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Laney Banks

The golden rule is be kind

The "golden rule" means to treat others as you would like to be treated & I definitely apply this rule in my life. Ideally, you do too. I love men, & my favorite part about being a provider is the ability to provide an environment, where real life worries & stress are left at the front door. When a date starts with me, we are going to be the only two people who matter in the world. I'm intelligent, warm, charismatic and friendly. Fun fact, my high school superlative was "best personality" I genuinely love meeting new people, learning about their stories, and finding relatable topics. I normally have a happy disposition, & tend to see the glass as half full, versus half empty. With that being said though, I still appreciate good old fashioned sarcasm, or "darker" humor. I like watching stand up comedy, documentaries, & try to stay on top of current events. I have always been a curious person & keep lists on my phone of words to google later. Learning never stops for me, & really it shouldn't stop for anyone. I know this world can be crappy at times, however, I have to believe, there are still kind, respectful individuals out there who are trying to adjust that narrative. I know I'm out here trying to show others, not everyone sucks. Little by little, inch by inch is all we can do. I included some tidbits of info below: *Screening is mandatory for new friends! Its worth it for both of us! If you are not comfortable with sharing some info about yourself, I can assure you, I am not the provider for you. *With all due respect, discretion does not mean anonymous. My priority is my safety & thus my only intent w/ screening is to secure that. My reputation is stellar & I intend on keeping it that way. The scam game is like checkers & I would consider myself more of a chess type of gal *Screening, returning messages & phone calls can be time consuming, & I promise I am going to get back to you as soon as possible. I normally respond within 24hrs, if not sooner, however, if you want my immediate attention, my cash app is $lanebaby19. It is not mandatory at all, but it will get my attention & show me you are serious. *My normal service days are Tues-Saturday. Specifically, I am more responsive on those days, between appts. to emails, texts or questions. I can accommodate same day appointments, but not the same hour. Lol, work with me!! *I am open to seeing all types of men. So please do not hesitate to reach out! I will see newbies! I do not care about your race, your religion, your weight, or how tall you are. I don't care if you are in a wheelchair, or a diabetic. I want to see all types of men! FOR THOSE WHO ARE INTO SNAP CHAT, & WANT TO FOLLOW MY DAILY SEXY ANTICS, MY USER NAME IS LANEYBANKS904, $20 to join, if you are interested in booking me & want to see all of me prior to meeting, adding me on snap is a great way to do that!! Follow me! Thank you!! I hope to hear from you soon!! ❤❤

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I normally take Sunday & Monday off, however, I have been known to squeeze in a date if scheduling works out that way. Or if those days are easier for you. I try to be accommodating. My hours are normally from 11am-8pm.


Snap Chat FunUS$20

Join my snap, laneybanks904 for all day fun, $20 to join

Chemistry CheckUS$100

This option is available to newbies who may be nervous about meeting IRL, or maybe you're undecided on booking. This option allows us to build rapport prior to meeting & will always be fun! Virtual or IRL

Cam Date US$200

I love my internet bfs! Good ol fashioned cam show! Lets cum together!


Meet & GreetUS$300

1hr & you come to me

Extended FunUS$550

2hrs & you come to me

Eat & PlayUS$1,100

4hrs & you come to me & we eat


Meet & GreetUS$350

1 hour at your hotel room or residence

Extended funUS$650

2 hours

Multi hour excursionUS$1,300

4 hours



I normally do not ask for any deposits to be paid, prior to us meeting. I rely on good old fashioned verbal commitments. The only exception to this, is when I am asked to travel outside of Jacksonville. In these instances, I will ask for a small deposit to cover gas expenses & drive time.


I rely on verbal commitments. Our word is our bond, right? So in the event, you are unable to keep your appointment, please let me know asap. I understand life happens & things can change quickly. I don't even need an explanation, just please show me the courtesy of letting me know you are unable to make it. I also will make sure to do the same.

I prefer inquiries via e-mail & text. I normally am very responsive & will reply to messages, in the order they are received. However, I am a one woman show, & I do have a personal life, so please allow me 24 hours to get back to you.

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