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Sophie B Love

Sensual Sanctuary & FBSM Bliss

Companionship sessions are open to scheduling for the month of July in Dallas and tour cities. Limited availability. I invite you into Sensual Sanctuary, to drop into your body and out of your thinking mind. Soothe and relax your body, ignite your senses, and awaken your healing pleasure through the Sensual Massage Experience.... Medium to light pressure, sensual strokes, with very delicate touches incorporated at times, to help awaken your senses and pleasure.  An intuitive approach as I use my hands and at times parts of my body, to bring a more intimate approach to the experience. Bringing relaxation to your body, pleasure to your senses, and building towards a more heightened excitement or bliss state, with full allowance for you to feel your sexual energy rise. Moving toward more intimate places, riding the waves to pleasurable release in an organic way. I typically use a large, comfy floor mattress for Sensual Massage Experience and navigate around your body during the body rub. I use warming, unscented Sunflower oil, or scented sunflower oil are available for your preference and background music to set the mood for the space. *Drapery is optional.  *Massage is 1-way touch only. *Prostate massage not offered.

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Same day appointment is possible with ample notice, all required screening details sent, and pending my availability. 24 hours notice is always appreciated. Incall: Las Colinas area.

Tour Schedule

$500/ 1 hr, Companionship $700/90 min, Companionship $900/2 hrs, Companionship $1,200/ 3 hrs, Social + Private Tour deposit is 30% to hold and reserve an appointment. This amount is deducted from the total rate. The remaining is due in cash upon arrival. Deposit is non refundable tours if you need to cancel. (can be rescheduled to a different time on tour if available). Deposit is fully refunded if I must cancel for any reason.

Wichita, KS, USJul 22–25
Denver, CO, USJul 26–28


1 hour Sensual Massage US$320

90 min Sensual Massage US$450

90 mins Sensual Companionship US$700

New client minimum.

2 hrs of Sensual Companionship US$900

New client rate.

3 hours. Social time + Private time$1,200

New client rate.


1 hour Sensual Companionship US$500

90 mins Sensual Companionship US$700

2 hour Sensual Companionship US$900



The deposit serves as your sincere intention to keep the time you schedule and allows compensation for me for screening, messaging and holding the time for you, if for any reason you need to cancel. Thank you for your understanding! $100 deposit is required to reserve Sensual Massage. 25% deposit to reserve Intimate companionship. *The remaining is due in cash upon arrival. *Deposit non-refundable.(please schedule no more than 2 weeks in advance.) *Deposit can be transferred to 1 rescheduled booking within 2 weeks time, if canceled with at least 24 hours notice. *If I must cancel for any reason, the full deposit will be returned to you.


For Dallas: Deposit serves as the cancelation fee if you need to cancel for any reason. Deposit is transferrable with 24 hours notice if you need to cancel, and added to 1 rescheduled booking within 2 weeks time.


Use the link to my website to view and submit screening details to request a booking with me. Alternatively, you can email me and you will receive an immediate reply with booking link and requirements.

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