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Sex Work Resources

Sex Work Resources

We strongly believe that having the ability to make decisions about our bodies and sexual lives is a fundamental human right. It has been around for as long as human society has existed. But alongside sex work, even in our modern world, is a deep tradition of oppression.

At Tryst, we believe strongly that sex workers deserve safety and protection, that sex work itself needs to be decriminalised and that sex workers need strong representation in spheres of power. We also recognise that LGBTIQA+ communities and communities of colour are disproportionately represented in vulnerable sex work arenas. It is absolutely vital, that as a business for and by sex workers, that we participate in the fight to keep sex workers safe.

We've put together this resource section on Tryst, to help shine light on important organisations who are on the front line in the fight for sex workers rights. We hope this will lead to further solidarity between sex workers and the public.

Sex Worker Advocacy Groups

The below are organisations dedicated to fighting for the rights of sex workers. We encourage you to share content from these organisations, donate and support them with whatever resources you can.

If we have missed any sex worker advocacy groups that you think belong on this list, please get in touch with us via


  • NSWP - The Global Network of Sex Work Projects amplifies the voices of sexwork-ers globally, promoting health and human rights.
  • Red Umbrella Fund - The Red Umbrella Fund is the first global fund guided by and for sex workers.

United States

  • SWOP USA - National social justice network dedicated to fundamental human rights of sex workers focused on ending violence & stigma
  • SWOP Baltimore - Sex Worker Outreach Project's Baltimore chapter. Providing support, resources, & community to sex workers.
  • SWOP Behind Bars - SWOP Behind Bars provides incarcerated sex workers with resources to create community links from the inside out!
  • SWOP Tampa Bay - Harm Reduction,  Education, Advocacy, Solidarity and Community For SW & Allies by SW & Allies
  • SWOP Hawaii -  Sex Workers Outreach Project for Hawaii. We are a peer to peer organization led by current and former sex workers for sex workers in Hawaii
  • SWOP New Hampshire - Sex Worker Outreach Project of New Hampshire
  • SWOP Pittsburgh - SWOP is a social justice network focusing on ending the violence and stigma associated with sex work through education and advocacy.
  • SWOP Kentucky - Sex Workers Outreach Project for Kentucky
  • SWOP Brooklyn - SWOP chapter providing outreach, community education & peer support!
  • POC SWOP - Black-lead, Seattle-based chapter of the Sex Workers Outreach Project dedicated to POC voices and harm reduction in the sex trade.
  • SWOP Seattle - Seattle chapter of the Sex Workers Outreach Project - Ending violence and stigma against sex workers through education and advocacy.
  • SWOP St Louis - St. Louis Chapter of SWOPUSA
  • SWOP Austin Texas - Austin Texas autonomous chapter of the Sex Workers Outreach Project
  • SWOP Portland - Portland chapter of SWOP. End stigma through education & advocacy
  • Mass SWAN Boston - The Massachusetts Sex Worker Ally Network is a Boston-based activist group advocating for safety, dignity, and self-determination for all sex workers
  • SWOP Kentucky - The Kentucky chapter of SWOP
  • SWOP Minneapolis - The Minneapolis chapter of SWOP
  • COYOTE RI - Coyote RI (Call Off Your Old Tired Ethics) provides counselling and legal referrals for sex workers, and assistance in leaving sex work for different careers.
  • SWOP Sacramento - Sex Workers Outreach Project Sacramento is social justice network dedicated to upholding the civil, labor and human rights of sexworkers and their communities
  • SWOP Orlando - SWOP ORLANDO seeks to protect the health and safety of folk in the sex tradex
  • SWOP Detroit - Peer lead support & camaraderie focus in the Detroit area.
  • SWOP Los Angeles - Los Angeles chapter of the Sex Workers’ Outreach Project SWOP USA | Dedicated to empowering those in the sex trade and ending stigma and violence
  • SWOP Michigan - SWOP MI focuses on safety, dignity, & diversity of Sex Workers. Peer lead support & camaraderie
  • SAFE Philadelphia - SAFE believes in every woman and gnc persons’ right to health and well-being as well as in their competency to protect and help herself and their community.
  • Bay Area Workers Support - Advocating for the health, safety & livelihoods of Bay SWers through direct support & community organizing.
  • Decrim Now DC - A collective of Black + brown sex workers, organizers + allies building safety for people in the sex trades in DC
  • Desiree Alliance - Social justice org of current & former sex workers in coalition w/ national & global allies working for human, labor & civil rights for all sex workers
  • Red Canary Song - Grassroots collective of Asian sex workers — for migrant justice. Labor rights not police raids.
  • Sex Workers Project - SWP provides direct legal & social services to sex workers & survivors of human trafficking, advocating for safety & rights.
  • SWWAC - A coalition of Winnipeg-based sex workers, activists, researchers and health professionals promoting the human and labour rights of sex workers.


  • Maggie's Toronto SWAP - Maggies Toronto is one of Canada's oldest by & for sex workers rights orgs advocating for our right to live & work with safety + dignity since 1986!
  • Power Ottawa - Prostitutes of Ottawa-Gatineau Work, Educate & Resist is a volunteer-run organization working for sex worker human and labour rights.
  • SWAN Vancouver - Promoting the health, rights & safety of im/migrant women engaged in sex work, through front-line service & systemic advocacy.
  • Peers Victoria - Peers was founded in 1995 by sex workers and community supporters. We support and empower sex workers and strive to engender pride and strength.
  • SHOP - Safe Harbour Outreach Project exists to advocate for the human rights of sex workers in NL through front line services, supports and supplies.
  • PACE - Peer-driven organization providing harm reduction front-line support services by, with, & for SexWork-ers since 1994.
  • ShiftCalgary -Shift is a harm reduction and rights based support service for adults currently or formerly working in the sex industry.


  • Scarlet Alliance - Scarlet Alliance, Australian Sex Workers Association is the national peak org representing sex workers & sex worker orgs. Formed in 1989. We are sex workers!
  • Vixen Collective - Victoria's Peer Only Sex Worker Organisation
  • Magenta WA - Magenta provide services to support and promote the health and safety of people involved in the sex industry in West Australia
  • Swear WA - Sex Work; Education, Advocacy & Rights WA
  • Touching Base - Touching Base developed out of the need to assist people with disability and sex workers to connect with each other.
  • Debbie Doesn't Do It For Free - Sex-Worker Arts & Performance Collective
  • Eros Association - The Eros Association is Australia's industry association for 'adults-only' retail, wholesale, media and entertainment.
  • SWOP Male - Male Project of Sex Workers Outreach Project Sexual health info & support for male sex workers in NSW
  • SIN - SIN - is a peer based organisation run by sex workers for sex workers. Promoting the health, rights and well being of SA sex workers
  • SWOP NSW - SWOP provides sexual health information & support to people who engage in sex work in NSW.
  • SWOP ACT - SWOP is a peer-based community organisation whose primary purpose is the prevention of HIV and other STIs through education, referral and support.
  • Project Respect QLD - Queensland Sex Worker Organisation by and for sex workers

New Zealand

  • New Zealand Prostitutes' Collective - NZPC is a grass roots not for profit organisation. We provide information and services for people who are doing sex work or thinking about doing sex work.


  • Hydra Berlin - Advice center & meeting point for sex workers in Berlin
  • ICRSE - ICRSE, International Committee on the Rights of SexWorkers in Europe.
  • STRASS - Sex workers' trade union in France.
  • SWAN - The Sex Workers Rights Advocacy Network (SWAN) is a network of civil society organizations and sexworker groups in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia
  • PROUD Netherlands - Interest group for and by sex workers
  • SWAI Ireland - SWAI promotes the human rights, equality & participation of sex workers
  • Fuckforbundet - Community for sex workers in Sweden, fighting for Rights Not Rescue
  • SCOT Pep - Sex worker-led charity fighting to defend & extend the human rights and labour rights of sex workers in Scotland. Safety, rights, justice
  • Rose Alliance - Fighting against stigma and for the rights to work, health and safety for sex workers in Sweden and worldwide.
  • Sex Work Polska - Coalition for the rights of employees and sex workers in Poland

United Kingdom

  • SWARM - SWARM is a grassroots sex worker-led collective fighting criminalisation, supporting sex workers, & engaging in solidarity across issues of justice
  • Prostitutes Collective - Since 1975 the English Collective of Prostitutes has been campaigning for decriminalisation and safety for sex workers
  • POWNotts - Providing services and support to sex workers and those affected by sex work in Nottingham
  • SCOT PEP - SCOT-PEP is a registered charity dedicated to the promotion of sex workers’ rights, safety, and health.


  • APNSW - Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers works with sex workers across Asia Pacific promoting health and human rights.  
  • Philippine Sex Worker Collective - An alliance of sex workers who are determined to fight against all odds for their human rights

Central and South America

  • RedTraSex LAC - Network of Sex Workers of Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • PLAPERTS - Developing leadership and advocacy for the defense and promotion of our human rights as sex workers (TS), women, men and transgender people, including people living with HIV, migrants and drug users
  • Fundación Margen - Fundación Margen enables training and self-care processes, building an organization for Chilean and migrant sex workers.
  • Brigada Callejera de Apoyo a la Mujer Elisa Mtz AC -  fight against human trafficking for 30 years and defend labor rights of sex workers

Books/Essays on sex work

Books/Articles/Podcasts on Human Trafficking

Websites, blogs and podcasts

Sex positive CSA Oganizations

Sex Worker Calendar Days

For both days, most sex worker groups take part in celebration and recognition with events organized around the world. The best way to see what's happening in your area is to check in with your local Sex Worker group which you can find below.

International Whore's Day - On June 2nd each year, sex workers and allies from around the globe march, educate, rally and celebrate the industry. With marches organized worldwide, this is an international day of recognition and fighting for rights, decriminalization and more.

Sex worker Pride Day - Starting in 2019, Sex Worker Pride Day is the September 14th of each year. On this day we aim to further amplify the voices within our extremely diverse community and celebrate the incredible achievements of the sex workers rights movement.

International Day To End Violence against Sex Workers - Each year on December 17th we bring attention to the hate crimes committed against sex workers. We come together to remember those who have lost their lives to hate and recognise the ongoing struggle for empowerment, visibility and rights.