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A Tryst with Dallas' escort Carmen Starr

A Tryst with Dallas' escort Carmen Starr

. 3 min read

Tell us your story, how did you get into the industry and what has your journey looked like thus far?

I was introduced to the industry by an adult film star during the time I was a feature dancer at a gentleman's club. My journey in this industry has been a marvellous, eye opening experience. There are so many facets of this industry and I continue to learn something new every year. I have connected with so many wonderful inspiring people through work, my travels and exciting events with my friends at Club Curiosity. This industry has given me the freedom to be a true individual.

What’s your go-to guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasures are online shopping and dazzling photoshoots. I love getting glammed up and expressing myself with my body and style through the art of photography.

What are some of your hobbies and interests outside of work?

Outside of work, I enjoy staying active and working out. Spin classes, outdoor hikes and training are a few activities I enjoy. I also love traveling and fashion is my forte.

As sex workers we face a number of challenges in our line of work. What is one issue you care about and how do you think your clients can help sex workers?

Honesty. I would advise clients to just be honest. Stop trying to “get one over”, scam, or manipulate providers. Follow screening protocols, deposit policies, and boundary settings and help this industry become safer for all involved.

What’s your fave movie, fave book, and/or fave show?

My favorite movie is Casino, favorite book is Art of Seduction, and my favorite shows are ESPN 30 for 30 and House of Cards.

If someone asked you for tips for having a threesome what would you tell them?

Choose providers that already have a natural chemistry, book a longer engagement, breathe, and remember to have fun. Gifts and flowers for each companion is also a nice gesture.

What’s your one go to piece of advice for escorts just starting out?

Patience is key. Have high standards both in screening and in behaviour. Have expertly tailored marketing & be true to yourself. Save your money. Do not expect to be an overnight success because this industry gets much easier as time goes by.

At a party, where can someone find you?

You will find me observing, laughing, and enjoying the atmosphere and sometimes you might find me off in a quiet corner with a cocktail.

What has escorting taught you about sex and human sexuality?

Sex is a beautiful and organic expression of connection. It allows you to be creative and open new doors for those who are inexperienced or shy. Offer a safe & inviting haven to relax the mood & make your guests comfortable, and wonderful nature will take its course. Explore and don’t be afraid to couple with others in the community to grow in your own sexuality.

My ideal date would consist of: 4 dozen blooming red roses, flying off in a private jet, shopping spree, giggling seductively over a Michelin Star cuisine, then convene in a gorgeous penthouse suite overlooking the city or the shimmering ocean. The evening ends with my gown hitting the floor revealing my stunning lingerie, topped off with a grand celebration between satin sheets.

The nicest place I've ever been: A private island near the Bahamas.

My favourite restaurant is: Jean Georges Steakhouse at Aria in Las Vegas or Eleven Madison Park in NYC.

If you were going to buy me a drink you should buy me a: A Vintage bottle of Dom Perignon.

Want to meet Carmen Starr in the flesh? Head over to her Tryst profile!