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    Brisbane, Australia
  • Age
  • Hair
  • Eyes
  • Height
    158 cm / 5′ 2″
  • Cup Size
  • Body Type
    Small Mini Curves
  • Gender
  • Pronoun
  • Caters to
    Male, Female, Couples
  • Shoe Size
  • License
    SWA 9763XE

About Minnie

Couldn't help yourself? I don't blame you. There has always been something about my allure that has interested men, women and couples.
I don't know how to do boring, so if you like vanilla, I'm not the woman for you.

Just reading words on a screen make it hard to really capture my energy in person, our time together will always be organic, exciting and electric. As well as the perfect lover I can be the perfect companion, stimulating your mind with witty discussion and my sultry flirting.

Although my images are a very true representation of who you will physically meet in person, I can describe my body type as petite but still womanly with curves. I stand at around 5’2, unless requested I am often most comfortable embracing this without heels. I have a juicy bum which loves being adored with smacks, nibbles and attention in general. I should also mention its pretty easy to get lost in my big blue eyes. I keep my appearance sexy and casual, unless attending an event I will usually meet you with a fresh face, I look after my body and keep healthy, personal hygiene is of up most importance to me. On a social date expect me to present myself in an educated and sophisticated manner, high end fashion and streetwear are big passions of mine, and my waredrobe and style reflect that. I do turn heads, even when I am dresssed casual its hard not to be drawn to the petit pixie in the room.

I'm a hugely sexual being, I’m not shy in the bedroom and really love pleasing. I can be both submissive and dominant depending on the vibe I’m feeling when we are together. I love kissing and always have enough energy to keep up with the hungriest of appetites. I have two different service options which will please the friskier.

Many people get the wrong idea into why some workers choose this industry confusing our sexual liberty for having some kind of deep seeded issues and I feel as though I should address I LOVE my job, I love human connection and I thrive off pleasing others. (I also love being pleased myself) but the reason I am so good at what I do is because I am level headed, down to earth and able to use my sexual skills to create an experience that will create a zeitgeist movement inside you.
I am not just a wham bam thank you ma’am, I am an addictive mysterious creature that will give you everything you crave and then some. I’m a passionate lover, that can read physical and mental signals. I am not here to intimidate or act a cut above, I am passionate about my Job as I genuinely love human connection, sex and healing.

I’m interested in many different arts and topics, and consider myself an intelligent young lady who can hold her own in all situations. I have travelled and lived abroad in several cities as well as studied a number of interesting subjects. I am currently continuing my studies and thrive from knowledge and learning.

I value quality over quantity and show priority to regular loyal polite clients, I do love meeting new lovers, be sure when contacting me you have a read through of my tour dates, and my twitter account, where I update my tour dates and add selfies and photos regularly. If I don’t have dates displayed in your city yet, feel free to still text and express your interest in seeing me when in your city. If you are extra keen I am always willing to fly to you for an extended date.

I understand if you are reading my page and I am touring in Brisbane its hard to see all the services I provide, If you have more questions on inclusions, please don’t be silly in how you word your enquiries.

I look forward to meeting you soon.




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