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Nadia Inanna

melted in the moment

I’m often told that I make people feel welcomed, at ease, and like the most special person in the world. I believe this is because for me getting lost in a connection with another person is a profound gift. I get to feel the world's weight temporarily roll off my shoulders. I get to feel myself drop back into my body, permeated with vital energy. I get to feel time shift shape. I get to feel when the moment hits — when vision becomes delirious, delicious saturation. Alongside another person, you can become a flow, a relay, like passing a baton, like a circulatory system, florid and simple pleasures, like fingers tinged with raspberry juice or sliced beets, like reciprocity, like your heart soaring as the music swells, like easing into a jacuzzi or a jazz record, like total absorption, abandon, like that first bite of steak, rich and red and rare with nourishment, like cheeks sore from laughter and lips blush with wine, like a hand, held, or at the small of the back, the nape, tracing, unlacing something, deep within me, something I can't reach alone. Succor, gush, incant, ignite. I love these words. I want to be caught, or perhaps temporarily held in thrall, by something elusive and unnameable. These moments feel uncommon; they feel precious. I've appointed myself their nurturer. So I'm curious — what makes it fit just right, what clicks us into place, what grants us surrender? How did we find ourselves bursting, at this moment, with electric life? Perhaps we both greet the world with genuine smiles; perhaps we goad each other on, generous, delighting in one another's joy. Maybe we share the satisfaction of challenging ourselves and continually trouncing our personal records. Perhaps some common hunger compels us toward uncovering hidden worlds. Or perhaps the fortune of being born with a curious mind allows us to keep savoring the unsolvable mystery. Maybe your want for something sumptuous takes you places, and you've cultivated a nervous system that can tolerate both your happiness and your sorrow. Or perhaps this is all a work in progress. Maybe you like to get lost too and you can relate to finding something otherwise unreachable in the company of another, some dynamism that awakens you more fully in your being. If we are compelled, and if we are blessed, we might uncover a bit of respite with one another. I'd love for us to carve out our own private refuge from the conventional. I love outings where we can teach each other about our passions, I love conversations so good they make us giddy and voracious, I love taking in art and music alongside a smart new friend, I love dancing and dizzily collapsing into the fuzzy embrace of a beloved album, and I love cozy nights spent indoors, all cashmere, marshmallows, and cinematic glow. Perhaps we can explore the little delights of the world together and make a memory neither of us will want to misplace. ON A DAY OFF, YOU'D LIKELY FIND ME: — whipping around city streets and nature trails on my trusty road bike — lounging in the sun or under a tree, reading novels and essays (something like Bulgakov or Morrison) — perfecting my ribeye (reverse-sear medium-rare, of course!) and slurping pinot — waltzing my cat around my apartment while blasting Prince or Bowie — strolling out of a matinee movie into the sunshine, disoriented and buzzing with feeling

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Chicago, Illinois, United States
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I am most often available weekday mornings, weekday evenings, and weekends. Afternoons may be available. Please fill out a booking form at for the quickest response. Screening is required. My time fills fast, and I have wide life outside of this world. Don’t miss out 😉.


Up to 2h - minimum$2,000

3h $2,500

4h - dinner, my favorite!$3,200


8h $5,500

14hr - Overnight $7,000

Per diem $9,000


Up to 2h$2,000


4h - dinner, my favorite!$3,200



14h - Overnight $7,000

Per diem$9,000



If we haven’t met before, I ask for a 20% deposit to secure our time together and establish trust. This can be sent via Venmo, Cashapp, Lyft gift cards, Uber gift cards, or Amazon gift cards. For incalls, advance coverage of the incall fee is required to secure the date.


If you must cancel within 24 hours of our date, I ask that you pay half of the total fee. No shows will be required to pay the full fee. If you must cancel within 48 hours, your deposit is non-refundable but can be applied to a future date. In the extremely rare event I may have to cancel, I will send your deposit back immediately.


Please fill out a booking form at for the quickest response. Screening is required. My time fills fast, and I have wide life outside of this world. Don’t miss out 😉.

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