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Passionate Enigma


Hey love! I'm Danielle, an intimacy coach, and unabashed lover of the masculine. I am unlike anyone else here and probably not what you thought you were looking for on this site, but I do know if you feel something stir from reading this (or looking into my eyes)... there's something incredible here for you. I am passionate feminine medicine. I've been described as 'relationship ayahuasca'... the provocateur of polarity, healing & awakening. Although I very strictly do not offer sexual services, I am an energetic courtesan... open hearted, erotic, and powerfully present (& sassy enough to challenge your inner warrior to come out to play). I nourish you with a sustained, high level of erotic energy that teaches you how to penetrate a woman, (and the world) with your inner masculine power. Maybe you've felt unsure about owning your masculinity (power, leadership, focus, decisiveness, and grounded-ness). Maybe you are already big and strong and don't want to intimidate women by ALSO being very masculine (but you want to be your masculine self). Maybe you're in a job or even social circle where you think if you were to be more powerful, you'd be judged harshly. Maybe you just feel like you've lost that inner fire & aren't safe or welcomed to bring it out. Hear me... the world needs you. I am starving for your inner masculine. I can help you find the way to be truly yourself by embodying your masculinity (the high form, not the 'bro/a-hole' form) & be adored, lusted after & revered. Time with me is an exploration of & devotion to your masculinity & your consciousness. It's time to feel held, seen & loved... while inviting & getting to know your inner beast. My physical and energetic presence heals the disconnection from your power (that came through loneliness, heartbreak or being repressed). I embody all aspects of the feminine, always, everyday. It's my gift from & as the Goddess. I show up as teasing, naughty lover, manic pixie, wise Priestess, playful kitten, fiercely supportive partner, and divine Goddess, to wake you up to your masculine power. Just by being myself on a fun date with you!!! We will meet publicly (attempts to steamroll this boundary are met with blocking) for awhile, then it is up to BOTH of us, if we are comfortable being in an intimate (yet still not sexual) space with you, and if so, that will be the 2nd half of the date. Our time will flow between being completely natural & organic (meeting, having a drink & talking), and also incorporating body-awareness intimacy practices to bring your sexuality into your whole body and being (times when I mirror to you what I'm seeing and a practice you can use to help). With my feminine, seductive energy, I will offer cues from my awareness of you – to bring you into your body & your masculine polarity. Some will be directly from my mouth to your ears, some will be transmitted subconsciously. I may introduce to your body & spirit, how to serve, accept, take & allow pleasure. We may do some erotic embodiment work using breath, open-hearted sensual touch, explorative touch (learning about touch-types and how they inform your erotic language and how to tell others!), erotic eye-gazing, and lots of authentic fiery communication that will incite you to be a more confident lover, feel grounded in communicating your desires, and inspire you to be the commander in your life. What will be most fascinating & unique about our connection is that it will be 100% REAL. Authentic is the only thing I can be... which is why I require our time together to be a true date, with substantial time to genuinely find our connection & anticipation of what erotic magic we can create together. You CANNOT "hire" me for anything less. I am not a service or product and I offer no quickie sexual services. I AM NOT A DOMME & DO NOT WORK WITH SUBMISSIVES, I only men who want to move OUT of submissiveness because it's unnatural for them. I am also not with you to be a hot body - I am physically far from culturally ideal (& also on my own body love journey) - , nor to explore any size curiosities/fetishes. Attraction is much, much more than our cultures ideals of beauty, it is about embodiment of polarity... and we will explore that fully. Erotically, I am a submissive and also a sassy challenger. I am both wildfire and soft, melting sweetness. This mix means I am able to lovingly & fiercely coach & hold the masculine from my heart, my femininity & my vulnerability. I intend to make your inner beast feel safe to emerge, loved and worshipped, knowing how to use his incredible power for good, so that you will be the most trusted & lusted after man). Ample time is needed to serve in this way. Again, while I do not offer sexual services (no holes, some touch), the intimacy and pleasure and turn-on is the fun, the exploration in consciousness & the healing. ​I draw on experience as a certified erotic coach, where I learned to explore the blocks to intimacy & turn-on & how to discover where your turn-on lives (in touch, words, space, etc.). I explore healing past wounds and beliefs, & ultimately how to expand to be an erotic master using open hearts, not just techniques. I've had played in Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga, and am a devotee to self-development, growth & spiritual practices, with an emphasis on Polarity & the psychology of relationships (of all types). Come be felt, seen & understood. Come have PERMISSION GRANTED TO BE MASCULINE. Come be nourished & loved by my uniquely powerful feminine energy. Leave empowered in your masculinity. MUST READ!!!! Repeat...I AM NOT a service or product for hire! I'm not available for boring, simple sexual services. My medicine is the openness of my heart, the fire of my soul & the intuition & power of my mind. I play in the heightened senses of erotic innocence that you will feel in every cell of your body I am not available for same day dates. DO NOT MESSAGE ME some short, 'Can you meet me?' throwaway nonsense. Because of the intimate nature of these practices, an agreement of consent is required before we play which will outline my boundaries, expected etiquette and a promise to hold each other mindfully & with respect.

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90 minute minimum for public dates 2.5hr minimum for date plus private time I am not available for same day dates. Because of the intimate nature of these practices, an agreement of consent is required before we explore which will outline my boundaries, expected etiquette and a promise to hold each other mindfully & with respect.


Feminine Energy & Psych/CoachingUS$777

1 week of connection via Marco Polo app - record & receive video messages when available


2.5 hour dateUS$600

be fed with my feminine energy in a date dynamic with time for (non penetrative) intimacy

90 minute public date US$400

be fed with my feminine energy in a date dynamic

***My screening process begins with how you reach out to me SHORT TEMPLATE MESSAGES DO NOT GET RESPONSES .*** This tantric intimacy healing is based on authentic heart and soul connection. So if you have truly read my offering, please contact with me with: ~ your name & age ~ an open & vulnerable explanation of what's going on within you and in your life that makes you drawn to me and what you hope to experience through our connection ~ a picture of you that shows your eyes ~ your profile/reviews

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