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Open to full body ecstasy!

Hello Gorgeous 😘 I’m Goddess Aphrodite, a tantric dakini & healer. Can you imagine feeling fully nourished, seen, held, and loved unconditionally for all of who you are? I wish to give you this experience 💖 MASSAGE REVIEW from J.A.: “I am not one to embellish or exaggerate so I can confidently say that your time with her be divine. You forget what time it is, what day, where you are. It is just you and her. Shared breath, bodies gliding and pulsing in rhythm. You wish you could spend all day in her embrace. Haven't experienced anything close the feeling of relaxation when our eyes first met nor that feeling of release when she guides me towards a full mind and body O. An absolute wonder of a woman!” Open your capacity to love, receive connection, and release what no longer serves your highest self. My goal is to give you an experience that leaves you refreshed, nourished, at a higher state of consciousness, and even healed from all kinds pains. LGBTQ-friendly. In a tantric style massage I will create an environment that matches your goals and intentions for the session. (Examples: Some clients seek massage solely for pleasure. Others want to heal from trauma.) The massage occurs in a safe healing ritual space with music, candles, essential oils, and so on. I want you to feel honored and even worshipped. MASSAGE REVIEW from J.T.: “It was a wonderful experience for me. I truly appreciated the attention and care.” More types of experiences I offer: - Pl@y Parties and events - Yoni massages (people with vaginas) - Lingam massages (people with penises) - Foot Worship - Kink or fetish experiences - Trainings on how to be more sensual and a better communicator - Relationship coaching (especially recovering from heartbreak) - Mental health-related coaching - Other (please tell me what you need, and I’ll tell you if I have expertise in it!) Sometimes, I offer online trainings and workshops. Potential physical health benefits can include... - Reduced muscle tension - Increased flexibility - Opening of energetic pathways which leads to better function in the circulatory and lymphatic systems - Feeling lighter without weight loss (due to loss of emotional weight) - Reduced sexual dysfunction Potential mental/emotional health benefits can include... - Diversion from what may be troubling you - Reduced stress - More relaxed state of mind - Heightened joy - Higher consciousness - Deeper feelings of connectedness to yourself and others Very important: I honor your physical and emotional well-being and respect whatever boundaries you mention. Communication and consent is paramount. Requirements: Please pay close attention to hygiene. Be fully showered (with hair washed), have teeth brushed, use mouthwash, apply deodorant (with antiperspirant is preferred), etc. immediately prior to a session. I do prefer fully shaved/waxed (especially for an erotic massage). For in-calls, as a matter of convenience for you, you are welcome to take a brief shower on site as part of your scheduled time just before receiving your massage. (Please bring deodorant with you.) My time is valuable, and so I require a 30 deposit to hold your appointment. Please bring exact cash. For in-calls, please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment. In order to honor the time commitments of my clients and myself, I normally do not delay sessions due to late arrivals.

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San Diego, California, United States
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Men, Women, Non-binary, and Couples
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174 / 5'9"
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New clients, please be prepared for screening and $30 deposit. Please send a message with your (1) name, (2) desired service, (3) when you are available for an appointment, and (4) length of session time that you want. (If you have multiple options on your availability, please let me know.)


Tantric Text Support$100

Keep me in your pocket at all times! Reach out anytime. Price per week.

1 hour Virtual DateUS$300

1 hour Erotic virtual dateUS$400

1 hour Virtual PujaUS$150


Tantric/Erotic MassageUS$300

30 minutes

1 hour Tantric/Erotic Massage$400

1 hour

GFE- extra screening required$800

1 hour

VIP Tantric Ritual Ceremony $1,000

Be worshipped by me for two whole hours! An excellent introduction to tantric work as well as those looking to embody pleasure on a whole new level!

Tantric Bucket List$2,500

Is there something you’ve always wanted but have been afraid to ask for? I’d love to help you pop that cherry!

Puja/ Connection Ceremony US$200

1 hour, individual or with a partner, this is a tantric practice that will help release shame and fear as well as increase your capacity to open to be emotionally intimate with yourself and others.

Add a second (male) masseuse $300

per hour


FMTY or overnight $4,500

Minimum 2 weeks notice required



A $30 deposit is required before confirming your appointment.


Booking deposits will be held and reusable for six months when a cancellation is made more than 24 hours prior to an appointment. Cancellations within 24 hours well not receive a refund and deposit will double for future bookings.

Text or email anytime

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