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  • Based in
    Wellington, New Zealand
  • Caters to
    Male, Female, Non-binary, Couples
  • Gender
    Non-binary (they)
  • Age
  • Body type
    Slim and natural
  • Height
    157 cm / 5′ 2″
  • Ethnicity
  • Cup size
  • Shoe size
    6 and a 1/2
  • Eye colour
  • Last activity
    Sep 13, 2020

About Nova and Nora

A Nova is an exploding star. And you’ll quickly learn that it is the perfect way to describe me. The first thing you should know is that I am a very sensual companion, my lovers tell me that it is easy to become mesmerised by my engaging eye contact and attentive touch. I am able to trace your body, lingering on your most sensitive and arousing areas, instinctively knowing where you want me to touch you next. In the flesh I stand at 5”2 with a slim frame and soft, tanned skin. I short pastel hair and big blue eyes. My breasts are a perky C cup and and have a cute round butt. I also have a love of dressing up in cute costumes, and people often say I remind them of an Anime character. Imagine me gazing up at you with my big compelling blue eyes, a cheeky smile plays on my lips as I kiss and caress you. I can feel your body tense up in response to my touch, an electricity passes through my fingers onto your quivering skin. We are creating something, an electric passion, that’s just for us to share. You’ll soon discover that I am a playful and reactive lover, full of an explosive sexual energy and an extensive erotic repertoire. At heart I am a creative spirit, I am not interested in fitting into a cookie cutter definition of what we are told is sexy and more interested in letting my own unique sexual personality shine through and discovering yours, in our time together. I am a flexible girl with a very vibrant and charming personality. My genuine love of meeting new people and bringing pleasure to others, combined with my nymphomaniac tendencies makes this line of a work a perfect fit for me. I get off on getting to create a fun and stimulating distraction from daily life. I’m a big fan of the more playful encounters and always interested in helping you to explore your sexuality and discover exciting new interests. Sexuality wise my tastes are extensive and explorative. I have a keen interest in kink and fetish work and personally identify as a switch, with a particular interest in power play. I love to mix it up throughout a play session, getting a chance to see both your dominant and submissive sides and figuring out what works best with our personal chemistry. Of course if you already know your preference, then I am happy and comfortable in both the dominant or submissive role. Exhibitionism is one of my favourite kinks. I’d love to tie you up and tease you, playing around and letting you experience my famous squirting show with some of my favourite toys or maybe you could watch me and one of my gorgeous playmates arouse each other before you join us. I identify as Bisexual or Queer and I love to see humans of all gender identities (that includes women, trans and non-binary folk). I am happy to see clients of all different ethnicities, ages, shapes, sizes and abilities. What matters to me is that you are kind and respectful :) Group sex and sensuality is one of my biggest turn ons (it’s like LIVE porn!!!) If you are interested in a group booking then l have a range of gorgeous lovers who would love to join us. While bi-doubles are the most common, I always say why stop there? If you want an orgy, we can have an orgy! I am also experienced working with couples and lovers and take extra care to make sure we are all comfortable and getting our needs met from our time together. When I’m not blowing my lovers minds, I enjoy spending time with my plant collection, dancing with my hula hoop and exploring beautiful places and getting turned on by nature. (I'm an eco-sexual) I love longer encounters with a slower pace and no rush. I also adore repeat bookings with my lovers. With time to create chemistry and relax I believe the magic can really unfold. The more time we spend together, the better we can explore your sexuality, opening up new levels of pleasure. My pricing comes in Multiple tiers $200 Social Date 1 hour , if you would like to take me out for lunch, dinner, cocktails, a walk on the beach, dancing....I love social dates especially followed up with a sexual date ;) $300 for my standard hour this includes Cuddling, Massage, Hand relief, Oral, and Sex. This can also include discussion of fantasies, a chance for us to get to know each other and share some intimacy and plan for future sessions where we can explore these fantasies together. $380 is my second tier of pricing, this includes everything in the first tier but can also include Sex Toys, Squirting, Exhibitionism, Dirty Talk, Role play, Fantasy, Foot Fetish, Armpit Fetish, Rough play on you (scratching, slapping, spanking, biting), Power Play, Tie and tease, Shibari (on you or I can teach you a few simple ties) $450 is my third tier of pricing, this includes everything in the first two tiers but can also include, Anal play on me or you, Pegging/Strap On, Golden showers, COB, Age play, Spanking on me, Rimming on me, Financial domination and humiliation, Dom/Sub play, Deep Throat, Feminization, Pet Play Greek is available as a seperate extra in the third tier for an extra $250. Overnights 10 hours - $3000 12 hours - $3500 Souvenirs/Keepsakes available to buy as an extra Panties, Lingerie, Stockings, Socks, Polaroids, Do NOT ask me for any unprotected services. It is unsafe and illegal
Photo of Nova and NoraPhoto of Nova and NoraPhoto of Nova and NoraPhoto of Nova and NoraPhoto of Nova and NoraPhoto of Nova and NoraPhoto of Nova and NoraPhoto of Nova and NoraPhoto of Nova and NoraPhoto of Nova and NoraPhoto of Nova and NoraPhoto of Nova and NoraPhoto of Nova and NoraPhoto of Nova and NoraPhoto of Nova and NoraPhoto of Nova and Nora


Online Services

  • Sexting - 15 minutes
  • Phone Sex - 10 minutes


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  • 1 hour BIDOUBLE Tier 1
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