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A tryst with Chicago escort Rachel Smithe

A tryst with Chicago escort Rachel Smithe

. 6 min read

Each week we delve into the lives of sex workers from across the globe to help you better understand the nuances of the sex industry, the issues which are most important to us and how you can support your favorite workers. This week we chat to Chicago escort Rachel Smithe about how they got started in the industry, the importance of inclusivity in the sex industry and the biggest challenges trans providers face today.

Tell us your story, how did you get into the industry and what has your journey looked like thus far?

I was on a dating site looking for a boyfriend, and a European agency found me. Before Sex Work, I had never even had a one night stand. I found a boyfriend, but stayed in touch with the agency owner over the years and actually became friends and after the 4 year relationship ended, came into the industry. I demanded to be treated & presented the same as the cis female companions, as TS seem to be more objectified / dehumanized (a whole other topic). I quickly became and remain the highest reviewed amongst female providers for my city of Chicago, and one of the highest in global rankings. I found myself as a Sex Worker and learned that this is actually my vocation, my "calling" and cherish the relationships I have established with my clients and my Sex Work community, especially my super supportive Bondassage® community, where I am now their Global Master Trainer. Before Covid, I traveled the globe and shared in amazing experiences with my client s and the ladies of my agency. I don't see aging out of this industry and cherish the long term relationships, and so eager to continue on this journey of exploration and self discovery.

What are some of your hobbies and interests outside of work?

I love cooking, baking, gardening and travel. Even when I tour in Europe, I try to stay in flats with nice kitchens, so I can create incredible dishes for my guest that book longer rendezvous. Plus I try to stay for many days after, to see other cities and experience other cultures.When the world opens back up, I plan to expand my travels to Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Is there a book, tv show or movie that has had a major impact on your life? What was it and what did it teach you?

I am a news junkie, so when abroad I like to see how other countries report US news, and I think it helps me understand how they view us as a society. It also makes me more aware of how I present myself in everyday interactions, and to not be the stereotypical "Ugly American". Who is a better ambassador than the everyday tourist who is kind and respectful to all they meet?

How can sex workers and allies be more supportive of trans workers?

I feel if sex workers and our allies realize we are all in this together, and do our own part to lift each other up, there could be more respectability brought to the entire industry. If we don't support and respect ourselves as a whole, as a community, how can we get society, law enforcement and politicians to see us all as a legitimate industry?

What do you consider the main issues facing trans sex workers that everyone should know about?

Violence ... especially against Black trans sex workers. It is too often reported on the news, a case of murder committed against a Black trans sex worker. Many trans sex workers are what they call "survival" sex workers, and I am blessed I don't fit in that category. I decided long ago, that all money is not good money, so I purposely chose to require the same screening, presentation and booking requirements that most cis female sex workers have established as the industry standard. I may not be as busy as some ladies, but I feel I have established longer lasting relationships with a better quality of clients, that care about my humanity and safety.

Is there anyone in the industry you consider a role model or someone you looked up to when you first started your journey?

Mila ... my agency owner and a former sex worker herself. She not only showed me "the ropes", but also brought me into her personal circle, and we became close as friends, and I am a godmother to her daughter.

When you're having a bad day, what do you do to make yourself feel better?

I hate to sound like a Pollyanna, but those that know me, know I don't really have "a bad day" ... HaHa
I'm a very spiritual day and grateful every day I can wake up with other issues following me from yesterday or pain or financial issues. I also try to stay away from people who always carry around toxic energy. This industry can be very isolating, but it doesn't have to be if you find just a few true blue friends that can relate to your life and carry the same vibrational energy.

Do you have any advice for workers just starting as a sex worker?

The importance of branding and how to slowly build the "story" of your professional image present to the public. I shake my head when I see ladies crash and burn like a star shining too brightly, then next week they come back as a whole different persona. I have been Rachel since November 2006 and see no end to what I love to do. Yes, I actually love what I do and see no stopping, as I have promised my gents that I will not stop seeing them, and still see most of the same gents from when I first started.

How would you describe your dream date?

My favorite dates have been organic; where we both are open to what the chemistry brings us. Lord knows if they are at my huge in-call, we have a play land of experiences to share, as I have over 40K in accoutrements here, plus we can take breaks in my sauna or whirlpool tub. Let them recharge, so they can be ravaged again ... HaHa

My favorite thing to be gifted is:
I appreciate any token of appreciation from a lover, but also I love gift cards inside a thoughtfully chosen greeting card with a handwritten note. I tend to keep some of those cards that really touch my heart.

If you were going to buy me a drink, you should buy me a:
I was never drinker, though I love to cook with wine and bake with liqueurs. I tend to drink sparkling water or ginger beer with lemon slices.

How would you describe your dream date?
My favorite dates have been organic; where we both are open to what the chemistry brings us. Lord knows if they are at my huge in-call, we have a play land of experiences to share, as I have over 40K in accoutrements here, plus we can take breaks in my sauna or whirlpool tub. Let them recharge, so they can be ravaged again ... HaHa

A social cause I care about:
Where do I begin, as I am involved in so many and those that follow me on social media see I am more than a Sex Worker. I support Feed the Children, BLM, animal rescues, women's reproductive rights, and climate change organizations. I am also a veteran (Army MP), so I also support several veteran advocacy groups.

My favorite scent is:
What most don't know about me, is that I was formally trained in the South of France, as a custom perfumer. Some I have even gifted one of my scents and hope to one day create signature scents once again. Out of discretion, I won't mention the perfume house, but those are my favorite. If I must pick a commercially produced fragrance I would say out of the 30+ bottles on my vanity, I pick up Viktor & Rolf Flower Bomb the most.

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Rachel Smithe •
Rachel Smithe is a trans non-binary Escort from Chicago, Illinois, United States. ❤ “World’s Highest Reviewed TS – Please use our personal website’s contact form for booking inquiries, as we do not accept messages here. ** Lihue Kauai with Captivating Cory: Ma...”