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Paige Savage

Real Down to Mars Girl

You’re here because you’ve got taste and you’re ready for a reality you will revel in. Endowed with confidence and curves in all the right places, I’m plucky; enthralled with with life and with a penchant for witty sarcasm, clever one-liners, hearty laughs, and good vibes all around. In another life, you could have seen me holding court in an 18th century French salon on literature and philosophy or being worshipped as the high priestess for a pagan love goddess. Then again, with my drastic curves, raven tresses, exotic background, and smile, I've often been described as a goddess. Suffice to say, I'm no ordinary woman, nor do I aspire to be. They exist in abundance and if that's what you seek, have fun. My style is a personal one: curated to you, authentic, relaxed, and all about taking our time whether we’re meeting for a brief moment, taking in dinner & a game or a sultry slumber party. It's probably why I rarely meet a discerning fella only once. You're still reading which tells me that you're like me - searching for a moment suspended in time that feels as though the world around us is holding its breath - and then it exhales. I can't wait to meet you, Paige ---- Minneapolis Update: May is fully booked. Pre-booking for June and only accepting dates 1.5H or longer. Please be prepared to pre-book at least two weeks out for our date.

Based in
Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Caters to
Men, Women, Non-binary, and Couples
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Woman (she)
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Body Type
Curvy/Thick & Toned
168 / 5'6"
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• based in Minneapolis, MN & available typically by pre-booking only • Same day requests made between Monday-Friday may incur an additional fee

Tour Schedule

Please RSVP through my website for the most efficient screening or reach out via email as soon as you can as tours are only confirmed with pre-bookings. Although I rarely take last minute appointments when traveling, you're welcome to give it a shot! Deposit and screening are mandatory. Please reach out when you are prepared to provide both. Looking forward to meeting you soon!

Chicago, IL, USMay 22–27
Limited remaining availability on Tuesday
first time visiting!
pre-booking incentive for dates 2H or longer
pre-booking incentive for dates 2H or longer
Omaha, NE, USJun 20–22
pre-booking incentive for dates 2H or longer
pre-booking incentive for dates 2H or longer
pre-booking incentive for dates 2H or longer
Orlando, FL, USJul 21–24
fully booked



Do NOT mention Tryst or meeting me, it is against terms of service and you will be removed

Texting with photos/clipsUS$150

1H of texting with photos and videos via telegram, signal, or whatsapp



A 25% deposit is required to reserve my time. Time and expense go into preparing for our date, and this is to ensure I am covered in the event of a last minute cancellation. I offer nearly six different deposit methods so there should be one that works for you. Deposits are non-negotiable.


Hey sometime Murphy's Law rears it's ugly head. If I must cancel our date and we are unable to reschedule, I refund your deposit in full If you cancel with at least 48 hours notice then I apply your deposit to a future booking/reschedule. Only one reschedule per deposit and within six months of the original appointment. If you cancel with less than 48 hours with no intentions of rescheduling then your deposit is forfeit.


• Please, DO NOT CALL ME. The only calls I answer are the ones from my mother and even then she knows it's a 75/25 chance I will not answer. TEXT only. • Do not contact me via Twitter or Instagram Direct Messages as those are third party apps. It's not a secure way to reach out. • Visit my website for screening requirements

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