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Violet Vixxx

A Dash of White Trash

*Offering Outcalls Only Until June* SUPER DUPER IMPORTANT: Please use full sentences and polite language when you reach out. Know my name. Your first message should include your first name, age, and booking request. The template Tryst provides when you click the email button is perfect if you're at a loss for words. Please contact me via email until further notice. Currently only offering outcalls until further notice. What sets me apart? Well, for one, I consider myself a career escort. I treat my business with the committed effort that anyone would give their chosen profession. When I say I am a professional, I am not just being cheeky. I mean it. From the moment I sprouted tits and developed a swaying gait, I have effortlessly oozed sexual energy. I am a natural vixen. You can easily tell that my presentation is authentic. I need not exaggerate any characteristic to be the effervescent, perky, and fun girl I present myself as. I am 100% as-advertized! Furthermore, I'm fantastic company. I practice the utmost discretion, as well as provide intellectually and even psychologically stimulating discussion that will make your session satisfying and entertaining on multiple levels. I'm able to hold my own in a conversation with all manner of successful, educated men, while still maintaining the inviting hospitality that makes me a "total package" type of girl. As I refine my skills as an escort, I find I am capable of being more emotionally available to my clients. This isn't a requirement for every session. I am not confused as to my primary role, but my emotional support is nonetheless present and available for those who seek it, without the consequences that befall most other emotional exchanges. I am all of the perks of a girlfriend with none of the responsibilities or expectations! If you are looking for something more than a purely physical exchange, but less than a relationship, I confidently promise that I can satisfy a wide range of your social and physical needs. I am truly ]]no-strings-attached, but also provide emotional support without entanglement and commitment. If you are looking for a good time with a woman you can find comfort in without the guess work and games of dating, that's what I am here for. Hit me up! **Manners are the top priority I have when deciding whether I am willing to schedule a requested booking. If you use full sentences, show good manners, and demonstrate that you have read this ad, you will evoke my appreciation & therefore be offered my best efforts & attitude.**

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Washington DC, District of Columbia, United States
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Men and Couples
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Woman (she)
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College Cheerleader
156 / 5'1"
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24/7, 365 with notice. I am available any time as long as you plan ahead. Outcalls require 2hr or more notice. The further ahead you book, the greater the chance we can meet at an ideal time for you.


3 VideosUS$30

POV BBJ videos. Include E-mail address in payment notes. $VixxxViolet

7 VideosUS$60

POV BBJ videos. Include E-mail address in payment notes. $VixxxViolet

10 VideosUS$85

POV BBJ videos. Include E-mail address in payment notes. $VixxxViolet


1 Hour Outcall (less than 20 miles)US$500

Requires min 2 hour notice & EITHER deposit OR my round trip Uber/Lyft ordered (20 mile radius)

Outcall 20-35 milesUS$600

+100 per hour for outcalls greater than 20 miles, 35 mile max

1.5 Hour Outcall US$750

Requires min 2 hour notice & EITHER deposit OR my round trip Uber ordered. (20-35 miles: add 100)

2 Hour OutcallUS$900

Requires min 2 hour notice & EITHER deposit OR round trip Uber/Lyft ordered for me directly. (20-35 miles add 100)

GFE Outcall OvernightUS$2,500

24 hours notice & deposit required



Outcalls require you to order my round trip Uber/Lyft for me directly or to make a transportation deposit to cover the cost. If you no-call no-show or cancel late on your first appointment, a $100 no-call no-show fee will be due to me before you are allowed to reschedule. A late cancellation incurs a +$50 on your next appointment.


If you no-call no-show or cancel late on your first appointment, a $100 no-call no-show fee will be due to me before you are allowed to reschedule. If you contact me after your appt time or I have to reach out to you first to find out you won't be coming, that is counted as a no-call-no-show A late cancellation (less than 1 hour before an appointment) incurs a +$50 on your next appointment. A late cancel or no-show on a first appointment will always adhere to the policies on my website. If you are a returning client in good standing with me, I am more likely to allow you to make up the appointment within a certain timeframe to avoid these fees.


Please use email to book until further notice. IN YOUR INITIAL MESSAGE: Please open with a greeting that addresses me by name, and (using full sentences) include your first name & age. The template provided here is perfect, if properly filled out. A general summary of your request (ex: I would like to book a 2 hour incall/ Can I buy 7 videos? / Will you be a reference?) is also helpful in moving the conversation along, but not as important as showing good manners by introducing yourself. More detailed instructions on how to communicate with me can be found on my website at in both the pop up that appears upon loading and the first few policy topics. I am only available to men that read my ad. This opening message request makes it apparent to me whether you have read this profile or not. Again: Knowing my name is a mandatory prerequisite to booking.

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Just wanna say I absolutely love your site and absolutely everything you did for BLM and the sex worker relief funds, and you're by far my favorite place to advertise! I recommend you to all the girls who come to me for advice

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