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Maddy Rose

My Kink... Conscious Sexuality

“My kink is.. conscious sexuality.” I love offering safe spaces for people to explore, learn new skills, get their needs and desires fully met, feel seen and expressed, and have fun! I am a conscious sexuality practitioner, If you don't know what that is, you are not alone. Essentially, I help people love and harness their desires and sexual power so they can have more of what they want in the world.. which usually includes a lot of joy and exploration! In the end, my clients become better lovers, to themselves and their partners. And through this, continually find space to be more themselves in the greater world too (highlight on more space to be themselves in the greater world...) I'm proud of who I am. And I love being in support of the magic that can be found in our sexual, sensual bodies. Please.. come join me... <3 <3

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Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States
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Men, Women, Non-binary, and Couples
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Current Touring Locations: Now- June 30 Harrisburg PA June 30- July 28 Austin, TX If not otherwise listed, I will be in Harrisburg PA. xoxo

Tour Schedule

Please message me in advance to schedule a "discovery call" with me. After our discovery call (on Tuesdays), we can book our in-person session!

Austin, TX, USJun 30 – Jul 28
Out-Call Only



Enjoy my full-presence and turn-on as we explore exactly what excites you with.. with tantalizing words and verbal imagery, plus a few bonus pictures ;)

Phone SexUS$200

200/hr or 50$/15 minutes- Via phone call

Video SexUS$250

Let's hop on a video call where we can really play..

Daily TeasingUS$300

300/month- Receive pics and words every morning..

Coaching- by PhoneUS$120

The chats you WISH you could have with your friends, family, or therapist. Talk about sex, life, or the weather, knowing you have a fully present, listening ear. - via phone, 150/hr for couples

Coaching- by Video US$150

Same as the above, but via zoom, etc

Coaching- Monthly Voxer SupportUS$300

300/month- Want a bit of extra laser-coaching? This service allows us to voice message back and forth so that you can ask for support as things arise for you. I will respond within 24hours


Best Seller #1- Tantric MassageUS$250

A practice on "being with" and "weaving together." Have space where you can "be with" your emotions, your body, and your desires with no goal, but instead, presence. Explore the "weaving together" or "flow" that happens when you allow connection from a place of realness and openness. One-way touch; Get into your receptive mode! Includes full body and genital massage. Orgasms welcome. Can also include edging practices.

Best Seller #2- Goddess WorshipUS$350

Enjoy the sounds of my delight as you worship my body... Same as the Tantric Session, but during one third of the session, you will have the opportunity to massage me and delight me (within my boundaries). Usually includes full body massage *without penetration.

Best Seller #3- BDSM/ FetishUS$350

Ever had a fantasy that you wished could come true? Let me help you make this happen… Want to be paddled or tied up? How about toe stuff? I got you on all fronts. We will develop a scene that is perfect for you.

Best Seller #4- High End Bonus $500

High-End Bonus Services- Can be considered after trust has been developed

Conscious ConversationUS$150

Connect in-person. Talk about sex, life, or the weather, knowing you have a fully present, listening ear.

Cuddle SessionUS$150

Receive the benefits of relaxing skin-to-skin contact. Allow yourself to be held emotionally, energetically, and physically

Romantic DateUS$200

Feel the intimacy and spark building as we go on a date together. Just may end in a kiss..

Couples Tantric SessionUS$350

Learn new ways to promote intimacy with your partner. Learn skills in navigating a successful threesome. Sessions will be set up similarly to “Tantric Sessions” but can also include three-way connection at the end (consider me your bonus!). Same boundaries apply. Talk to me for more details.

ED or PE Support US$350

Enjoy a great tantric massage while learning how to use breath, sound, movement, and energy to help you get aroused, last longer, and enjoy more pleasure!

Group FacilitationUS$200

Organize a get-together with friends. We can co-create the night of your dreams and then you can have the night to explore, knowing the container is fully held. Examples include cuddle jam, sensual party, energy exploration, and more

Entire Evening or Day US$1,200

5 hours: Includes up to 3 hours of date, cuddle, or conversation and up to 2 hours of any tantric or interactive session (does not include bonus services)



Non-Refundable Deposits: **I did not require deposits in the past. However, due to some clients backing out at the last moment, etc, this process is being implemented. Thank you for understanding. 100$ for sessions under 400. 25% for sessions over 400$ This will come off of the total price of our session. Additional Fees: Drive-Time- First 20 min (from Harrisburg) each way free. After that, 150/hr each way Same-Day Consultations/ Appointments- Additional 75$ fee


How to Work with Me: I require a phone consultation/ discovery call (I do these on Tuesdays)- this is a chance for us to get to know one another, answer questions, and talk next steps! I am a high-end upscale provider. Do not waste my time or yours. Please be professional, kind, and clear with your communication. To schedule your phone consultation, please text: 717-516-8510 Please include: What type of session you are looking for and why you want to work with me specifically. I am SO Excited to share time and space with you soon. Please reach out and let’s connect <3 <3


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