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Ms. Mandy

I already forgot your name.

**WANTED Girl Friend EXPERIENCE ** Its an experience, meaning ONLY temporary! Unlike the wife or girlfriend, talk your ear off, watch 'em get ready, think you're getting lucky, even gave her extra$.. Nope! The BIG problem remains. At least your wallet is smaller making room for more important thing... Time is valuable, so let's not waste any! Below I've listed some options to help personalize your experience. QV-Quick Visit~ Less then 30 min. No time for to chit chat, We have a problem to resolve! I'll remind you what the wife quit doing long ago Don't worry, I won't linger, A girl can take a hint. (No one really takes the whole hour anyways) The risk is still there FS-Full Satisfaction~Full hour, Wanna talk, get to know each other? Perfect! This one is the way to go! No rush! Let's take it slow Im not watching the clock or sitting on my phone. My focus, is on you. Relax, talk, get comfortable. I can start with a massage that always helps. ULtAiMaTe GFE~ start with an hour, go from there! 1 Meaningful, Overnight, Relationship Thinking about testing the waters? This one can help figure out what you're looking for in a relationship and what you definitely don't want. Or slap ya back in reality that being single... is way more fun! ***Bounce Deal!!! Pre-pay only. Cashapp or Venmo. $100 for 10 messages. Good Morning! ...messages... ~Mandy For a more detailed personal message, share some info with me. It helps me get a better idea of what you're missing. Receiving those positive text messages through out the day, might be all you need. Helps boost your confidence, motivation, self esteem.

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Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
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Men and Couples
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Woman (she)
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Slim, fit
162 / 5'4"
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Strawberry blonde
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Text me anytime!!! My sleep pattern is more like sleep random! Don't worry, you can't wake me up!


Where is it convenient for you?$700

What city? What time? Ill book it! $100 deposit for room required. 15 min you'll receive confirmation


Dinner date? Need more time?US$300

I'm told the amount of food I can handle is impressive... along with Other Things. Other Things is Not included. Other Things sold separately, must be 18+ to buy.

QV in and out (30 min or less)US$500

I got to say, at least you're honest! How many do you think last more than 30 minutes?

Full Satisfaction (first hour)$600

It's pretty wet... Outside. I'll provide the raincoat... Just incase

ULtAiMaTe GFE! (First hour)US$700

Let's keep er clean! Clean, wet fun can be a hot, sticky mess!!!

Time is valuable!$50

Less then an hour commute +$50, every hour +$100...maybe negotiable

Plan for 5h or more? US$2,500

Rent a girlfriend for 5 hours... Good chance I'll loose track of time


Part 2~ I would love to visit!$2,000

Part 2: finally HOW am I Traveling? Traveling expenses will be paid for at time of booking. I'll book it. Venmo, cash app or zelle?



No more flakes! Winter is over!!! Incall- $100 deposit (not an additional charge) Outcall- required after 1am... In case you fall asleep. I accept Cashapp, Venmo, zella Sexting is considered as an online date! vulgar comments, remarks, questions, will be ignored... Untill we meet compliments, are appreciated. Thank you.


1st no show or cancelation, life happens 2nd chance, 50% deposit 3rd try? Ok, 75%. Deposit If we get passed the 3rd one we will talk

Im that easy! Copy and paste whats below, just don't forget to fill in the blanks! ~what can I call you- ~Date you have in mind- ~When/How long- ~General location- ~Your Expectations (optional)- All of that AND you sent me your first picture!?!?!? ~YOU are my #1 priority!!!

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