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    San Francisco, California, United States
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    Male, Female, Non-binary, Couples
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    Non-binary (she)
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    187 cm / 6′ 2″
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    Aug 19, 2019

About ValViscera

You: a hip tech bro at least three quarter-life crises in—long past the climb to establish himself, comfortable in the life and owning the aesthetic he did it for but missing the passion of getting there and maybe IPA has lost its magic; still holding out deep down for the magic pixie dream girl that Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Michael Cera promised were attainable to a guy like him, dying to sit across a quiet table from a girl who radiates and breathes a never quite placeable energy of innocence and danger and love and rage and lust and compassion, of so many stories and secrets, broken hearts and forged bonds; that balances into overwhelming warmth and magnetically compels anyone to want to know more. Someone soft and captivating who pretends not to know they’re not any other eye catching girl in a big sweater staying too long in the cafe, and is always just happy to be here, always a touch out of place. Me: Valerie Viscera. Or maybe you just want to party with a desperately subby and beautiful as fuck trans girl who squirms and squeaks like mad under any touch that uh, that’s rad too
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no same day appointments require 30% of scheduled appointment in advance I’m not positive if my rates visible so I’ll just restate here that sessions are $600/hr In Novato; flexible to travel around the bay but appointments will start at a flat rate relative to my travel time [simply: if I need to travel two hours and you schedule for three, you’re just paying for three; if I need to travel three hours and you only want to schedule for two, you’re still paying for three]
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text only ofc cashapp and vmo can be found on my twitter @ValViscera

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