• Based in
    Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
  • Caters to
    Male, Female, Non-binary, Couples
  • Gender
    Female (she)
  • Age
  • Body type
    Tall & Curvaceous
  • Height
    171 cm / 5′ 7″
  • Ethnicity
    East Indian and Persian
  • Cup size
  • Hair colour
  • Shoe size
  • Eye colour
  • Last activity
    Oct 12, 2019

About Priya Maha Rani

My background is East Indian and Persian, but my attitude is very Canadian--open-minded, laid-back, friendly and inviting. My curvaceous, caramel brown body is a sumptuous banquet of delights. Let me wrap you in my arms, soothe you with my lips, and take you to a place of deep joy and relaxation. Priya Maha Rani means "Beloved Queen," and I pride myself on being exactly that--a magnificent, regal woman, fit for the company of a discerning Lover. An experience with me is one that fulfills your desires, while opening your imagination to the possibility of more: more pleasure, more happiness, more deep relaxation. I am well-versed in the many languages of love-making--from the gentle, to the edgy and dangerous. I can be your romantic, affectionate sweetheart; or dominate you, and make you ache with a mixture of fear and arousal. I am tall and curvaceous with large, natural breasts; a round, ample derriere; and a tiny waist you can wrap your arms around. Every mouthful of me is buttery soft, smooth and kissable. Run your hands through my long, dark hair while you gaze into my huge eyes.  I am 100% natural, and every inch of my deliciously lush, tawny figure is responsive to touch. Wouldn't you like to touch? I host from my waterfront suite, or can be coaxed to visit you at your upscale hotel. Conspire with me alone, or in tantalizing concert with Nanaimo's most celebrated entertainers--I offer duos with Miss Lady Vanessa, Lalani Electrica, Starla Rayne, and Veronica Blake. What's your flavour? I allow a select few into my world--connoisseurs, who like me, can appreciate the finest things in life. I enjoy intelligent, respectful gentlemen, ladies, queer folks and couples of all ages, abilities and ethnicities. Whoever you are, if you value connection, pleasure, and joy, then please contact me about arranging a date. In the pursuit of pleasure and joy, I look forward to meeting you.
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  • Short & Sweet (1 hour)
    A brief flirtation to keep you smiling for days.
  • A Little More (90 minues)
    Let's tease each other a little longer, there's time to play.
  • True Indulgence (2 hours)
    The best option when you want to take your time, and explore a variety of flavours (or the same flavour, multiple times!).
  • Dinner & Dessert (3 hours)
    Good food, great conversation, and the most mouth-watering dessert you've ever had.
  • Creating Memories (4+ hours)
    Craving more? Whether it's an erotic night out on the town, or an afternoon of intimate pleasure, I'm happy to personalize a memorable date that fulfills your fantasies.
  • All Night Long (16 hours)
    The sexiest sleepover you'll ever have. Pyjamas are optional.


  • Within Nanaimo
    $300/hour plus a $50 travel fee (waived for multi-hour dates)
  • Vancouver Island
    Let me come to you! $300/hour plus a $100 travel fee. Minimum 2 hours, please.
  • Vancouver
    Fly me to you! $250/per hour plus a $200 travel fee. Minimum 4 hours, please.


I will try my best to accommodate your schedule, however please note that I am unable to accommodate same-day bookings. I respectfully request that you make your date request at least one day prior to better ensure my availability. Thank you for understanding!
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday


Please email me with a short introduction, as well as when, where, and at what time you'd like to see me. I look forward to hearing from you.

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