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Sex work stories - Empire made, now I laugh about it.

Sex work stories - Empire made, now I laugh about it.

. 2 min read

Someone held me up at gunpoint last night. I’ll never forget the smell of his cologne or the brick butterflies banging around in my belly swiftly moving my partially digested spam Masubi to my colon.

I, in the past hour, had fucked him for money. Illegal I know. I think that’s what made me so stupidly brave. I’ve been to the cops when I was sexually assaulted and was told I consented to the rape because I begged a condom to be used.

I digress.

I was held up at gunpoint last night.

All I was thinking while I looked at his dead eyes “don’t shit yourself, Anna that’ll be embarrassing, just don’t shit your pants.”

I asked him “is that thing real?” Like we were long-lost friends making conversation. I believe that is when I stupidly got the upper hand.

I made his dead eyes flash. When I repeated my question. He finally answered by showing me the clip.

He wanted my money

I got mad

I, far too calmly informed him “I’ve been bullied My whole goddamned life.”

He quipped, acting far too offended “you think I’m bullying you?” Slack-jawed and insolent.

I Moronically argued back “you are the one with the gun aren’t you?”

His mouth was a fly trap.

This made me braver. My insides rumbling more violently. Something distracted us from the staring contest.

Snapping him back into his robbery brain. He demanded my money. I only had my son’s allowance and I will be fucked and shot in the head before you touch my kid’s stuff. #slapforehead stupid

I told him “no”

He told me to “sit down.”

I told him “no”

I raised my voice and asked him politely to leave.

He told me to sit down and he’d leave

I told him “no”

My voice raised and lowered at the same time some would call it sternly I showed him the door “please leave!!!!”

He said softly “why are you yelling? I never yelled at you.”

I reminded him once again “I’m not the one with the gun you jerk!”

I blame my bowels and Masubi for my next act of stupidity/bravery.

I believe, (at least this is what I’ve read on Google.) I saw red.

With all of my careless Moxy, I shoved him as hard as I could surprisingly knocking him on his ass bruising his sensitive tailbone.

At this point, time was critical. (“Please Anna, don’t lose your new street-cred and shit yourself”)

I was in a race against the spam and the burglar now. Who was gonna win I wondered.

I screamed, “ get the fuck out of here!” My ass chimed with a soft fart.

At the same time, we both slammed a door.