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July 2021

July 2021

. 4 min read

Better tour handling

Ever tried to set up tours that have some king of overlap and found that it only worked some of them time? Well that was really annoying us to and after one too many tickets where our wonderful support team had to explain how to work around the bug we decided it was time for this to go away. We also took the opportunity to update our documentation and be much clearer about what is and isn't an expected use of the tours feature, which you can check out of the Support Centre!

The TL;DR of tours is:

  • Check out/check in dates can overlap (because that makes sense!)
  • 2 nearby locations can fully overlap, such as New York and Newark in the States, or Brisbane and the Gold Coast in Australia, because it is reasonable to be covering both areas in cases like these.
  • A reasonable number of unconfirmed tours are allowed, as long as they are clearly labelled. This ensures that you can test out locations before committing to the cost of a tour without causing city pages to be overwhelmed with lots of results that aren't intending to actually visit.

New this month

  • Banners got a big update, making them look a lot nicer on modern high resolution displays. Check out your updated banner on the dashboard.
  • Tryst now features local homepages! Check out the new homepage for Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United States, and the United Kingdom. We've only just started on this feature so there is loads to come yet, but carousels and categories on the home page now automatically scope to show relevant profiles in that country.
  • Show profile visibility on the provider dash, making it easier for you to confirm that your profile is appearing in search as you expect it to. Check out the Support Centre to learn more about this feature.

Other changes

  • Show account security information on the dash, including whether multi-factor authentication is enabled and if the account password appears in breach lists.
  • Updated our social media page to include our regional profiles. If the profile isn't listed on that page, it isn't an official Tryst profile.
  • Improve description text for tours and photos, especially for new users. Tours validation is also improved and properly allows certain types of overlap. Check out our Support Centre article to learn more.
  • Disable autocorrect options on login fields so that autocorrect stops trying to change captcha entries just as you hit enter.
  • Improve the location database, leading to a much better locations overview page.
  • Improved the performance of the recommended and similar profile carousels on profile pages.
  • Add a link to home from the logo on the mobile profile page.

In the community

There's loads going on in the community and we want to highlight some things each month in our release notes to help bring more awareness to them. Are you involved in an event or organisation, or know of one, we should highlight? Reach out and let us know!

In the media