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Daphne D'Amour

Standards for those that have
Escort16 photos$500/hr
Active today
Hartford, CT, US
until October 1: Washington DC, District of Columbia, US
Photo of Daphne D'Amour

Chloe Liu

A Tantalizing Beauty
Escort14 photos
Active today
Washington DC, District of Columbia, US
October 19–20: Irvine, CA, US
Photo of Chloe Liu

Marie Simone

The Luxury You Deserve....
Escort19 photos$400/hr
Active today
Washington DC, District of Columbia, US
Photo of Marie Simone

Adriana Novak

Dangerous Curves Ahead
Escort10 photos$400/hr
Active this week
Washington DC, District of Columbia, US
Photo of Adriana Novak

Brigitte Knight

Busty luxury companion
Escort20 photos$700/hr
Active today
San Francisco, CA, US
until November 8: Washington DC, District of Columbia, US
Photo of Brigitte Knight

Olivia Allen

The Olivia Allen Experience™
Escort28 photos$600/hr
Active today
Washington DC, District of Columbia, US
Photo of Olivia Allen

Audrey Gray

Curves, Compassion, Connection
Escort12 photos$450/hr
Active this week
Washington DC, District of Columbia, US
October 7: Herndon, VA, US
Photo of Audrey Gray

Maddie Eve

safe & sanitized location :)
Escort6 photos$650/hr
Active today
Denver, CO, US
until October 31: Washington DC, District of Columbia, US
Photo of Maddie Eve

Samantha Hall

Cute, Sharp, Classy & Chill
Escort11 photos$400/hr
Active yesterday
Phoenix, AZ, US
until September 30: Washington DC, District of Columbia, US
Photo of Samantha Hall
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Honey B.

Sweet like honey, sting like B
BDSM9 photos$250/hr
Available now!
Washington DC, District of Columbia, US
Photo of Honey B.

Megan Erotic

Exotic Girl Next Door...
Escort3 photos$300/hr
Active today
Washington DC, District of Columbia, US
Photo of Megan Erotic

Vanessa Sommers

Climb the Stairway to Heaven
Escort9 photos$340/hr
Active last week
Washington DC, District of Columbia, US
Photo of Vanessa Sommers

Krystal Kash

Curvy Girl Rockin' Worlds
Escort5 photos$700/hr
Available now!
San Jose, CA, US
until September 30: Washington DC, District of Columbia, US
Photo of Krystal Kash


Indulge in something sweet!
Escort5 photos$300/hr
Active yesterday
Baltimore, MD, US
Photo of Chasityy


Jessii the spinner let's play
Escort8 photos$220/hr
Active last week
Baltimore, MD, US
Photo of Jessii


online3 photos$120/hr
Active today
Washington DC, District of Columbia, US
Photo of MistressRosaBell


Frappes Keep you Up
online3 photos$100/hr
Active this week
Baltimore, MD, US
Photo of Hazey


Sweet Petite Southern Belle
Escort7 photos$400/hr
Washington DC, District of Columbia, US
Photo of Mandy
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We love hearing from people who use and love Tryst! Here are some of the things people have said about us.

Just wanna say I absolutely love your site and absolutely everything you did for BLM and the sex worker relief funds, and you're by far my favorite place to advertise! I recommend you to all the girls who come to me for advice
08/2020 | A via Instagram
Tryst.link has really restored my faith/trust in paid advertisement. I felt really violated by paid platforms after Fosta/Sesta. Tryst is worth EVERY PENNY PLUS MORE. Gladly pay my membership EVERY MONTH 🥰
09/2020 | E via Twitter
I make money off of Tryst. I feel good about giving them my money. Their site is user friendly & you can update cities & dates in real time. Viva la Tryst.link 👏 👏 👏
08/2020 | L via Twitter
I love @trystlink. I get the most hits off there, and they’re great to work with
08/2020 | R via Twitter

What to expect when booking a sex worker?

We know how daunting it can be to see a sex worker for the first time, so we’ve put together a super handy Client Guide to help ensure everything runs smoothly. Here are a few quick tips about what to expect!


Many workers will require their clients to submit themselves to some level of screening. This process will vary from sex work to sex worker and will often involve some form of identification.


Many workers prefer cash payments. But some may have other preferences for how they receive payments and deposits, such as via crypto-curency.


Just as many other freelancers, sex workers do not work 24/7 and may not be available exactly when you want them. Please be courteous towards their listed availabilities and allow a reasonable amount time for them to respond.

A Tryst with, our interview series

Get to know your favourite escorts, BDSM and massage providers from across the globe with our interview series, A Tryst with!

A Tryst with Los Angeles escort Zuri Love

A Tryst with Los Angeles escort Zuri Love

I got into the industry at the ripe age of 19 ;P I was mostly doing car dates, being a sugar baby to make extra cash while going to school and working part time. I didn’t fully get into online sex work really until 2017. That’s when I decided to try full service. My journey started out pretty hard. I’m dark skinned, I’m black, and I have short hair and a septum piercing. Not your typical looking companion. ;) So it’s been a wild ride. However, I’ve found my niche.

A Tryst with Los Angeles Escort Penny Archer

A Tryst with Los Angeles Escort Penny Archer

I started off escorting five years ago when I was a graduate student. I have a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and loved working with my patients but, quite frankly, didn’t make enough money to have a decent standard of living.

More from our blog

Why does sex work need to be decriminalised, not just legalised?

The criminalisation of sex work needlessly harms vulnerable people. Advocates for change have touted the legalisation of sex work as the best way to achieve harm minimisation against. However, creating a narrow path of ‘legal’ sex work necessitates the creation of illegal sex work which presents the same issues that we have now. The so-called ‘Nordic’ model that some nations in Europe have adopted, does not criminalise providers but instead targets clients. The model has been proposed in some areas of the United States in an attempt to create safer working conditions for providers. However, it has been shown to exacerbate dangerous issues for workers, as clients are forced to break the law and workers could be targeted for encouraging criminal behaviour. Clients, having already broken the law to engage a provider, are more likely to commit further crimes or take advantage of vulnerable workers.

How can I help the sex workers rights movement?

There are wonderful grass roots, peer-led sex worker organisations across the world doing important work, not only to keep sex workers safe, but also providing those who have been in exploitative situations with the resources to help them leave or re-enter the sex industry if they wish. A full list of local organisations and a little about who they are can be found in our sex worker resources section. Below we have put together a few simple ways you can help sex workers move towards a fairer working environment.

Donate and Volunteer

We are finally starting to see more public awareness of the difficulties sex workers face thanks to a worldwide movement of incredible sex work organisers. We strongly encourage connecting with your local sex work or harm reduction organisation. Many are looking for volunteers to help with outreach or organisation. If there isn’t a local peer-led group in your area, you can always donate to nation wide projects such as SWOP USA, Scarlet Alliance or other harm reduction organisations.

We have seen a rise in the number of organisations that are active in the sex industry that don’t have sex workers interests at heart. Often these groups seek to “rescue” sex workers claiming to be “Anti-trafficking” organisations. Many of these organisations advocate against sex worker interests and cause more harm than good to the community and victims of sex trafficking.

Help reduce stigma in the industry

Another form of violence all sex workers experience is stigma. Harmful narratives around sex work are still being perpetuated by the media. Their aim is to be sensationalistic and evoke disgust and shame. Sex workers face the real world consequences of discrimination. One of the easiest ways to be an ally is to educate yourself and address any prejudices or assumptions you have about sex workers. There are lots of resources available, from articles, blog posts and social media feeds which have been written by sex workers about their lives, needs and concerns.

Amplify and include the voices of Sex Workers

These harmful narratives mentioned previously, have been created and are being perpetuated by non sex workers. One way to combat this is by simply including and welcoming sex workers into your spaces.

If you're a reporter: Include sex workers in the development of your piece and follow best practices for reporting on sex work.

If you're a business owner: consider overlooking prostitution charges when hiring or create a public inclusivity statement on your website. Many sex worker organisations would be more than happy to assist in this if compensated.

If you are a part of a group which advocates for change: There are sex workers in the communities you advocate for and your organisation should reflect that. Amplify the voices of sex workers in your group and listen to them. If they aren’t out in your organisation yet, connect with your local sex worker organisation and ask them how you can help your organisation be inclusive of sex workers. Sex workers are part of all of these groups and should not be ignored. Ask them to speak on your panels and please make sure you pay them!

How does Tryst.link support sex workers?

Unlike many other advertising platforms, Tryst.link is run by sex workers and technologists as an alternative to sites like Backpage.com and others which have felt the wrath of FOSTA/SESTA. We hold the unique privilege of having direct ties to both the tech and sex industry, which has allowed us to build our products in-house, bootstrapped and without outside funding. We put sex workers first in a way that they haven't been by an escort directory before. We encourage feedback from both workers and clients on what they need and want from the platform and we consistently consult with sex workers and sex worker organisations on the development of our product. We're in it for the long run.

Product: The involvement of sex workers in our product development is vital to ensure that we are helping workers inside our business. We are still a very young project but thus far we have included feature sets that allow more options around gender, and the ability for trans folk to list their gender alongside their trans status if they wish. We also have implemented a free plan which allows those who may not be able to afford it, to have a verified ad. We have in house support which is free for all Tryst members, client or worker.

Financially: As of August 2020, and despite Covid-19, we have supported and donated to over 20 organisations based in harm reduction, sex work and education. You can find a full list of these organisations here. We strongly believe in continuing to give back to this community and helping fund the incredible organisers dedicated to fighting for the rights of sex workers around the globe. These activists are experts in their field and their voices need to be amplified.
You can find a full list here.

Activism: We usually like to leave this one to the experts who have overseen the industry for decades, but given our background and expertise in tech, we do often speak on digital rights panels and the like to help bridge the gap between the tech and sex work communities. We believe that many tech founders lack the right education to properly understand the effects of censorship and the erasure of marginalised communities. We hope that by helping and guiding them towards experts and activists that this will lead to long term positive change.

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