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A Tryst with Seattle's Mona Knotte

A Tryst with Seattle's Mona Knotte

. 3 min read

Tell us your story, how did you get into the industry and what has your journey looked like thus far?

My journey has been interesting… I have been fascinated by sex ever since early childhood... Watching HBO’s Real Sex another  late night programming got me very excited, and I knew I wanted to be in porn even as a kid. Flash forward to age 21, when I did my first porn scene after spending some time dabbling in camming. Missing a personal connection, I started escorting while in graduate school and fell in love with it. I get to live my best life and I am so grateful!

What’s one weird food combination that you really enjoy?

Potato chips dipped in soup… yummy!

I saw that you’re a bit of a gamer. What are your all time favourite games and why?

All time favorites include Mass Effect 2 because of the streamlined mechanics and intriguing storyline. Another favorite is Katamary Damaci; it’s so weird and Japanese, it really speaks to the clepto in me.

If you could live in any game world, which would you choose and why?

I’d have to say Saints Row 3 or 4… the idea of being in an all-PoC gang that takes down banks and uses giant dildos as weapons is really appealing!

With Sex Work still criminalised in many places, as sex workers, we are still fighitng for basic human rights. How do you think your clients and fans can help sex workers?

They can help by listening, by paying attention to local and national political dynamics, and normalizing seeing sex workers to their friends and acquaintances.

When you're having a bad day, what do you do to make yourself feel better?

420 blaze it and meditate and/or touch my titties.

What's the strangest gift you've ever received?

I received this amazing Totoro onesie once—it was the weirdest most out of the blue gift, but I loved it so much!

Do you have any tips for workers just starting out?

Keep going. You create your own market, it just takes time to build. Ask for advice. Seek community. We’re here.

What have you learned about yourself through being a sex worker?

So much. I learned how much I love people. I want to love every person who crosses my path.

My ideal date would consist of: 420, wine, and good conversation.

I get the biggest thrill out of: Being hit on in public and/or publicly engaging in erotic services.

If you were to buy me a drink, you could order a: Vodka grapefruit with Tito’s or a Chambord Kamikaze.

A social cause I care about: The prison industrial complex, which is the most disgusting form of institutionalized racism and slavery in America. Dismantle the system. Decriminalize everything.

Want to meet Mona Knotte in the flesh? Head over to her Tryst profile!