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Cecilia Amour

Toronto, Ontario, CA

To get a sense for me, I invite you to dive into an enticing visual story... You had a dream... On a warm windy day, your gaze was captured by a remarkable beauty you had passed on a cobblest...

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Yasmina DaRosa

Toronto, Ontario, CA

Hello Lovers, I am a Canadian born, European blooded beauty with a vivacious energy and a naughty streak. Well known known for both my personality and service. Being a sensual and passionate lad...

Photo of Yasmina DaRosa

Damien Knight

Active yesterday
Hartford, Connecticut, US

The one thing that turns me on more than anything is an intellectual woman. I am a lover of most musical genres. A woman who knows what she wants and takes it and never...ever regrets it. A woman w...

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Luna Valencia

Active this week
Hamilton, Ontario, CA

Tall, dark & beautiful nerd. Girl next door with exotic flair and sexual tendencies ;) I love to please and enjoy helping you relax. A bit about me: I’m a millennial nerd, I play d&d with a grou...

Photo of Luna Valencia

Melanie York

Active yesterday
March 5–6
Cincinnati, Ohio, US

When you think of a twenty-something girl in the mid-west what comes to mind? It’s a common theme when I meet someone new. They arrive with preconceived notions of me and are quickly blown away by...

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Active yesterday
Toronto, Ontario, CA

Hi there cuties! I'm a petite, blonde and busty girl, looking to make sure you have someone to help take the edge off of your day. I offer a wide range of services from cuddling, soft and sensu...

Photo of LeloSwanne

Leila Hawthorne

North Carolina, United States

Leila: From Arabic لَيْلَى‎ (laylā). Meaning dusk, or night. As the sun sets, night envelops you. In the darkness it's cool. Calm. Soothing. Mysterious. Night is when you rest...

Photo of Leila Hawthorne

The Siren Ernestine

Active this week
Boston, Massachusetts, US

The Siren Ernestine trained to be a professional ballet dancer from the age of 7; now, in her early thirties, her body radiates her time as a dancer in the way she carries herself and her flexibili...

Photo of The Siren Ernestine

Nadine de Valle

Active this month
Toronto, Ontario, CA

Hi there, My name is Nadine. Visually, I am often described as a "model-next-door" due to my slender curves and angular features. My hair seems to change according to my mood and, currently, ...

Photo of Nadine de Valle

Molly Daniels

Active last week
Cincinnati, Ohio, US

I'm a gorgeous, midwestern girl-next-door mature spinner in my mid 30s. I am an active snowboarder and rollerblader; I play guitar and have my own sewing studio. I have a BS in Biology, and spent...

Photo of Molly Daniels

Carlee Jones

Active this month
Toronto, Ontario, CA

Hi there! I’m Carlee, the free-loving hippie chick of your dreams (and I know you have some pretty wild dreams!). I’m passionate, energetic, and have a giggle that you’ll want to coax out of me ov...

Photo of Carlee Jones

Shannon DeRoo

Toronto, Ontario, CA

Hello and Welcome, So happy you've stopped by. This is the part I always struggle with. What to write that will stand out and seduce you? Canadian blonde who's ultra quirky, loves to laugh, ...

Photo of Shannon DeRoo

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