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Before you read my ad or site please know I have a no review board policy. This isn't to "hide bad reviews" but because safety is an issue with review boards. In recent years repeat clients, as in clients I'd seen many times, have repeatedly violated my privacy by recommending me on boards (in other words, "compliments") so a "covid is a hoax" crowd repeatedly showed up. Review board guys egg each other on to secretly film providers then share the footage. Guys come out to "take one for the team" as if I'm some shadowy entity they have to get the scoop on then report back - and meanwhile I'm the most open book you'll ever see. "Hobbyists" have put my incall's street names on the web (if you don't want your car being seen don't tell the whole world my private address) and given a completely unnecessary physical description of my dog (when "small and friendly" would have more than sufficed). If you like me please don't "help". I'll reach who I want to reach. In return I promise not to "help" you and your company by recommending you to the most grimy crowd I can find so they clog your phone lines then show up at your office tracking in mud and sneaking pics of your documents to share on the dark web. You expect me to keep your information private, and I do. You expect me to not "out" you in public, and I don't. Please handle my info with the same respect I treat yours. If you see me out in public, no you don't. Yes, unfortunately it has to be said (after a guy screamed my work name along with "I had an appointment with you earlier today!" inside a crowded grocery store). Can you imagine me screaming "Bob, I just gave you a sexy massage last week!" at you in front of your wife and kids? Because I now have to tell men to not do this. From the FAQ of a hobbyist gossip board explaining their "need" for reviews: "Are her pics real/accurate?" - I have videos of myself visibly speaking my name and date into the camera on my website. These videos might seem corny, but they're expressly meant to put this question to rest. Have eyes? You know what I look like. FBM priorities should be 80% about your therapist's skill and 20% about looks, but I've gone out of the way to verify my looks anyway. "Is her location safe?" - I tell you my hotel during booking. You'll have ample opportunity to check it out online before you arrive. "Does she offer the specific service you want?" - I only offer one service, described in detail below and on my website. It couldn't be more specific. "Does she smoke?" - Almost no one smokes anymore, certainly not CMTs. No, I don't smoke. "Does she have good hygiene?" - Chances are I'll shower immediately before you arrive. "Is she enthusiastic in bed?" - I won't be in a bed. I'll be standing over a massage table giving a massage for the full scheduled time. If someone can figure out a way to be "unresponsive" while giving a massage I'd be curious to hear how. And that's their complete list of mysterious questions. I've already answered them all. There are no rocks to turn over. My number is unlisted and never a part of any ad. It's something only verified clients are entrusted with. Keeping my contact info private ensures no client will ever get in trouble if their supervisor or SO finds our conversations (which will also say nothing explicit). Please protect yourself and other clients by never sharing my number (or email) with anyone. There's actual thought put into everything I do. Unlike most people I think "what's the worst that could happen" then work backwards from there. My phone number needs to Google search to "no information available" to protect clients in case their boss or wife finds and searches my number. Plausible deniability that can save jobs and marriages exists by my deliberate design, so don't betray other men for fleeting chat board validation. Help me protect you by being discreet. Instead of trying to figure out why I do things try trusting that there's always a reason, it's always a good one, and the reason rarely benefits only me. I promise to not question how you do your job. I'll just assume since you do it full time every day and I don't that you're pretty good at it. Please don't save my number after our appointment or call or text unexpectedly in the future. I'd never call or text you unexpectedly, so again the golden rule applies. If repeat clients want to skip my contact form (form is always preferred) on future visits please email. If you want me to let you know the next time I visit (most do) I will -- by email. I share my number the way a delivery service or car service gives everyone a temporary window to call or text the driver. It's to let me know you've arrived for the appointment, not for after. If you'd rather race to see a too-good-to-be-true (on other less vetted sites) after sending explicit texts and pics only to end up "scammed" or worse, you'll probably never gain the self-awareness that could have come from reading some text written by a deliberate thoughtful woman who's cautious with your info. I can explain due diligence to you, but I can't understand it for you. My contact form is on my website. My website is arranged so if you reach a page where my info splits from your expectations you can quit before sending your info. That makes for a better outcome for everyone than skipping 75% of the pages and racing ahead to booking with the wrong things in mind. I screen every client, with one thing and one thing only. Please don't push my contact form through without exactly what I ask for (and how I'll verify it). There are no other ways to screen or I'd have those "other ways" as a clickable option on a form that already has several multiple choice fields where multiple choices exist. Everything on my ads and site is because of experience. Of course compared to me an inexperienced provider has little to say. If you prefer to prey on young vulnerable providers with little to no experience I wish them well but will in no way fight them for you. If you don't want to read my info the system works. If I wanted clients who didn't read I wouldn't write anything. As for now I'll keep seeking out a literate client base. Thank you for having an expectation of discretion that's mutual, not one-sided, as well as an understanding that any violation of privacy violates the social contract. Repeat clients please click my website link every visit to check my schedule. That you keep skipping that step then "forgetting" I don't want to be on review boards is why I finally had to make this my Tryst ad instead of something fun. My website lists my dates (and the hours I arrive and depart) on the first page. ________________ I'm a certified massage therapist with magic hands who offers phenomenal deep tissue massage combined with light breathtaking touch, but never full service. It's not an entry level menu option begrudgingly agreed to on a slow day by someone who'd prefer you choose something further up their menu and who'd eagerly bump your appointment for a bigger fish. True FBM is all but extinct, but I'm still here giving this one pampering service you lie down and surrender to my full energy and attention. Trying to describe how skilled I am at touch is like trying to describe color. Ads and social media are filled with hype. I have genuine lifelong talent. What I offer isn't elaborate. It's merely exceptional. Rather than someone who went to massage school for irrelevant reasons like "making my own hours" only for it to become apparent once enrolled that I was yet another talentless mannequin massaging by numbers and being herded through for tuition profits, I was irresistibly drawn to massage many years before making it my official craft. Touch is like oxygen to me. The body to me is the piano Mozart couldn't keep his hands off of. Masterfully manipulating pliant yielding bodies grounds me. I'm instinctive. I have innate tactile intelligence (and also love pottery, baking, and anything else where I work with my hands). I actually deliver what I offer. If you want what I offer it will be one of the best massages of your life. I'm confident enough to say that just like I'm confident enough to seek out and retain repeat clientele instead of churning through new clients I never see twice. To that end massage clients only please, as in clients who even before they saw my ad were already searching high and low for someone who offers therapeutic massage plus sensual touch. I'm available every day of the week from 9 AM until 10 PM with adequate notice (less than one hour isn't adequate, sorry). All the pics in my profile are recent and are pic verified with two other sites.

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9 AM to 10 PM (except days I arrive and check out) with a few hours notice Outcalls are not available on short visits. There's already interstate driving arriving and leaving, so I can't add even more local driving. Also an outcall from my hotel to you would require me carrying my massage table past my front desk staff 2 more times (in addition to carrying it for check in and check out) as well as carrying it up your stairs, setting it up and breaking it down, and spending 2 hours or more going out for a 1 hour appointment when I'm not even in town long enough to catch my breath. Please come to where I'm staying. That being said if you have any reservations about coming to hotels please don't book. I'm trying to blend in with the wallpaper for my privacy as well as yours, and I've had too many instances of nervous clients being so erratic they were noticed by hotel staff. I'm incredibly well documented, so there's no reason to be nervous anyway.

Tour Schedule

Please read the specific times for each city on my site please. Dates can change based on my schedule (or lack thereof), so pre-book to ensure I arrive as planned, rather than waiting for day of arrival.

Hartford, CT, USJul 14–16
Danvers, MA, USJul 17–24
Portland, ME, USJul 25–26



I don't take deposits.


Same day cancellations/no shows = 50% for appointments scheduled after 10 AM, in full for morning appointments scheduled for before 10 AM. Failure to send a cancellation fee will result in no future rebooking.


Please contact me via the form on my website

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