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  • Based in
    San Diego, California, United States
  • Caters to
    Male, Female, Non-binary, Couples
  • Gender
    Female (she)
  • Age
  • Transgender
  • Body type
  • Height
    181 cm / 5′ 11″
  • Ethnicity
    Jewish American Princess
  • Cup size
  • Hair colour
  • Shoe size
  • Eye colour
  • Last activity
    Mar 14, 2020

About Natalie Cypress

I know you. You, with the faraway look, and you who smells like campfire and you, who are always putting others first. I see you. in town squares and barrooms and sometimes I notice you seeing me too. Eye contact is a powerful thing. A single glance caught and held for just a nanosecond longer than you intended has the potential to stick with you. To turn a stranger into an idea, and an idea to a fantasy. How often in life are we presented the opportunity to manifest our fantasies for ourselves? To take them? So, to you with the analytical mind, or you who’ll teach me to tap a maple. You, who never takes a personal day and you who damn well earned it. You, who make up my grand et cetera.... what are you waiting for? Email•Text•Snapchat•Twitter Booking Requires Screening Donations&Deposits Non Negotiable •1st time?• Check out these helpful links The Basics Etiquette
Photo of Natalie CypressPhoto of Natalie CypressPhoto of Natalie CypressPhoto of Natalie CypressPhoto of Natalie CypressPhoto of Natalie CypressPhoto of Natalie CypressPhoto of Natalie Cypress



  • F/S 1.5-2 Hr
    2hr minimum notice 20% deposit due at booking for appts. More than 24 hours in advance


  • FMTY - donation rate is per day
    Travel and lodging not included in donation rate are to be provided by client. Donation rates cover 6 hours per day of client provider quality time including one F/S interaction per day.


Payment is strictly for my time and companionship only. Anything that happens outside of this is simply an act between two consenting adults. Text or email - Calls will receive an automated response. Please do not send or ask for nudes unless you’re ready to purchase them. BE PREPARED TO SCREEN NO EXCEPTION Deposits are not a scam. Someone being unwilling to pay a deposit, tells me they haven’t done their research, and they’d be better suited for a different provider.
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  • Sunday


Donations are non negotiable Please do not speak explicitly via email or text Screening is an integral part to maintaining safety, expect to be screened. Deposits and cancellation fees are a part of client/provider exchanges, please do not attempt to haggle. Please do not send me a photograph of your genitals, or ask invasive questions about mine. My body, my time, and my attention are my livelihood; if you have questions and would like to pick my brain, you’re welcome to compensate me for my time and we can meet and I’ll tell you all you want to know.

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