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#AcceptanceMatters: Mastercard and banking discrimination against Sex Workers

Access to banking and financial services is vital for survival, particularly against the backdrop of the covid-19 pandemic.

On October 15th, Mastercard have announced they will be implementing a series of new policies targeting adult content in a misguided attempt to "protect children online". While, we firmly believe in the protection of those made vulnerable and marginalised, including young people, experts agree that policies such as these not only fail to address broader harms, but have been proven to exacerbate exploitation. The impact of these new policies will be dire, not just for sex workers, but also for LGBTQIA+ people, disabled people, writers, artists, musicians, creators and sex educators.

Thus far Mastercard have failed to include any sex workers in their consultation process, instead choosing the advisory of groups such as National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE, formerly, Morality in Media) who are an anti sex and anti LGBTQIA+ organisation and have allied themselves with hate groups such as the Family Research Council. Family Research Council explicitly opposes marriage equality and anti-LGBTQ+ discrimination laws while advocating for the debunked practice of conversion therapy.

How to take action

We urge all sex workers, allies and users of the internet to join the campaign by signing the below petitions and speaking out about your experiences with financial discrimination and exclusion using the hashtag #acceptancematters and tagging Mastercard.