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Kaia Luna

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.:. Meeooowwww .:. Are you ready to say YES to your life? Yes to your body? Yes to your sensuality, sexuality and pleasure? Are you ready to awaken your sacred sexuality in an epic way? Then it is by no accident that you were drawn into my field. Let’s start talking baby! Life itself needs all of you. Your wild. Your raw. Your authentic. Your messy. Every part of you is welcome here. In your bliss, in your darkness. I want you to live a life that is LIVED and LOVED AF... Not unlived because you decide to spend it suffocating your expression. I embrace the art of radical self-expression⁣ and I will help you to claim the same…⁣only if you want it ;)⁣ ⁣ ⁣ :: Devoted to support the mission :: To bring heaven on earth through sacred sexuality As a revolutionary leader, embodiment mentor and tantric priestess, my gift lives within my embodiment of wonder, awe, and radical love. I love empowering others to unleash their wild authentic soul expression so they can feel ecstatically alive and divinely embodied, without apology. ⚡️
 :: About me :: I am a change maker, risk taker, booty shaker and spirited creator. I play passionately, sing loudly, dance wildly, and live life fully. I'm known for my integrity and my love for truth. I’m turned on by direct and transparent communication, which is a non-negotiable in my relating, both personally and professionally. My presence is beautiful, sacred, worthy and going to change your life ! :: Here’s the Sexy Scoop about my Sacred Work :: The way you relate to your sexuality is the way you relate to every other facet of your life. Reclaiming your sexuality is a profound gateway into thriving in your most wild alignment. Using powerful tantric rituals & practices, we will alchemize wounds, conditioning & criticism into embodied liberation & erotic expression. You will learn tools + resources for a sustainable inner transformation with your body, sexuality, and emotions that will impact every other facet of your life.  :: Ceremonies include holistic tools such as :: ⁣~ Conscious conversation and coaching
 ~ Breathwork ~ EFT / Tapping ~ Chakra Cleansing ~ Guided Meditations ~ Reiki Energy Healing ~ Aromatherapy ~ Sensual Bodywork + Body to Body Nuru ~ Tantric Partner Rituals ~ Sensual Activation ~ Cuddling ~ Shadow Integration ~ Parts Work ~ Emotional Release My approach integrates modern science and ancient wisdom to create lasting changes, deep in your primal brain and subconscious. We will fully activate your deepest desires and allow them to be the compass of our sessions. We will also integrate the parts of you that have fear or resistance to your desires actually becoming reality. I invite you to take down your masks, barriers, and drop your inhibitions so you can relax into the intimacy of being nurtured and seen. :: My sessions will support you to :: ~ expand your capacity to feel and express yourself ~ cultivate emotional vulnerability and intimacy ~ transform shame, fear and guilt into pleasure, power, and passion ~ alchemize patterns of disembodiment and disconnection to presence and celebration ~ cultivate trust and safety in your body and nervous system You’re here reading these words because you’re ready to remember and reclaim this truth.
 You’re ready to AMPLIFY ALIVENESS in every cell of your being.   Your body is the gateway to your deepest passion, pleasure, and fulfillment...with your readiness, you can rewrite your experience of reality and live life with the most delicious sense of aliveness. *** TO BE CONSIDERED: please send me a brief, respectful introduction of who you are, name, age, reason for wanting to connect with me, and details about your experience in this work. *** Multiple Goddess Experiences Offered - Receive support from two or more! *** I provide custom virtual sessions ~ inquire for more details *** Ask about upgrade offerings in person:) —No escorting— I’m ecstatic to share the juicy nectar of aliveness with you 🖤 Because you are so worthy of living in orgasmic alignment ⚡️ TEXT me to schedule your session! ⚡️ .:. bless bless .:. .:. love love .:. Kaia Luna

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I often can accommodate most online appointment requests within 24-48 hours notice. Cannot accommodate same day requests for *new* clients. Please schedule in advance for in-person sessions, as my calendar fills very quickly and often cannot accommodate same-day requests for *repeat* clients. Text me for specific availability :)


Sacred Voyeur - Live Sex Magic!US$800

Witness my partner Kyle and I share a transmission of tantric practice and sex magic. We invite your voyeur to be fully expressed with self-pleasure

Nude Mentoring Call - 90 minutesUS$500

Deep dive intuitive session to meet you where you are and what energy is alive.

Ongoing Text Support (1 month)US$400

You'll have access to me right in your pocket! You'll be able to reach out anytime you need coaching or just want to be flirty. Includes uncensored photos.


Sacred Voyeur - Live Sex Magic!US$800

Witness my partner Kyle and I share a transmission of tantric practice and sex magic. We invite your voyeur to be fully expressed with self-pleasure

Tantric Sensual Bodywork - 90 minsUS$800

More time together allows us to drop in deeper with amplified intimacy

Tantric Bodywork ~ 2 hoursUS$1,000

Sensual Bliss Ceremony - 3 hrsUS$1,450

Includes more connection time before sensual bodywork, to support you feeling comfortable in fully expressing yourself

1 hour session {regulars only}US$700

Repeat clients only. Includes nudity, bodywork, reiki, coaching, tantric rituals


1 hour session {regulars only}$850

Tantric Sensual Bodywork - 90 mins$950

Tantric Bodywork ~ 2 hours$1,100

Sensual Bliss Ceremony - 3 hrs$1,600



$100 - $300 deposit required to reserve your session. No refunds.


All requests to reschedule or cancel a session must be made no later than 48 hours before the scheduled session. Any “no-shows” will result in forfeiture of deposit with refunds.


To book an appointment, TEXT. **Do not call** I do not answer calls from unverified clients. Every new client will need to submit requested information for verification and approval. Requests without photo identification will not be considered.

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