Eris Day

Last active today Portland, OR, US Trans Woman (she)

Eris Day

Angelic Trans Princess

Hi there! My name's Eris (sounds like heiress). I am soft, submissive and demur, and will always greet you with a warm smile and a smoldering gaze. I am, however, unafraid to guide our celebration of desire as we see fit. Revel with me in a cascade of beauty and sensation. I take great joy in earthly pleasures and would love to make our time together exhilarating and blissful. I've been told I have a tranquil presence and calming effect by many friends and strangers alike. I am no stranger to erudite conversations and hope that you love witty banter as dearly as I. Or we can just silently adulate our sacred affinity for affection. Whatever you are craving, I have something to sate your desire. If you're new to trans intimacy, let's explore new worlds together, I am skilled in assuaging nervousness. Drop me an email, and we can spend some time together soon. xoxo *Please do not call* *Read through my whole ad before inquiring*

Based in
Portland, Oregon, United States
Caters to
Men, Women, Non-binary, and Couples
Last active
Trans Woman (she)
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Body Type
179 / 5'10"
Cup Size
Hair Colour
Shoe Size
9 Womens
Eye Colour



I ask that dates for first time clients be requested at least 24 hours in advance, and preferably 3-5 days. Same day meetings are generally only available for folks who have seen me a few times. My availability while in Portland is usually very flexible with enough advance notice. While touring, my availability is only really limited by hotel check-in hours and anticipated demand for bookings. The further ahead you can express interest, the more likely we can meet. Sometimes, last minute availabilities open while I'm touring, and it will say such in my tour notes if this is the case. Either way, if I'm in your city, please let me know of your interest. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Do not call. I love doing video calls, but I don't answer my phone unless previously arranged. Please do not discuss bookings on Onlyfans or anything other than text or email. Please no explicit language over our text/email. If you'd like to discuss play with me you must do so during a session or schedule a phone/video call.

Tour Schedule

~Philly & Brooklyn~ ✨Please contact via email as I left my work phone at home, oops! ✨ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Pre-booking is strongly encouraged when I'm touring to your city. If you're unsure if you'll have time to see me, feel free to express your interest. This will help me to know if I should schedule more time in your city. My tour date openings are much more flexible with prebooking, so the earlier the better.

Incall only. Please contact via email as I left my work phone at home, oops!
Brooklyn, NY, USMay 21–24
Incall only. From 6pm on Sat through Mon evening


OnlyFans Subscription$10 *Please do not make booking inquiries through Onlyfans*

Custom Content-Ask for pricing$100

Custom videos/photos etc. Ask for pricing.

Facetime Calls/Shows$125

I love FaceTime calls! (125 for 15 min)


1 Hour$400

All incalls now require a deposit of 100

Dinner Date$600

A dinner date and one hour of time alone together.

90 Minutes$600

2 Hours$750


1 hour$500

All outcalls require a deposit of 150.

2 hours$1,000

3 hours $1,500


16 hours. Must include dinner and 6 hours of sleep.


90 minutes $600

I have a 90 minute minimum for tour dates.

Dinner Date$600

A dinner date and one hour of time alone together.

2 Hours$800

3 Hours$1,200



I ask for a deposit of 100 for all of my incalls and 200 for outcalls. This is non-negotiable and can only be paid electronically. Please consider it as part of my verification process and a sign of good-faith between us. You may subtract this from the donation amount for our session.


Please let me know if anything comes in the way of our time together as soon as you're able. I ask for a cancellation fee under the following circumstances: -if cancelling within 24 hours of an incall appointment, please provide %50 of donation -if cancelling within 12 hours of an incall appointment, please provide the full donation. Cancellation fees must be sent the day of the cancelled appointment. Please be in accordance with my cancellation policy or I will need to use a "blacklist" to communicate the lack of concern for providers' time and energy.


Please contact via email. I require screening for all of my clients. Verification should be sent in your first message for all booking inquiries and must be one of the options below. (Appointment requests will not be honored until I've received screening and deposit.) Tell me a little about yourself and what kind of date you're looking for. What kind of person are you and how would you like to spend our time together? Do not be explicit, you're asking a girl out on her first date with you after all. <3 You must include the following: Who: -your name -your phone number Where: -locality, which city. Do you want to see me in PDX? Or while I'm touring to SF, etc? I tour a lot so please specify. -incall/outcall When -desired appointment date and time -or general availability -appointment duration Screening: Your choice of verification ~either~ -two provider references -must include: name, email & link to their adpage ~or~ -Picture of gov-issued photo ID (fully visible except address) -Selfie of you holding the ID. -Proof of Employment (LinkedIn, work ID, paystub, etc.) *If you are a tna member in good standing with references, you may use that as verification.

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The platform was created by SWs, and so they’re totally awesome to work with. They also have a 21st century understanding of gender and body diversity. ♥️♥️♥️

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