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August 2021

August 2021

. 3 min read

Providing awesome support

We think good customer service is the cornerstone of a good experience and something we are always striving to provide for Tryst. Just like the sex work community as a whole, our support team come from a wide range of backgrounds with a significant majority of them being current or former workers themselves. This ensures that moderation, policy, and product decisions about Tryst are made with and by people who understand what it is like to be swept aside and ignored by the services we rely on.

The team were so stoked to see this exchange on Twitter praising their often unseen from the outside efforts recently so we thought we'd talk a little about things we do to try and make it easier for our team to support you.

Even if you have never emailed us, you've interacted with at least some part of the team before! Every time you upload a new photo, or when a new profile is created, it's the support team there helping out. Need help recovering your account? The team are absolute pros at helping you regain control! The last few months have seen many of our internal tools updated to help the team answer your questions quickly and with as much valuable information as possible.

Need to chat to our awesome support team? Drop us a line today!

Other changes

  • The favourites count in the navigation bar is now correct, so you won't see mismatched counts between it and the list of favourites you actually have.
  • Allow clearing all available days from your profile, simply deselect them all and hit save.
  • Improved a bunch of hint text around the site to help make it clearer what to do next, including in emails that require you to do something.
  • We performed a lot of backend upgrades this month that will help ensure Tryst is as fast and stable as possible.

In the community

There's loads going on in the community and we want to highlight some things each month in our release notes to help bring more awareness to them. Are you involved in an event or organisation, or know of one, we should highlight? Reach out and let us know!

  • Protest against financial discrimination by joining the September 1st protest!
    - Sign the statement:
    - Find and post locations for protests:
  • APAG Union is tackling occupational discrimination issues. You can join APAG here:
  • Are you affected by FOSTA/SESTA, or by anti-sex policies of platforms or payment companies? Join the Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue on #ConsentAndSafety in Adult Content Distribution to speak out and share how sexual content can be shared safely and ethically:
  • BIPOC Adult Industry Collective are running multiple events from yoga to co-working.

In the media