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Austin’s Artist Next Door

Howdy, I’m Nico, I’m a twenty something year artist, sex worker and adult content creator! I consider myself sensitive and smart, full of wonder and excitement, but not naive. I have my jaded ways but I try to be realistically optimistic. I dare to exist where I do and respectively don't 'belong'. I lust to experience life’s pleasures and plights, I love a healthy amount of spontaneity in my order amidst this worlds chaos. Join me in my home for a relaxing cocktail and intimate, deep, conversations. Free of expectation, performance and artificial flavor. I’m honest and resourceful and enjoy building lasting relationships with like minded lovers and friends. I take great pride in a job well done and pleasure in my ability to sate the desires of man. My ideal friends are happy to be able to have time with me. They are polite and appreciative and make an effort to keep up good communication. They give directions as well as they follow them and hand out praise at good work as often as I do. If personality and genuine pleasure make you sweat, then let’s get wet. I only see screened clients or those with references! Please schedule and Screen between 10am and 10 pm This is so that I can be mindfully attentive and provide service of the highest quality and safety. I look forward to your message.

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Austin, Texas, United States
Caters to
Men, Women, Non-binary, and Couples
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Woman (she)
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171 / 5'7"
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Truthfully, I’m a bit of a night owl. Though I do enjoy a daytime dalliance or an early evening experience. Whenever it is, you can feel utterly unrushed and at ease with me. As my hours are lose and I don’t watch the clock. Please Schedule With me from 10am to 10pm. Thank you!


OnlyFans Subscription $10

Custom Photo Set$150

20 custom High quality pictures.

Custom Videos$150

HDR video 15 minutes.


Girlfriend Experience $600

Waiting for you.

Dinner and or Drinks $800

Quiet intimate atmosphere in public as smart as she is hot.

Better than a Girlfriend Experience$1,200

Put your name in my mouth, maybe mine in yours.

Better than a Girlfriend Night Out$1,500

Unique chemistry is a must for this one.

Better than a girlfriend All Night$2,500

Oh if you insist, but your buying breakfast ^-^


Girlfriend Experience$700

On My Way!

Dinner and Or DrinksUS$800

Quiet intimate atmosphere with a woman who’s as smart as she is hot.

Better than a Girlfriend ExperienceUS$1,500

Your fantasies made corporeal.

Better than a girlfriend All NightUS$2,000

Dinner Drinks and a lovely evening in bed :)

Additional person/couple$300

Care to share?


Introduction $900

This is the lowest rate I am currently offering on tour. All of my introductions our first and typically the only date I will have scheduled for that day and are extendable to dinner dates and full evenings!



25% This fee is waived for some with organized and glowing references!


Cancellations before 12 hours are on the house and result in no penalties. Your deposit is returned or saved for your future use.

Please Contact me through text! For screening I accept ; -Two References from providers you’ve seen before. -A P411 appointment request Or -A picture of your face next to your ID I’m looking for your name and address purely for my safety. (You are welcome to block out any sensitive information) Thank you, I’m looking forward to hearing from ya!

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