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A Tryst with San Fernando Valley escort Leah Labeaux

A Tryst with San Fernando Valley escort Leah Labeaux

. 4 min read

One of the best things you can do for a sex worker today is to listen to them, understand their needs and amplify their voices. We put together the A Tryst with series to allow you to do just that! Today we chat to San Fernando Valley escort, Leah Labeaux, about how she got started, the importance of decriminalising sex work to improve sex worker safety and de-stressing.

Tell us your story, how did you get into the industry and what has your journey looked like thus far?

I was introduced to the industry by a friend of a friend; and I’ve been lucky enough to have had nothing but pleasant experiences for the most part. I’ve been able to travel, meet new people and do things I otherwise would not have been able to.

What are some of your hobbies and interests outside of work?

I love physical activities and things that get my blood pumping, rock climbing, going dancing, etc but I also love the simple things like dinner and a movie at home. I love anything that makes me feel good.

As sex workers, we face several challenges in our line of work. What are some of the issues you care about, and how do you think your clients can help sex workers?

I think the biggest thing they can do to help sex workers is to understand that not all sex workers were forced into this industry, by understanding that a lot of us are people with feelings, and goals and lives of our own.

Is there a book, tv show, or movie that has had a significant impact on your life? What was it, and what did it teach you?

13 reasons why, it was a painful reminder that everyone is fighting their own battles and to always be kind to others.

Why do you think it is important for sex work to be decriminalised and how do you think it would change the way you work?

I think decriminalization will encourage girls to hobby safely, leave potentially dangerous situations and work independently. I would be a lot less afraid to see newer clients that’s for sure. There are a lot of great potential clients that are new and have no prior references.

Is there anyone in the industry you consider a role model or someone you looked up to when you first started your journey?

Nobody in particular comes to mind, maybe Alice Little. She made a million at one of the Dennis Hof Ranches (rip Dennis) and that’s incredibly impressive.

What do you think the public should know about the sex industry and sex workers?

Sex workers are people too. We aren’t dirty whores with drug problems that want to steal your husbands.

When you're having a bad day, what do you do to make yourself feel better?

I eat honestly. Cooking has been incredibly therapeutic for me, creating something delicious and fulfilling from scratch can be more satisfying than people realize.

What are your top three pieces of advice for workers just starting out?

Learn to screen. Do not budge on screening it could cost you your life. Prioritize your mental and emotional health and you can become a better provider.

What would your dream date look like?

My dream date involves food, drinks, lots of laughs, and a few hours with a gent that will keep me smiling.

My favorite scent is: Daisy love by Marc Jacobs

My favorite restaurant is: Cheesecake Factory

If you were to buy me a drink at a bar, you should buy me: Adios

My favorite thing to be gifted is: Gift cards or skin care products

A social cause I care about is: Homelessness

Want to meet San Fernando Valley Leah Labeaux in the flesh? Head over to her Tryst profile! 👇👇👇

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Leah Labeaux is a female Escort from Tysons, Virginia, United States. ❤ “The Lovely Leah LaBleaux – My name is Leah & I am a former pageant queen, multi published nude/glamour model, and student at Penn State University.Not only am I: Intelligent,...”