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May 2022

May 2022

. 4 min read

Decriminalisation in Victoria!

The first stage of decriminalisation in Victoria came into effect earlier this month! 🎉 We're so excited to see these changes and have made a few changes to the site as well.

We've removed license numbers from our users profiles and have removed the field from the Edit Profile page. The data will be deleted from the database as well, heading straight for the bin where it belongs, along with the entire registry. 🔥 Providers in Victoria, Australia  can also now show incall rates on their profiles. 💵

We're so excited to see the decriminalisation movement in Australia continue to gain progress, with Queensland, South Australia, and Western Australia pushing forward. If you want to get involved, reach out to your local org and check out the work by Scarlet Alliance.

Donation matching program

After the devastating announcement that the US supreme court had privately voted to overturn Roe vs Wade, we decided to extend our TLC donation matching program to abortion funds. We are thrilled to announce that since launching this extension in March, ya'll have donated over $7661USD to abortion funds and sex worker rights organisations and we've matched that in TLC! A massive thank you for everyone who has taken part.

We will be running this program until the 30th of June. To find out more, please check out:

New this month

  • Removed the license number field and the requirement for Victorian providers to provide it.
  • Removed the limitation for Victoria, Australia based providers not being able to  show all rate types on their public profile.

Other changes

  • Fixed a rare bug with tours that would claim there was overlap when there wasn't any. If you're still seeing unexpected errors take a screenshot of your manage tour page and send it to our helpful support team!
  • Fixed some typos here and there.

In the community

There's loads going on in the community and we want to highlight some things each month in our release notes to help bring more awareness to them. Are you involved in an event or organisation, or know of one, we should highlight? Reach out and let us know!

Recurring events

  • St James Infirmary are running a SW writers circle every Thursday from 2:00pm - 4pm PST. Invite via the "Sex Workers we love you button" found here.
  • Sober Sex Workers is running a monthly Zoom meeting every second Sunday at 7pm CST. Request a meeting link via the @sobersexworkers instagram account
  • Sex Worker breakfasts Wednesdays 11am -2pm Least London E1. Contact for more details.

In the media