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    Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
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    Male, Female
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    Female (she)
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    158 cm / 5′ 2″
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    Mar 7, 2019

About Lady Charlotte

When she's good she's very very good, but when she's bad she's better! My name is Charlotte, I'm a warm & kind gal in the prime of my exciting life! When we meet you'll find me charming and witty, I love to laugh and smile which will quickly put you at ease. I love my job, and I think it shows ;) time with me is unrushed, relaxed, and joyful. I believe my clients should feel completely elated when they leave, completely destressed and ready to take on the world. My ever-changing hair is always vibrant, soft and perfect for running hands through. My appearance is described as pixie-like, I have sparkly green eyes and a handful of freckles. I'm effortlessly slim and quite petite, and a lot of my porcelain skin is dressed in colourful tattoos. If you're looking for someone a little unique or quirky, I'm your girl :) I'm a genuine sweetheart, and I don't discriminate against race etc. I don't drink (I don't mind if you do), but I'm 100% drug free so please - no substances! I provide an intimate Girlfriend Experience, I love affection, passion and close contact. I absolutely adore being touched.. I like to find a nice balance between adorable & sultry, kindhearted & boldly unapologetic, nonchalant & sincere. I'm playful and silly, but I love a deep connection and some intellectual pillow talk. My home is neat & tidy, and as warm and inviting as I am ;) My pretty room is uncluttered and romantically lit with candles, feel free to request your favourite songs or listen to mine. Looking forward to meeting you :) C x ~~~ Please refer to the template below when contacting me ~~~
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I can very rarely take same day appointments, it's best to book at least 2 business days in advance. My hours are from 1pm til 1am every day, but I can be flexible if needed.
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You MUST include a photo of yourself at *first contact* (for safety, yours and mine!). You may request one back if you like. No photo - NO REPLY! **I've been having phone issues from the 22nd of Feb, if you've contacted me in that time and not received a reply I'm so sorry! Hit me up again!** **If you are an existing client please note I have had a change in number so you will need to reintroduce yourself** This template is here to help you include all the relevant information in your first message so you can book an appointment quickly and efficiently without having to think about it. Wow! You're welcome ;) "Hi Charlotte! My name is ___, I was wondering if you were available (insert FUTURE date(s) & times) for an (incall/outcall, if outcall please include location). I would like X hours, here is a current photo as requested." I will get back to you within 24 hours, usually between 10am-10pm when I am not with clients. Please keep in mind you are making an appointment and you will need to commit to that appointment just like any other business. Due to the overwhelming amount of same day/short notice enquiries I still receive (despite my profile stating multiple times I cannot provide this) You may request a same day booking with a copy of your ID (address can be covered unless it's an outcall). No guarantees, I am very very VERY rarely available at that short notice. If you book in advance or pre-screen you're guaranteed to see me. Your short-notice template is as follows: "Hi Charlotte! My name is ___, I'm after a same day booking and I'm hoping you're available. I would prefer an (incall/outcall, if outcall please include location), at (time + minimum 4 hours notice). I would like X hours, here is a copy of my ID as requested." (Just please, please don't do the "now" thing - it's insane - you should know by now we have lives and aren't sitting around lookin 10/10 100% of the time) IF YOU DO NOT USE ONE OF THESE TEMPLATES I CANNOT HELP YOU THANKS SO MUCH XOXOXOOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

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