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    Sydney, Australia
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    172 cm / 5′ 7″
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    Male, Female, Couples
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About Zoe Grace

Curvalicious Paramour for Erotic Massage & More.

"I'm seriously seeing stars! How do you do that?!" ~Charles

“You’re incredible! Smart, sexy, driven, a bit quirky, amazing body & those hands…I’m fussy & hard to please. I have to say I loved every second of it” ~Josh

Hi, I’m Zoe. I’m new to Tryst but have been perfecting my erotic massage skills in Sydney for over eight years and it seems, from my reviews, that practice really does make perfect.

You are warmly invited to join me for an exquisite erotic massage encounter. Come relax & release under my talented hands.

Relax, as my expert hands glide over your back, gently easing knots as they stroke & knead. Let your mind drift as my hands matching the rhythm of the music, and relish the occasional teasing caresses. You’ll delight in my smooth creamy skin and ample curves slipping & sliding over your body in a tantalising bodyslide, with more suggestive touches designed to tempt & tease.

Now for the part you’ve been waiting for…a long, luscious handjob. My nimble fingers will glide, slide, twist & turn, bringing you to the edge of an orgasm again & again. I delight in you lasting longer than you think you’ll be able to, and I’ve been told I get a devilish glint in my eyes as I tempt & tease you, worshipping your cock and balls (or pussy, if you’re a female guest), until you finally explode in an orgasmic release.

My bespoke experience is the ultimate blend of professional & sensual massage, designed using my multiple qualifications in Massage & other Complementary Therapies as a base, the innate instinct I have for massage & the erotic arts, and years of experience in both straight & erotic massage.

Work hard & play hard, and deserve to be spoiled by having someone’s focus on relaxing their tired muscles then delivering the best orgasm of their lives.

So surrender yourself to my hands, where my focus is 100% on your relaxation & orgasmic release. All experiences over 30 minutes are a balance of massage & cock worship, rather than rushing the happy ending. My 15 minute experience is 100% pure cock worship! After all, if you wanted quick, you’d do it yourself, right?

My statistics & photos show my physical attributes. What they don't show is that I’m attractive (preferring a natural look rather than a ‘vamp’ style), well-educated (having studied a lot & currently studying my Masters), and a good conversationalist (I enjoy chatting with guests about a range of subjects). Among other things I'm a qualified masseuse, am authentic & down-to-earth (no airs & graces), have a level of geekiness that likely rivals Hermione's, and a level of quirkiness rivalling Luna's. I genuinely enjoy bringing pleasure, comfort & relaxation to my guests.

My private Lane Cove North apartment is about 10mins from Sydney’s CBD. Unfortunately, there’s several stairs, so isn’t wheelchair-accessible and, sorry, I don’t offer outcalls.

Generally, 10am-5pm Monday, 10am-7pm Tuesday & Wednesday, 10am-8pm Thursday & Friday, 1pm-7pm Saturday & Sunday. Booking in advance is recommended.

Please see RATES for my erotic massage experience fees, and my website for the fees for other experiences I offer. I have a three-tier fee structure: prepaid, deposit & cash on arrival, and offer discounted fees for guests who prepay or pay a deposit. Please see my website for further details. Please remember I’ve spent 8+ years building up my business reputation as professional, genuine & client-focused, and wouldn’t risk that.

A polite, information-filled text such as “Hi Zoe, I saw your profile on Tryst. I was hoping to book a ___min massage around _____ today. Please let me know if you’re available. Thanks, ________” will get you on my table much quicker than "Hi, u free?".

There are upgrades available and other experiences (Full-Service-With-A-Twist, Platonic, Clothed Cuddling, Girlfriend Dates, Social Dates) are offered, so it's best to review my carefully-crafted website. It has all the details you may need to decide if I’m the curvalicious paramour for you, and if I have an experience that will suit you.

Hope to have you on my table soon,

Zoe Grace xo

“In an industry with a lot of standard service offerings, this gem is a stand out” ~JJX73



  • Heavenly Handjob: 15mins
  • Erotic Massage: 30mins
  • Erotic Massage: 45mins
  • Erotic Massage: 60mins
  • Erotic Massage: 75mins
  • Erotic Massage: 60mins Deluxe
  • Erotic Massage: 90mins
  • Erotic Couples Massage: 75-90mins
  • Erotic Massage: 90mins deluxe


My general availability for erotic massages is 10am-5pm Monday, 10am-7pm Tuesday & Wednesday, 10am-8pm Thursday & Friday, and 1pm-7pm Saturday & Sunday. Because I work from my private apartment (Lane Cove North) & value discretion, I choose not to have clients visiting after 8pm.

I'm a low-volume provider who places great importance on ensuring a client-focused experience. Booking in advance means you have something to look forward to & you have time to arrange the deposit / prepayment without stress to benefit from the reduced fee. If you only book when you feel like you're ready to 'pop', then you'll likely not last too long anyway - and that would be a shame.

I adore receiving an initial text like this one:
"Hi Zoe, I saw your ad on Tryst. I was hoping to book a 60min deluxe massage about noon tomorrow. If you're available, please let me know & I'll send the Prezzee card through as a deposit. Thanks, Damon"

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday


Want to start off our connection in the right way? A simple inquiry text like this one will make me smile, check my schedule & get back to you asap, since it has all the information I require.

"Hi Zoe, I saw your ad on Tryst. I was hoping to book a 75min massage between 1pm & 3pm tomorrow. If you're available, please let me know your account details so I can prepay. Fingers crossed, Elijah".

This type of text makes me eager to have you on my table!

* My website has most, if not all, of the info you want or need...along with some very detailed reviews.
* A mobile number is required for all bookings.
* Please don't text "Hi" or "R U free?" - this is Tryst, not Tinder.
* Want to briefly chat before booking? Please call from an unblocked number. It is best to text first to ask if now's a good time to quickly chat.

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