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  • Based in
    Johnstown, Pennsylvania, United States
  • Caters to
    Male, Female, Non-binary, Couples
  • Gender
    Female (she)
  • Age
  • Body type
    Feminine, Firm & Plush
  • Height
    164 cm / 5′ 5″
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    Sep 9, 2020

About Miss Lyra

*ALSO SERVICING PITTSBURGH AREA by appt. **UPDATE: After a literal 4.75yrs of celibacy(YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT), after a toxic/abusive relationship, and years of focus on solely Femdom & then Massage, I will begin offering GFE/FS as of the weekend of 10/25 This does not include “bb” services- it will be a combo of FBSM and FS, along with conversation and depth and maybe cuddles. Avail in hh or hr bookings only! Make sure when booking/prebooking you are familiar with the session types and lengths! Longer bookings can be discussed. Im basically re- VIRGIN -ized... so know that I’ll select and choose My suitors carefully, selectively and only the most discerning and respectful of gentleman will be first! Is that you? **MY “NO” list- NO, Trips to Greece/ NO, BB of any kind/ NO DATY/ NO FIV, COF, etc. FS sessions will be split with massage like 60/40, or something 🖤 Trust that you’ll be grateful to be pampered and relaxed and stimulated first! I like different. I like deep. I like unique. I hold myself to the highest standards and always aim above them. Let’s set the tone... A quiet place, lights dimmed, romantic smells and soft music playing... And as my hands begin to move, the stresses of everyday, soon begin to melt away.. Dedicating all of my attention and energy to you. Your pleasure, your relaxation, both becoming my singular focus... You can let go with me... Did you know Tantric Massage places a lot of focus on edging?! The build up, the space of pleasure prior to orgasm?! Allow Me to show you... FemDom/FinDom Dominatrix... kink & fetish are fun, enjoyable, and exciting for Me. I’m happy to help you experiment, indulge your desires. I can be your safe place Edging, Tease & Denial, Orgasm Control, Chastity...are all great favorites of Mine. I am just as thrilled, to be the flirtatious, sensual, vixen, you’ve been longing for. I want to invoke each of your senses, your body, your mind. What, if one, beautiful, intellectual, powerful Woman, held the key, to your every pleasure??!!! Whether you seek the relaxation and pleasure of a sensual massage or the unrivaled eroticism in experimenting with submission to a Powerful Woman; your experience will be a rarity all of its own, deeper than you could ever anticipate and far different than any general expectation could prepare you for. Deep connections are of great value to Me. I want to know you. Every level of you. I want to build you up. I want to tear down your walls. I want you to let me in... Careful, though.... My web is sticky...My poison drips slow, and lingers lengthily. You may find yourself trapped, unable to escape...and realizing you don’t want to. Discretion, professionalism & class, are of the utmost importance to Me, and are also my promises to you. In addition to; Motivation, Inspiration & Stimulation. Lasting connections are of great value to Me.. Find yourself needing a pep talk? Needing an impartial ear, a kind word, a yearning mind, a healing heart? Someone to vent to, brainstorm or laugh with? A cheerleader? A supporter? A confidant? A friend? All of those things belong to you, when connecting with Me. What we have, belongs to us. It is ours. **serious inquiries Only. ** Screening is Mandatory. ** A deposit of 25% is required for all New Clients. (Applies to & deducted from rate of booking) A 50% deposit is required for all INCALL bookings - and prebooking is required so a venue may be secured. ** In Call Hotel & Out Call travel expenses are in addition to session rate. (*travel expenses apply to out calls greater than 45 minutes travel time). * If you’d like to get a feel for My unique, Firm, yet, soft, sensual and sweet Domme style, you may visit My twitter @UngraciousBabe *tributes & gifts are always a beautiful way to approach. All my accepted methods are listed on My pinned twitter post. **serious inquiries Only.
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  • 90 minSENSUAL MASSAGE (not FS)
    50% deposit required
  • 1hr FBSM+ (FS)
    Deposit req for incall
  • 90m FBSM+ (FS)
    50% deposit req


  • QV(not FS)
    + Deposit & travel expenses may apply
  • Sensual Massage 1/2 hr
    Deposit & Travel Expenses May Be Required
  • 1hr FBSM (not FS)
    Travel Expenses May Be Required
  • 90min FBSM (not FS)
    Travel expenses may be required
  • FBSM+ (FS) hhr
    Avail to WELL SCREENED, respectful gentleman. Deposit/travel expenses may be req. screening is mandatory
  • 1hr FBSM+ (FS)
    Screening Mandatory travel fees may apply
  • 90m FBSM+(FS)
    Screening mandatory travel fees may apply


  • 1hr FBSM
    Deposit Req.
  • 90min FBSM (pref)
    Deposit and screening required
  • 1hr FBSM+(FS)
    Screening req. travel fees may apply
  • 90m FBSM+(FS)
    Screening fees may apply


Kindly provide 24-48 hours notice, to book. The early you book, the better I am able to prepare for our time together. Let’s avoid silly last minute stresses, so we meet feeling, refreshed and focused on our pleasure.
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday


No Calls. Please email or Text. Serious Inquiries Only- Screening Required for New Clients. Deposit is required for InCall Hotel or for Outcalls greater than 45min travel time. When contacting Me, it’s well appreciated if you supply necessary screening information, and give me insight on what you are hoping for of our time together. Generic messages like “you available”/“anything rude or derogatory”, refusal to screen, or refusal for deposit (if required) will ruin the chance for us to spend time with one another. I love a man(or woman) who knows what he wants and how to get it...who has information ready and is solely focused on a healthy interaction and an amazing time between us. You win My attention and appreciation quickly, by simply, understanding I care only about my safety and yours, and value our time, both separately and together, and hate to see it wasted or opportunities missed.

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