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April 2022

April 2022

. 4 min read

Account login confirmation

You've probably noticed that when you log in from a new device we now send you an email with a login confirmation code in it. This makes it even harder for someone to take over your account because they also need access to your email to get the code. Remember, never share this code with anyone, not even the Tryst team, it is only for logging in.

Don't want to have to get a code from your email? Enable MFA and you can use that to confirm your login instead of getting an email. Just like with the email code, never share this code with anyone, not even Tryst staff!

New this month

  • Email login confirmation was enabled for all Tryst users.
  • Improved the way we display trans information on profiles, including correcting the symbol that is used. Thanks to those who reached out to let us know this could be better!

Other changes

  • We've updated the new ticket form so it's easier to let us know what your enquiry is about. We'll also help you find relevant Support Centre articles that might give you an answer immediately.

We're extending our TLC donation matching program to include local abortion funds ☂️✨

In light of the recent developments concerning abortion rights in the US, we are extending out TLC donation matching program to include local abortion funds as listed on our donation matching page.

Until June 30, if you donate to any of the sex worker orgs or abortion funds listed on this page and email us through the receipt, we will credit your tryst account with the same amount in TLC (tryst ad credits).

If you know of a fund specifically organised for sex workers, please reach out to us via so we can include them in this list.

If you are protesting or wanting to know how to help please consider checking out Hacking//Hustling's tips for protest and Sequinmicrobikini's posts on getting involved.

Please note that Instagram is censoring discussion about abortion at the moment so be careful when posting. We had our post about extending the TLC donation matching program automatically pulled and our account shadow banned, and others have lost their accounts all together.

In the community

There's loads going on in the community and we want to highlight some things each month in our release notes to help bring more awareness to them. Are you involved in an event or organisation, or know of one, we should highlight? Reach out and let us know!

  • 9th May 6:30pm, Julie Bindel debates Elizabeth Nolan Brown about the criminalisation of sex work at the Sheen Center in NYC. Get your tickets here
  • 8th May 12-3pm, Bikini Car Wash Fundraiser for this years Denver Slutwalk: Alley behind Tracks, 3500 Walnut St, Denver, more info here.
  • 9th and 10th May, Respect QLD Roundtable: Online and in person. RSVP via
  • 10th May 4:30pm -6pm AEST, Meet the new Vixen Collective team: Strictly current and former sex workers only. RSVP via
  • 21st May 3pm, Stand up for sex workers in Sweden: Join Red Umbrella to protest the proposal to increase criminalisation of sex worker environments
  • 8th - 10th November, Scarlet Alliance National Forum: This years national forum is being held in Naarm (Melbourne), online and via local hubs. RSVP link to come.

Recurring events

  • St James Infirmary are running a SW writers circle every Thursday from 2:00pm - 4pm PST. Invite via the "Sex Workers we love you button" found here.
  • Sober Sex Workers is running a monthly Zoom meeting every second Sunday at 7pm CST. Request a meeting link via the @sobersexworkers instagram account
  • Sex Worker breakfasts Wednesdays 11am -2pm Least London E1. Contact for more details.

In the media