been used by the sex industry for as long as there has been a sex industry. To keep themselves safe, workers created slang language of their own to communicate with one another and their clientele. Being sex worker run, we know that communication is an extremely important part of any intimate meeting. We also recognise that as we exist in a queer space, as a much higher percentage of workers are queer than the general public. Therefore is it vital that the terms that queer people, as well as sex workers use to describe themselves and their services are understandable. Many people do not have as thorough understanding of these terms as those of us in the industry, but we endeavour to make communication between client and worker as easy as possible. It is imperative to us that clients have a complete understanding of the services that workers are providing. To help clients navigate this easier, we have made this comprehensive glossary of terms to hopefully ensure clients and workers are able to clearly understand one another.

We have also added a section at the bottom of this page which includes some terms which are now considered outdated and slurs which should not be used unless you are a sex worker. We encourage clients to learn and understand these as their use adds to the stigma and violence we face. If you hear them used by non sex workers, please call them out for using derogatory language.

  • Abolitionist - Often a "feminist" who believes that prostitution is inherently exploitative, violent and akin to slavery. These people are often described as anti-sex, prohibitionist feminists and/or anti-sex workers' rights feminists, and are focused on the abolition of sex work rather than the promotion of human and labour rights of sex workers.
  • Anal play – Any sexual play with the anus including toys or anal sex
  • Anal sex – Penetration of the anus
  • ATM – Ass To Mouth
  • BJ – Blow Job
  • BBBJ – Bare Back Blow Job, blow job without protection
  • BBBJTC - Bare Back Blow Job To Completion
  • BBW – Big Beautiful Woman
  • BLS – Balls Lick and Suck
  • B & D – Bondage and Discipline
  • BDSM – Body Domination and Sadomasochism
  • Bondage – Restraining or tying up one partner
  • Brazilian – Waxing of the public area to remove all hair
  • CBT – Cock and Ball Torture
  • CD – Cross Dressing
  • CIM – Cum in Mouth
  • CIMWS – Cum In Mouth With Swallow
  • Cisgender (Cis) – The description of a person who identifies with the sex they were assigned at birth
  • CBJ – Covered Blow Job
  • COB – Cum on Body
  • COF – Cum on Face
  • Cougar – A mature woman typically seeking a younger man
  • DATY – ‘Dining at the Y’ meaning oral sex on a woman
  • DATO – ‘Dining at the Orifice’ meaning performing oral sex on someone’s anus
  • DFK – Deep French Kissing
  • Dirty talk – The use of creative language during intercourse
  • DP – Double Penetration
  • DDP – Double Digit Penetration, one finger in the vagina with one in the anus
  • DT – Deep Throat
  • Doggy style – A sexual position where one individual penetrates the another from behind
  • Dominas - a Latin word which means 'Mistress'
  • Erotic Laborer -
  • FtM (F2M) – Female to Male, a description of a trans* person’s gender
  • Facial – The act of climaxing on a person’s face
  • FE – Female Ejaculation
  • Feminine/Masculine Presenting – A way to describe someone without using specifically gendered language
  • Femme – Typically describes a very feminine presenting queer person
  • Fire and ice – Giving oral sex while switching between something hot and something cold
  • Fisting – Penetration of the anus or the vagina with a fist
  • FK – French Kissing
  • French – Oral Sex
  • FS – Full Service, meaning a sex worker offers a complete sexual experience, usually including penetrative sex
  • GFE aka Girlfriend Experience -  sex workers provide an experience which is similar to having a girlfriend.
  • Genderfluid – The gender identity of people who’s relationship to gender changes from time to time
  • Genderqueer – A gender identity outside of the male/female binary
  • Greek – Anal Sex
  • GS or ‘Golden Shower’ - typically means watching an individual urinate or having them urinate on someone
  • Happy ending – Typically a massage that ends with a hand job
  • HJ – Hand Job
  • Hustling - to work hard
  • Italian – Rubbing the penis between the buttocks
  • Intersex – Term for someone who has an atypical biological sex
  • John – A client
  • LK – Light Kissing
  • LGBTIQA+ – Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans Intersex Queer Asexual +
  • MtF (M2F) – Male to Female, a description of a trans person’s gender
  • MILF – Mother I’d Like to Fuck
  • MFF – Male Female Female
  • MMF – Male Male Female
  • Monogamy - the practice of only having one sexual partner
  • Mutual masturbation – Two individuals masturbating together
  • Mutual French – Both individuals give and receive oral sex
  • Mutual natural French – Both individuals give and receive oral sex without protection
  • MSOG – Multiple Shots on Goal, meaning a sex worker is able to give the client multiple orgasms
  • Mx – The title of a non-binary person (as opposed to Mr or Ms)
  • Natural bush – Unshaved or substantial pubic hair
  • Non-monogamy - an intimate sexual/emotional relationship involving more than two people.
  • Non-binary – A spectrum of gender identities outside the male/female binary
  • Open relationship - Also known as a non exclusive relationship, is a form of non-monogamy
  • OWO – Oral With Out, a blow job without a condom
  • Pansexual – Someone attracted to all gender identities
  • PNDP – Please No Dick Pics
  • PSE aka Porn Star Experience - typically a sexual experience inspired by common pornography
  • Punter – A client
  • Queer – Someone who is not strictly heterosexual
  • Role play – Individuals engaging in sexual activity while acting
  • Rimming – orally gratifying someone’s anus
  • SAAB – Sex Assigned At Birth
  • Snowballing – The act of passing semen from one person’s mouth to another
  • Spanish – Rubbing the penis between breasts
  • Spit roasting – Giving oral sex to one individual while being penetrated from behind by another
  • Squirting – Female ejaculation during orgasm
  • Strap on – A dildo designed to ’straps= on’ to a person
  • Strip tease – An erotic dance that involves taking clothes off
  • Sugaring (Sugar baby/Sugar daddy) - A relationship in which one party (often the male) financially supports the other party in exchange for companionship and often sexual intimacy.
  • SW – Sex Worker/s
  • Tea bagging – Placing the scrotum into
  • Toy show – A masturbation toy show ie dildos, vibrators
  • Transgender - A gender description of a person who is going through or has completed a gender transition
  • Trans– An umbrella term covering identities that transgress binary gender norms
  • Tromboning - A sexual act that involves giving someone’s anus oral sex while masturbating their penis
  • TTM – Testicular Tongue Massage
  • Water sports – Sexual acts that involve urine
  • Whorearchy - The Whorearchy is an unfortunate class system within the sex industry which perpetuates lateral violence.
  • Whorephobia - Whorephobia is a form of violence directed towards sex workers aiming to perpetuate stigma in order to control and police women's bodies.

Terms you should not use unless you are a sex worker

Below is a list of terms which should not be used by non sex working individuals. As sex workers are an extremely diverse group of individuals, and much of the current discourse has been presented by mainly white sex workers, some sex workers prefer to use terms outside of "sex worker" to describe their work. We ask that if you hear non sex workers using these terms that you call them out as it does contribute to the violence against us. Most importantly, listen to sex workers if you, yourself are called out for saying something offensive.

  • Prostitute - this is a term used to criminalise our work and perpetuate harmful stereotypes. Those who oppose the consensual selling and buying of sexual services between adults with use this term because of it's negative connotations and implies sex workers cannot be empowered or autonomous beings.
  • Hooker/Whore/Harlot - are misogynistic slurs to describe someone who is promiscuous and degrade women's sexuality
  • Hoe/Heaux - these terms should only be used by Black sex workers as they are a part of African American vernacular.
  • Thot - this term should only be used by Black sex workers as it is a part of African American vernacular.
  • Working girls, girls, call girls - while these are not slur's in the same way Whore and Hooker are, using the term "girls" when describing sex workers fails to acknowledge the gender diversity of the sex industry, while also infantilising the experiences of adult women. This also acts and an emotional trigger that plays into the stereotype of young girls in prostitution.

For more reading on terminology used in and around the sex industry, please check out: