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October 2021

October 2021

. 4 min read

Let us know what you think!

This month we launched a new feedback system so you can more easily let us know what you think about things and to help us direct our future development work to give you the best site possible.

If you're a provider, we'd love to hear what you think about the dashboard and what features you want us to bring to Tryst.

If you're a client, we'd like to hear about how you use Tryst.

As a site built by workers, for workers, we want to ensure that we are building out things that give you the best experience and helps you get good bookings.

New this month

  • Questionnaires to help us better understand what you want to see with Tryst and how the site is actually used by real people.
  • You'll now find the most popular cities in your area in the Tryst footer.

Other changes

  • A whole load of little bugs have be squashed and shouldn't be able to cause any more issues. Run into a bug or something acting in a way you don't expect? Let us know!
  • A bunch of additional support tools and improvements to existing ones, ensuring our awesome support team can help as efficiently as possible with your enquiries.

In the community

There's loads going on in the community and we want to highlight some things each month in our release notes to help bring more awareness to them. Are you involved in an event or organisation, or know of one, we should highlight? Reach out and let us know!

In the media