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    Denver, Colorado, United States
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    Male, Female, Non-binary, Couples
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    Female (she)
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    171 cm / 5′ 7″
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    May 19, 2020

About Liliana Coventina

Shaman, Healer, Oracle, Priestess of Sacred Sexuality, Intuitive, Goddess offering training and healing in the Tantric and Sacred Temple Arts: Are you looking for something else? Do you know that there's an answer out there? That there's something more than the life you've been experiencing? HOW CAN I HELP YOU FIND YOUR OWN ANSWERS? Greetings and blessings, dear stranger. I'm so happy that you've found my profile. So I hear that you're looking for something different. I hear that you're looking for that tingle that starts at the base of your spine when you first make eye contact with somebody knew. I hear that you're looking for that sparkle of life that you've been denied or shamed for since your very first experience. I'm here to awaken your power, deepen your connection, and show you the feelings that are your birthright. For PATRONS: Sensual Energy BodyWork Tantric Massage Sensual Energy Reiki Exploring Non-Monogamy Performance Concerns Energy Healing (particularly PTSD and interpersonal traumas) Reclaim and Step Into Power Designing and Activating Ritual Aligning our Sexuality with Spirituality PATRONS CAN EXPECT: PATRONS of the Temple can expect to receive: energy work, sensual energy reiki, sensual energy body massage, relationship coaching, intuitive healing, self-awareness and empowerment, training in the woman’s arts, sacred menstruation, conscious parenting, conception assistance, sex-positive conversations, mock dates, intimacy and connection, cuddling and ecstatic touch, reconnection, tantric practices, exploration of alternate lifestyles. PATRONS can expect to have healthy and legal boundaries outlined at the beginning of each session. I am not an Escort, please do not ask. PATRONS who request services that are illegal will be blocked and contact terminated immediately. PATRONS are expected to make a donation to the Temple/Goddess. The Goddess can choose on a case by case basis if the offering is acceptable for the healing requested. My services are non-penetrative in nature for PATRONS of the Temple and DO NOT INCLUDE any direct genital touch between patron and priestess. PATRONS may bring a partner for more intensive arts. For other options, such as a referral to a surrogate or finding a temporary partner to practice with, we can discuss after all 5 steps of healing have occured.
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  • Cuddling/Ecstatic Touch
  • Intimacy Coaching- couples
  • Intuitive Healings
    ED, Delayed Ejection, Deep interpersonal trauma, PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, ADHD support, Fibromyalgia, MS, Autism, +more
  • Couples Tantric Reiki/ Coaching
    90 min
  • Tantric Massage
    2 hr experience
  • 2 hours Sensual Reiki BodyRub
    2 Hr


  • Shamanic Services
    Cord-Cutting, Conscious Reparenting, Spirit Recall, etc
  • Mock Date
    No time limit, includes written evaluation and dating profile help
  • 2 hour (w/ Reiki BodyWork )
    30 min Shower/Bath Ritual, 90 min Reiki BodyWork


  • Full Tantric Experience - untimed
    Join me for the fully untimed deep dive into the sacred arts


See Website for Availability M-F: 10am to 7pm
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday


Please send an email to initiate contact. I very much look forward to connecting and learning more about you.

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