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    Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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    Male, Female, Couples, Non-binary
  • Gender
    Non-binary (they)
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  • Height
    180 cm / 5′ 11″
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    May 20, 2019

About Kit Bauer

Hey friend, thanks for reading. I am Kit. I think pleasure is an important way for humans to relate to themselves and one another, and I am glad you think it is important enough to spend some money on. I delight in all the different ways that humans can experience pleasure so, naturally, I love sex work. I don't spend time thinking about what is "weird" in bed and what isn't, I simply like to explore sexuality with an open mind. I am quite the sex geek - I read books and take classes to understand pleasure, and love bringing my learning to life at work. The services I offer will differ from client to client as I value authenticity and connection - I will guide you towards the things that deeply arouse me and will also say if something isn't working for me, this way you know everything we are doing I am enjoying. Pleasure and sexuality is a pretty big part of my life, as you may be able to tell, but I do have other interests! I am learning German. I read anything I can get my hands on, at the moment I am enjoying Heather Rose's novels. I like witty banter over a bottle of cheeky Pinot. I go to Tassie as often as possible to visit MONA. I recently finished a law degree and I am currently working on getting my research on the Victoria's Sex Work laws published (hopefully!). In a booking with me you can expect someone who is interested to understand your mind as much as your body. Since I started doing sex work I have learnt so much from my clients - I hope that you will tell me about the things that move you and share your worldview with me. You can get to know me a little from my twitter, the link is in the contact section below. Kit xxxx PS. I see clients of all genders, races and ages over 18.
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Calls will not be answered. SMS or email me with: 1. Name 2. Preferred date and time 3. Service requests 4. Location (incall/outcall) Cheers xx

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