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Serena Lang

Brilliant. Beautiful. British.

If I know you (and since you’re here maybe I already do, a little), then you’ve found me because you’re looking for something (or more accurately someone) to add a little je ne sais quoi, a zest, a spice to your day. Congrats! You found her. Smart man. A man I met once said I had "a body that could stop traffic". Another said I had "one of those pin-up girl faces". I'm the last person to brag, but I'm truly and deeply saddened by not being able to share my face with you due to my day career because it's definitely one of my best features. You'll just have to see for yourself... Some more things you may find interesting about me: - I was born in a small town in rural northern France, but was raised in London (England, not Ohio), which is why New York feels so comfortable to me every time I go there - I went to a girls’ boarding school which completely failed to make a proper young lady out of me (evidently) - I speak four languages properly and can order a glass of wine in seven - I have a master's degree in a pretty esoteric subject - guess which - I'm a bad liar but a fantastic kisser I combine an English sophistication and polish with the openness and warmth of my adopted America. If you believe in Myers-Briggs (astrology for boys? controversial opinion I know, let's discuss in person), I'm an ENFJ-T, which is pretty bang on the money. I'm a born people-person and thrive off the energy of meeting new friends. Even if you're shy, I guarantee that within half an hour of meeting me any nervousness will completely dissipate and you’ll feel like we’re old friends (or your money back - not really but seriously, I'm objectively charming and I'm confident you'll really like me). If you have a cynical heart - and in times as interesting as these, I honestly don’t blame you - prepare to have it melted. Here's to our adventure. Love, Serena

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Austin, Texas, United States
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Men, Women, and Couples
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Woman (she)
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Toned curves, perky & natural
163 / 5'4"
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Available to meet with a minimum of 12 hours' notice. For incall in Austin TX, please add $150. Outcalls requiring an hour or more travel time one-way will incur a travel fee of $200. Same-day meetings will incur a rush fee of 50% of the booking amount.


1h GirlfriendUS$1,000

luxury girlfriend experience; briefest introduction

1h RisquéUS$1,200

a more intense "pse" style experience; please inquire for details

1h Bespoke/KinkUS$1,400

submissive sessions; please inquire for details

1.5h GirlfriendUS$1,500

longer introduction: recommended minimum for new friends

1.5h RisquéUS$1,700

1.5h Bespoke/KinkUS$1,900

2h GirlfriendUS$2,000

proper introduction/reacquaintance

2h Risqué$2,400

2h Bespoke/Kink$2,600

3h Girlfriend$2,500

cocktails: 1h social time + 2h private time

3h Risqué$3,100

3h Bespoke/Kink$3,700

4h Girlfriend$3,000

lunch/dinner date: ~2h social time + 2h private time

4h Risqué$3,800

4h Bespoke/Kink$4,600

6h Girlfriend$4,000

dinner + a show: ~3h social time + 3h private time

6h Risqué$5,200

6h Bespoke/Kink$6,400

8h Girlfriend$5,000

full day/evening: ~4h social time + 4h private time

8h Risqué$6,600

8h Bespoke/Kink$8,200

14h Girlfriend$6,000

sleepover + breakfast together

14h Risqué$8,800

14h Bespoke/Kink$11,600


All outcall rates as above.$1,000



A partial deposit is required for all new clients for incall bookings; this is non-negotiable. Payment can be via any of the following methods: CashApp, Venmo, PayPal, Visa Vanilla Gift Card, Amazon Gift Card, Bitcoin, Etherium. *Please note I cannot accept Zelle.*


I understand that sometimes life happens and rescheduling or cancelling our date may be unavoidable. However, please understand that I plan my week in advance, and when I schedule a date with you, I have planned my day around it, and may have also turned down other opportunities so that we can meet. As such, please honor my cancellation policy to ensure smooth booking of myself and my colleagues in future.   more than 48 hours' notice: no penalty less than 48 hours' notice: deposits will be required in future less than 24 hours' notice: 50% cancellation fee less than 12 hours' notice: 100% cancellation fee If I have to cancel or reschedule on my end (extremely unlikely; I have never rescheduled same-day), I will endeavor to give you as much notice as possible and of course return any deposits immediately.

Please contact me by email or via my booking form with: - Your name - Your age - Requested date & time (eg. Feb 7th, 8pm) - How long a date you’d like (eg. 4 hours) - Your screening information, which can be either: 1. 2 references from other reputable companions you’ve seen in the last 6 months OR 2. a photo of your ID + your LinkedIn/link to your professional presence Please note I will not respond to incomplete inquiries. All clients are required to screen with no exceptions.

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