• Based in
    New York, New York, United States
  • Caters to
    Male, Female, Couples
  • Gender
    Female (she)
  • Age
  • Body type
    Bbw, voluptuous
  • Height
    172 cm / 5′ 8″
  • Ethnicity
    New York City
  • Cup size
  • Hair colour
  • Shoe size
  • Eye colour
  • Last activity
    Oct 19, 2019

About Monroe Mackie

Warning. The ad you are about to read will never leave your mind. And I never tire of this... " it's you I want to see. No one else" So please do read. X 7 The HEADLINE: Platinum Blonde Beautiful bbw 0'NYC! 20 year veteran and glamour & nude model. SPECIALS ON OVERNIGHTS AND MULTI HOURS SATURDAYS !!!! My no show rates are at an all time high.*** But spring is upon us. Can we be happy? * With that I provide and still keep going as the" Queen of NYC" : giving the unique experience of actually talking to you to begin, and really negotiating or providing my extras menu to reflect where or why I remain in stellar health. The obvious is clear: I ATTRACT THE CLIENTELE THAT I EXUDE ... THE CONFIDENT , THE PREREQUISITE IQ PASSED ON LEVELS SUCH AS SENSE OF HUMOUR BUT A MUST- MY BUSINESS SKILLS ARE MUCH NOTICED AND WELL A HUGE PART OF THE REASON YOU CHOOSE ME 💕 BUT...LAST. YOUR INTUITION ... I CHOOSE YOU. BECAUSE IF YOU DIDN'T FEEL THAT INSTINCTUAL PULL TOWARD ME AND FEEL SAFE... I'D SIMPLY THINK THAT WAS ...WRONG. I'D BE SCARED OF YOU. I DON'T GET THAT. NO ONE FEELS HE GETS BAD VIBES WITH ME... GET IT? ... A FRIGHTENING NOTION. I'M A SELF SCREENER. I ALWAYS HAVE RELIED ON MY JUDGMENT. MY NOSE & MY NOODLE LOL. I attract married men. Newbies. VIP or high profile clients needing special needs. I attract the ONES WITH special needs. From disabled to taboo to abnormal(btw aka your normal) to the most normal (btw your much trickier lol) MY MOTTO: TO MAKE ANYONE COMFORTABLE WITH WHAT I WASN'T AS A YOUNG , CATHOLIC SCHOOL STUDENT SO CONFLICTED. THAT IT MADE ME HIGHLY LOSE MY SENSES. GROWING UP... So for 20 years BEING 40 NOW ... I help others feel ok about what I UNLEARNED! HOW TO GET TO THIS INCREDIBLE AMAZONIAN APHRODITE!!! I'm Monroe Mackie. I've not ever changed my name btw!!! LOCATION... I'M MOSTLY INCALL I'm in .... MANHATTAN BUT CATER TO ANYONE , ANYWHERE. IN THE east 70s on the private wealthy , discrete ues of NYC ..... Private apartment in the quaint but no nonsense Yorkville. I must say, everyone loves it. Spacious, no doorman. But a luxury nondoorman. THIS IS IDEAL FOR ...AND PERFECT: Great for married men, newbies, vips. OUTCALLS: 1. Uber or PAID APP, PRIVATE DRIVER, PAID UP FRONT CAR SERVICE WITH VERIFICATION NO EXCEPTIONS OK??? None. Is necessary. I MEAN FOR THE FIRST ORGAN OF COURSE!!!! 2 my minimum: 400. 3. No I'm not cheating you. I'm actually owning a business, the investment to leave a culmination of experiences. 20 years. 4. AM I willing to negotiate ok. PROTOCOL : EASY: no matter how you contact me ... I WILL REQUIRE US TO GO FROM TEXT OR EMAIL TO SPEAKING. I WILL NOT TALK ABOUT BUSINESS, MONEY, DETAILS. ETC. IN ANY WAY BUT BY VOICE. THANK YOU. *** Interlude.... Now I do not accept nor use as marketing .... reviews, no p411, no verifying. I self screen. And I would not PUT A THING THAT TRANSPIRES BETWEEN US. ON THE INTERNET! It is a private matter. My very Various specialties. I CAN'T WILL NOT EVER PUT IN PRINT YOU WILL HAVE TO TRUST ME AND CALL Taboo, role play , milf, double Gs , companionship. Multiple times I'm not ever gonna go into the wealth of what your missing out on that I can't SAY. SO CALL. im not a clock watcher. ALL UNWATCHED TIME. 20 YEARS I'VE SET OUT TO HELP PEOPLE. THAT'S A LOT OF TALENT, PLUS ASSETS BUT ALSO BUSINESS SENSE, SELF LOVE& LIKE AND BEST OF ALL THE UNIQUENESS OF .. A PROMISE YOU WILL NEVER HAVE AN EXPERIENCE LIKE YOU WILL ONCE YOU SEE ME. AFTER ALL. IF YOU NEED A REVIEW. LOL. I DON'T WANT YOU AS A CLIENT LOL. I'M SO SURE. I'VE ACTUALLY HAD "tests" . THREE TIMES I SAID I'D REFUND HALF .. LOL....😆 NEVER HAD TO. TEEHEE this is for the above qualities. AND the truly smart man.... I'D LIKE TO SAY WHAT I'M ABOUT TO WRITE I HOPE OTHERS WILL JOIN. AND I KNOW WILL. SO SUPPORT THIS ... AND NEVER FORGET. NO MATTER WHAT. WE ALL HAVE RIGHTS . TO COMPLETE MY AD ... MY #: 917-808-7185 SITE: WWW.PRECIOUS-THINGS.COM (Call for passwords) THE SITES OTHER THAN MINE AND THE FAVORITE ...TRYST!!! I ENDORSE CURRENTLY : SWITTER: @GodSaveThePink Twitter: @MansfieldValley SKIPTHEGAMES (I am easy to find) ¢¢¢¢¢ Please don't endorse #stealsites :, Gfemonkey, listcrawler(ugh) Escort fish, Babylon and 1000s of others. Please. LAST to complete my protocol: SUPPORT #ETIQUETTEMOVEMENT!!!!
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  • Short stay
    Unwatched gfe
  • Half hour basic
    Unwatched time includes companionship.
  • Half hour gfe
    Unwatched time includes companionship
  • Hour basic
    Unwatched time includes companionship.
  • Extras menu
    Gfe only. Flat rated. Inquire 250 or less
  • Hour gfe
    Unwatched time includes companionship
  • Luxury hour 90 min
    Gfe unwatched relaxed extra.
  • Multi hour
    Unwatched gfe companionship extras
  • Overnights
    Short night to full date night. 1000 to 2500


  • Minimum 1 hour
    Uber required.


Days I'm not around leave a text.I'm only sleeping!
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

Contact Please let me contact you the way I prefer . Tryst lets us do that. Trust Tryst. I prefer to be prompted by text or email only. Speaking is the next step.