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Etaine Flame

Hedonistic Muse Dare 2 Give In

Welcome thrill seekers, adventurers, to the black sheep, the fed-up, the lost. I'd also like to welcome all those who've always played by the rules, those needing to break free, lastly to those who've always just known that rules are put here so that we can break them, to all of you and anyone who went unmentioned hailsa and welcome. I'm so very flattered you have wandered your way into my little corner of the internet. My hope is that this will be the last place you need to explore to satisfy any and all your desires, cravings, needs, and primal urges. Small disclaimer this site like myself is undergoing major development and repairs in the pursuit of building my business and self improvement. Pardon the mess if there is one and the somewhat frequent changes made. If there are any suggestions, comments, concerns, compliments, or constructive criticism please do not hesitate to text them. I'd greatly appreciate client feedback throughout the process. For those returning to my space I'm pleased to inform you I have taken control of the clock and can enthusiasticaly announce that I am now extremely punctual, if for some reason I do not live up to my promise its 50% off your appointment! Now that that's out of the way...and I know your secret....that's right you just being here let's me know one thing. I turn you on, the idea of me gets you excited and you want to know more. So who am I? Well I'm exactly what you've always wanted in a women. No fakeness No acting, just 100% realness and authenticity. I am one of a kind. I'm highly intelligent witty poised and charming a true lady of elegance and class. On the same note but other side of the coin; I'm very laid back and down to earth. I'm approachable nurturing and understanding, the perfect cozy safe place, and a tempting vixen with a presence that exudes sexuality sure to keep you wanting more. I take pride in knowing that I'm the perfect fit for any occasion from the bedroom to the ballroom my multi-faceted upbeat personality is dynamically diverse enough for me to shine everywhere I go. I'm a young vivacious beauty with lots of energy and a passion for life. If you are Mr. Play-it-safe who woke up to an itch walking the line wont scratch. You may feel lost like you dont know who you are or what you want, like you're not sure why your here or what the point is anymore. You think of James Dean, Marlen Brando, Sean Connery, Johnny Depp, Robert Downy Jr. and the archetype calls out to the deepest part of you. Let me be the hedonistic muse the encouragement and push you need to just let go and be free. Or are you the born bad man who knows what you want and will always go right and take it? Well, sir, I cant wait till you come and take me. Make me the luxury toy I'm made to be, direct me move me, make me give you every last bit of pleasure you can squeeze from me. I give the best oral you can imagine and will experience soon. I'm submissive and like a partner not afraid to be a little rough. What I like is flexible I can be your DOM or offer a slow sweet intimate connection if its your desire. The bottom line is this when you are a client of mine I want you to know the feeling of power it is to be worshiped by a women who truly wants to please you to have you who needs you to take her. I'm here to give you that and so much more to be the adventure you so need. When you come to me I want to feed all the cravings you have. I want to leave an impression that continues to excite you for as long as you can remember me. I am a walk on the wild side a dare to really give yourself the kind of reward you need and deserve. I'm the cure to modern life.

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I respond to texts as soon as I become aware they exist. I try to be on call 24/7 or as close to it as a human can get without harming myself. Availability is therefore considered open however I am low volume and slots for the week limited. I want to get the chance to know you and to be at my best when I see you. Please expect 2 hours between time of contact and arrival for any appointment and up to 3 for anything long distance or overnight. For those familiar with my pitiful time management, rejoice I have life hacked my tardiness. The results of which is a brand new optimistic cheerful person excited to meet with you now as a punctual provider!😘😊 .


Overnight Adventure The Complete US$1,200

Throw away the clock, and bring your jammies!! We are having a sleepover!!

Lost To Lust 4 hours US$800

My #1 favorite package and most booked. No nerves no rush, with time to stimulate and connect organically, full head to toe satisfaction guaranteed.

Pleasure Only Plz 90 min$400

Meet greet then to the treat!

Crash Course Intro to Connecting$600

My stress free option. No rush no nerves now we have the time to learn and deliver your individual needs


Satisfying Every Last Desire 12+hr$1,250

Overnight at your spot

Lasting Memories 4hr$850

This is my standard visit and #1 chosen time block package for in and outcall!! This is where GFE really starts.

Break The Ice 2.5 hr$650

All Appointments for Multiple Hours get preferred scheduling in a very limited number of weekly openings.

Scratch The Surface 1.5$450

Amazing GFE. Best BJ Garunteed, PSE, Role Playing, Kinks Light BDSM, Rope Play, Good Dom, Excellent Sub, Feet freshly pedicured, High Heel Obsessed, Groups Welcome, Couples YES PLEASE, Into Swingers and Please ,No Greek No Tabboo, No QV



Communication is crucial it's the difference between feeling that my time and services are valued or being livid at the lack of consideration and blatant disrespect. Im understanding when approached honestly and will be as flexible as I need to for those who use that approach. I have a zero tolerance for being led on manipulated taken advantage of lied to and being cheated out of my time in general and even worse my services. If you can't book don't pretend, honesty goes pretty far with me, however being played will result in being immediately black listed your info being shared for other providers so they can avoid falling into the same deceitful trap.


I have specials daily, these are unlisted and only available to those who reach out and ask. Repeat customers are invited to join my VIP members club to receive unbelieve deals rewards and giveaways such as a personalized gift each time we meet, story and pics of the month, and so much more!!. These are only available to members and membership requires two or more appointments to be invited. For all appointment inquiries please be prepared for consultation and screening. Please include current selfie, name, and link to social media in first few messages. Also be prepared to tell me a bit about who you are and what you really enjoy. Be comfortable and willing to chat candidly. Cant wait to see you!


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