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    163 cm / 5′ 4″
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    37.5 EU
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    Jul 1, 2020

About Ma’am Darling

Adult Companion | London born | Elite | Exclusive | Independent | ‘A Woman of Quality, Taste and Mental Capacity’ | Sensual | Sophisticated | Beautiful 28F breasts; offering Intimate Encounters to the Discerning Man with Impeccable Taste A sapiosexual, I am highly articulate, well-educated with a degree, socially savvy and the ideal date to take out for dinner, or to stay in with. British, a true Londoner, born and bred, and definitely not the girl next door, I am the woman who has probably caught your eye in an art gallery, at a restaurant, or as we’ve brushed past each other in the street. I’ve mixed in all echelons of society, and know how to conduct myself; I am unfazed by anyone or anything. I am the ideal adult companion; well-travelled, refined and emotionally very intelligent - you can take me anywhere and I won’t draw any unwanted attention to us as I am discreet, beautifully turned out, stylish, chic and always highly appropriate. (Well, in public at least!) I have broad life experience and enjoy talking at length. Small talk is not my forte, I like to converse about things that matter and have an opinion about everything, particularly current affairs. I have an eclectic and wide range of interests, and passions include art, architecture, mid-century furniture, food, and film, especially the golden age of Hollywood/post classical Hollywood cinema. On a personal level, I am highly sexual, yet subtle, well-bred, and above all else, a lady, I am confident and at ease with myself. More striking than conventionally attractive, I have a certain je ne sais quoi and always command attention wherever I am. 5ft 4, with mid-length brown hair, green eyes and a dusting of freckles. I am free from Botox and filler, and wear very little make-up. Utterly feminine to my core, I have a true hourglass figure. I am a surprisingly fleshy size 6-8, with a tiny waist, rounded hips, and luscious, natural 28F breasts with tiny nipples. I have a lovely curve to my back, a marvellously shaped bottom and shapely legs with strong thighs. Perhaps most pertinently, I am authentic, open, honest and non-judgemental, although I do have a clear set of boundaries. I realise that my like list is far more compact than most, but I only do things I truly enjoy. Wouldn’t you rather be with a woman who is genuinely enjoying herself rather than one who is going through the motions of what she thinks she should be doing. I always encourage those who get in touch with me to be open about their needs, because sometimes, I might be interested in doing something I haven’t listed. Also, it is worth knowing that over time, as I get to know someone and truly connect with them, my boundaries do sometimes soften a little. At present, my personal website is offline as it is being updated. If you would like more information about me, and to see a directory listing, please do drop me a message and I will furnish you with the information you desire, as well as answering any questions. I look forward to hearing from you.
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Firstly, welcome. How very flattering that you have taken an interest in me and have spent your time reading my profile - it is very much appreciated. And for a select few, you will be rewarded. This is not my full time occupation and as such, I do not have ‘clients’, and am not available for just any man who contacts me. In my real life, I am very particular about who I spend time with and date. It is no different in this more private part of my life. I get a lot of enquiries and requests to meet, but I am highly selective regarding who I actually choose to engage with. Because I am not dependant on the money, I am probably more cautious and selective than most: it is not as simple as you wanting to make an appointment to see me. It is up to me to decide if I want to see you. As a result, I only go on a handful of dates a month. I will only consider making myself available to the more discerning and refined man with impeccable taste. A true connoisseur. To be a little more exact - professional white men over 40, with great manners, who are respectful, courteous, clear and precise in their communication to me me, and understand the potential of what our encounter could be. I particularly value men who are discreet, respectful of women, who have a moral compass and engage with age appropriate women. My wellbeing is my top priority. I value exclusivity, discretion and quality encounters. I choose to spend my time with men who value intellectual and emotional interaction as much as they do raw physical attraction.
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Contact me - How to Write a Successful Message Be advised it is not as simple as you wanting to make an appointment to see me. It is up to me to decide if I want to see you. I can not stress this enough. If you would like me to consider you, please ensure that before contacting me, you realise that I am a little different to most of the other women on here and I am presenting access to a different kind of opportunity. Only when you understand this, I ask that you message me with the following information: - Your age and appearance - Date/time/duration of visit/location - Any other pertinent information, particularly what appeals about me/why you would like to spend time with me. (Note: flattery works well with me) Once you have supplied the requested information, I will, if I am interested, respond.

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