Who runs Tryst?

    A sex work and technologist run social enterprise called Assembly Four created and run Tryst. You can find out a little bit about the three founders Eliza, Jack and Lola by clicking the links :) You may know of them from their first project, Switter. You can have a direct chat with them over on Switter also.

    How does Tryst give back to the community?

    We have two direct ways in which we intend on giving back to the community.

    The Tryst Hardship Program - We have seen over the past 6 months how times can get tough. To combat this we have implemented a 2 month grace period for workers who can't make their end of month payments, to help anyone who needs it get back on their feet.

    Clients Give Back Program - A huge part of our work which is often forgotten are the wonderful clients who are wanting to help this community stay online. All proceeds from upgraded client accounts will be directly donated to sex worker organizations or to the Tryst Hardship Program

    Can I see your Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy?

    You can find both of these below:

    Privacy Policy
    Terms and Conditions


    I've just signed up, how long will it take for my profile to be online?

    We aim to review profile and photo submissions within two business days.

    Will you promote me on social media?

    We believe that social media is a fantastic way to show clients who you really are. Promotion across our social platforms is optional however if you do choose so you will be promoted across the Tryst Switter, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

    I don't want my profile on Tryst anymore. Is there a way to delete it?

    If you'd like your profile to be deleted, please shoot us an email or contact us via the contact form and we will have this removed.

    Photos and Videos

    Can I use images which aren't of me but look like me?

    No. All images uploaded to your profile on Tryst absolutely must be of you and you must have the rights to use those images.

    Do you offer verification on my profile or images?

    This will be a future feature of Tryst. Tryst is currently in it's first form, Beta. Please stay tuned for when this feature becomes available.

    Do you have Image requirements?

    Yes. Whilst your images do not need to professionally taken they do need to be of high quality.

    Please ensure your photos are:

    • High resolution and that images are not blurry, too small etc.
    • Have no watermarks this includes watermarks by the photographer trying to advertise their business.
    • Have no contact or other text on them. There is space for this on your profile

    Can I add videos?

    Not in Beta, but keep your eyes glued to our roadmap and you'll see when it's added.


    Will there be more features added to Tryst?

    Absolutely! We have an array of ideas up our sleeve we are working on bringing to the platform. Currently Tryst is in Beta but stay tuned for new features over the next coming months.

    Is there any way I can see what you're working on and upcoming features?

    To keep everyone in the loop and ensure that Tryst is as transparent as possible, we like to keep a general roadmap which outlines our focuses for the month and where we're headed.

    Can I suggest a new feature?

    Of course! We would love your feedback. If you have any ideas of features you'd like to see on Tryst or feedback regarding your experience we would love to hear from you. Feel free to email us at any point via support@assemblyfour.com

    Last updated: 2018-08-15