• Touring
    Miami, Florida, United States until December 1–18
  • Based in
    Los Angeles, California, United States
  • Touring soon
    Rome, Italy from December 9–25
  • Caters to
    Male, Female, Couples
  • Gender
    Female (she)
  • Age
  • Body type
    Athletic/Toned & Busty
  • Height
    163 cm / 5′ 4″
  • Ethnicity
    Asian American mix
  • Cup size
  • Hair colour
  • Shoe size
  • Eye colour
  • Last activity
    Dec 5, 2019

About Sophia Sakara

I’m so glad you found me & that you’re thinking of spending time with me. Let me know if you have any questions or want to meet ! I can’t wait to hear from you. Much like you I live in reality where I am restrained by the dullness of everyday life so every once in awhile I like to escape the world and take a break from reality and break all the rules. Without a pleasurable escape to turn to every so often we would go insane. Our souls would shrivel and we would wither like a flower without sunlight and water. Let’s regress together -without a care in the world and have some fun & enjoy our lives before we die. I’ll meet you anywhere in the world! Have an extra opera, music festival or concert ticket, film fest, a play or culturally enriching event to attend and don’t want to go alone? From Rock to Classical to Jazz to Electronic to Theater, culturally enriching events special - I’ll meet you at your hotel with a few hours to get acquainted then we can head out for the day/night for 4000 tulips (roundtrip airfare- & accommodation, unless I’m already in your city- Fly me first class & to me you’ll be royalty! Or my booking help will book/ screenshot best deal flights -for you unless you mention/ insist premium or first class travel, after the deposit & airfare is sent :) enjoy all day fun then Fly out the next day! Business trips- Meet for only half the day while on trips subtract 20 percent-( 6000 minus 1200 for the weekend). For example if you’ll be busy with work from morning until late afternoon & can only meet after work or you have obligations during the evening so you can only meet from 10am to 4pm etc. Meet only from dinner time to morning-3000/night. Available for fly me to you dates!!!:) Fly me to you for a day or 2 (6 to 8 hour min 3000 ) 25 percent deposit for all trips & before booking flights pretty please. Please click “Let’s Escape” on website & book our encounter or getaway via the form: Please Email from a protonmail or other advanced account w/ high security.
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  • Tryst - In a rush?
  • 90 mins
  • 2hours
  • 3 hours
  • 4 hrs
  • Overnight (6 hrs of rest requested)
    Evening to 11am
  • All day morning next morning
    Subtract 20% for your work/ business trips
  • Weekened 2 days Sat morn- Sunnight
    My own room/for your work trips-Subtract 30%


  • Meet at a dungeon-bdsm only/2hrs
  • 90min
    To your home or upscale hotel
  • Need a social date for a party? 4hr
    Please inform me on dress code/what to wear etc in advance.
  • 2 hours
    Social date-500/up to 2hrs coffee tea cocktails quick bite...
  • Explore the city(social date 6hrs)
    For those who like to take it slowly xx
  • Overnight Evening to 11am


Please follow me on twitter for up to date tour schedule or simply send me an email or fill out my form and my assistant will contact you right away.
  • Miami, Florida, United States
    December 1–18
    Exact dates TBA - Please email to be notified
  • Berlin, Germany
    December 3–18
    Exact dates TBA - Please email to be notified
  • Rome, Italy
    December 9–25
    Exact dates TBA - Please email to be notified
  • Singapore, Singapore
    December 10–14
    Exact dates TBA - Please email to be notified
  • Milan, Italy
    December 15–20
    Exact dates TBA - Please email to be notified
  • London, United Kingdom
    December 18–22
    Exact dates TBA - Please email to be notified


I’m based in California - SF SJ SD & LA half the month & NYC /New England half the month. Tours are prebooked & all new friends must be verified before setting a date. Deposits are discreet & simple- gift cards, PayPal to my part time booking help Julianna or other methods are accepted (200 usd). I’ll be available on Select days in Seoul, South Korea, Singapore. I’m also open to fly me to you dates to anywhere in the world with a 25 percent deposit & airfare. 6 to 8 hr minimum -3000usd or overnight. I take a week off every month to pursue personal projects but can be flexible the rest of the month with advanced notice. U.S citizen Passport ready with an adventurous spirit & love for all people of all countries & cultures. Come as you are. Let’s experience all the wildest, sensual, exotic pleasures the world has to offer... together - after all what is the point of doing something outrageous or memorable without a witness present?
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday


Please email your: 1. Full Name 2. 2 references from reputable courtesans & their contact info or- LinkedIn profile or: Photo ID or Work ID or An email from a professional work account 3. City you wish to meet 4. Date/Time & length of date 5. Come to me or I visit you ( address) 6. Requests 7. Preferred deposit - PayPal or gift card- Amazon, Giftrocket, Sephora etc 8. Favorite song, book or film? 9. Astrological sign 10. Anything else you’d like me to know:)

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