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    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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    Male, Female, Couples
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    Female (she)
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  • Body type
    Athletic, slender
  • Height
    174 cm / 5′ 9″
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    Jun 2, 2020

About Katrina Breza

Your hot science nerd with twisted sense of humour and dirty mind. ** Before contacting me please kindly read the contact info. If you don't I would assume there's no possibility for us to meet ** I love adventure and sensuality in life and I'm here to explore the new sides or sexuality and passion. I'm very energetic and love trying new things. I'm a full time student, getting my second degree, and I spend a lot of time following my dream scientific path. I believe that what happens between two people is magical and always different depending on the mood, energy, types of personality. I'm also very good at massage =) My interests: I love sciences, and going to school to get my second degree. (mostly biological, chemistry). I have a lot of interest, ideas and plans related to this area. I play chess on a regular basis and fairly decent. I’ve done a lot of scuba-diving and love it. Occasionally I do some things that would push my limits, like sky-diving or getting somewhere high, or go rock climbing. I love martial arts and have been doing this for a few years. Sometimes I like running. I’m a decent long-tennis player and will make you run =) I like long walks and trekking. I read a lot and very educated, and love getting to know new things. I’m very and very opened to try new things as well.
Photo of Katrina BrezaPhoto of Katrina BrezaPhoto of Katrina BrezaPhoto of Katrina BrezaPhoto of Katrina BrezaPhoto of Katrina BrezaPhoto of Katrina BrezaPhoto of Katrina BrezaPhoto of Katrina BrezaPhoto of Katrina BrezaPhoto of Katrina BrezaPhoto of Katrina BrezaPhoto of Katrina BrezaPhoto of Katrina BrezaPhoto of Katrina BrezaPhoto of Katrina BrezaPhoto of Katrina BrezaPhoto of Katrina BrezaPhoto of Katrina BrezaPhoto of Katrina BrezaPhoto of Katrina Breza


Online Services

  • 30 min virtual fun
    Texting or phone, with selfies
  • 60 min virtual fun
  • 120 min virtual fun


  • 1 hour
    A little conditioning
  • 1.5 hours
    A tennis game * preferred for first date
  • 2 hours
    A decent hiking
  • 3 hours
    A nice long walk
  • 4 hours
    A nice long walk with a game...* we can include dinner or activity
  • 6 hours
    Long walk, snacks and massage
  • 8 hours
    And a little extra
  • Additional day
    This and the following agreements require personal time for daily exercising, some personal time, and enough uninterrupted sleep.
  • 15 hours
    Exploring the quality of sleep * uninterrupted sleep
  • 24 hours
    Round the clock research * uninterrupted sleep
  • 48 hours
    Going in depth * uninterrupted sleep
  • A week
  • A month


  • 1 hour walking/social
    Going for a walk, lunch, dinner
  • 1 hour
    Same rates as incall + uber cost


My schedule is usually revolved around my study hours. My civil job (actually my business) allows to set my own hours, so we can find a good time to see each other comfortably. Please read the "contact" text to see how to request the time together ) See you soon!
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday


*) Please only text me (8 am to 9 pm), and please only contact me if you are fine with screening (reference from another provider or photo ID) and small deposit towards the booking so I'm comfortable to meet you! It's ok if you are uncomfortable with those, and I'm sure you will find someone with a less strict booking policy. *) Please do not call me, at all. (Calling me means you won’t be a great date as you are trying to break my rules right from the beginning, and it will most likely continue through the date). *) Pretty please don’t ask for my services or rates. Services, I can discuss after everything is set up and rates are above =) *) I respond to my emails within a few hours if they're sent during reasonable time. *) Please include the information about the call (date/length/time), reference from another provider or photo ID, along with your name and information about you and your preferences! That will make things easier and more enjoyable ) Same day appointments are 99% IMPOSSIBLE and 24 hour or even 48 hour sexy warning is much appreciated. There are 2 exceptions though to the same-day-reasonable-time-appointments. 1) *) If suddenly time permits, and you sent screening and time information and all the info in your FIRST email/text. *) And a half date deposit in second one by paypal, etransfer or gift cards of shoppers mart, bestbuy, uber or longos card. I will only pick up the deposit if I can accommodate, otherwise you just cancel it and enjoy your day (or I send it back). 2) If we’ve enjoyed each other in the past and again time/space permits. Thanks for reading ❤️ I almost never cancel anything, because I'm damn responsible and respectful and I have a stellar reputation.

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