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Who runs Tryst?

A sex work and technologist run social enterprise called Assembly Four created and runs Tryst. You can find out a little bit about the three founders Eliza, chendo and Lola on our Twitter accounts. You may know of us from our first project, Switter

You can read more about why we started Tryst

Are the providers on Tryst verified?

In order to have an ad which is live on Tryst, workers must submit photo verification. We use this in combination with a handful of other methods to ensure that the person pictured in the advertisement is real and matches the photos. Of course, like any site offering verified profiles, there is no way for this to be 100% however it does drastically reduce the likelihood of the person being fake. Client side due diligence is always encouraged. We have put together a number of articles in our client guide, to help ensure that clients have the best possible experience on Tryst.

How do I become verified?

How does Tryst give back to the community?

Assembly Four has ties to both the sex industry and the tech world which has allowed for the creation of a unique product that cares for workers in much more explicit ways than other advertising platforms. In the vast majority of cases, sex workers' interests are not being put first by these other platforms. Workers are exploited and put in harms way by platforms that do not have the entrenched security and value system that has built. We try our best to give back where we can by supporting organisations based in harm reduction, sex work, and education. Since the beginning of 2020, and despite COVID-19, we have been able to help financially and technically support over 20 organisations.

What happened to the Hardship Program?

We initially set out to provider a hardship program which would allow workers access to free advertising in a time of crisis. After much thought and deliberation, we decided rather than allowing a limited number of users to have free access, we would simply build Tryst in a way which allows anyone to have free access and the potential to be booked. We have found that this has given more people in need access to the platform without acting as gatekeepers.

Hardship information

Can I see your site policies?

Sure! The list below links you to each of the policies you need to agree to when using

I messaged you on Twitter or Switter and no one has replied!

We do not monitor our Twitter/Switter DM's as we are still a small team who prefer to manage all support tickets via the one channel. The support team are available Monday-Friday 10am-6pm AEST via our support centre and should reply within 3 business days.

Ask for help


I've just signed up, how long will it take for my profile to be online?

We aim to review profile and photo submissions within 3 business days.

How long will it take for my profile to be online?

Will you promote me on social media?

We believe that social media is a fantastic way to show clients who you really are. Promotion across our social platforms is optional however if you do choose so you may be promoted across the Tryst Switter and Twitter accounts.

Will Tryst promote me on social media?

I can't find my profile?

If your profile has been approved and you have received an email from us, congratulations! Your profile is now live on Tryst. If you're scrolling through and can't find your profile anywhere there are a few things you may want to check.

  • Your profile meets the minimum requirements, including at least 3 approved photos.
  • You are searching in the correct location, you will only appear in your home location and in locations you are travelling to if it is within 30 days of an active tour.
  • Your "caters to" is filled out with the correct genders, you won't show up in search results at all if you haven't filled out this section of your profile.

If you still can't find your profile, please send us an email via the support field on your dashboard and we can take a look into this further.

I can't find my profile

My profile hasn't been approved or verified. Help!

If your profile is still pending and it has been over 3 business days this will likely be because we are waiting on verification information. After your profile has been submitted, we will email you via the email in your profile. Please make sure you check this email as well as your spam to ensure you haven't missed anything. If nothing has been sent through, please send us an email via the support button on your dashboard and we will get this approved for you! :D

Please also make sure you have met the minimum requirements before submitting your profile. Your profile will not be approved without about text or at least 3 photos which meet our photo guidelines.

My profile hasn't been approved or verified. Help!

I don't want my profile on Tryst anymore. Is there a way to delete it?

You can hide your profile at any time from the dashboard for temporary removal, or if you no longer want to be on Tryst at all you can close your account.

How do I remove my profile from Tryst?

How do I increase my exposure on Tryst?

Tryst works a little differently to most other ad platforms in that you don't have to fight for the top spot on the homepage to get exposure, nor do you have to pay for expensive bumps. If you'd like to know how to increase your exposure please check out a few of our blog articles where we talk about all things Tryst or check out this article on our support centre.

Increase my exposure on Tryst

Photos & Media

Can I use photos which aren't of me but look like me?

No. All photos uploaded to your profile on Tryst absolutely must be of you and you must have the rights to use those images.

Tryst Photo Guidelines

Can I add videos?

Not at the moment, but stay tuned, this is a feature we are planning to bring to Tryst.

Can I add videos to my profile?

Do you have photo requirements?

Yes. Whilst your images don't need to professionally taken they do need to be of high quality.

  • Please ensure your photos are:
  • High resolution and that images are not blurry, too small etc.
  • Have no watermarks this includes watermarks by the photographer trying to advertise their business.
  • Have no contact or other text on them. There is space for this on your profile

Tryst Photo Guidelines


How do I know when my trial is up and how do I pay?

We will send you an email when your free trial is about to run out. From there you can choose to stay on lite (free) or upgrade to one of our other plans with access to more features and exposure.

Manage your plan

What payment types fo you accept?

We support a wide range of credit and debit cards providers from around the world as well as Bitcoin. You can currently purchase TLC using:

  • VISA (Credit, Debit, VPay, Electron)
  • MasterCard (Credit, Debit)
  • Maestro International
  • Diners Club International
  • Carte Bleue
  • Dankort
  • Nexi/Carta Si
  • ₿ Bitcoin

Accepted payment methods

Still got a question?

We've popped together an extensive support centre to answer all your related questions. We also have a dedicated local support team who can help you out via the ask for help button in the knowledge base.

Tryst Support CentreAsk for help


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Parents/guardians, you can learn more about online safety in the Assembly Four parents guide to adult content.

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