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Kat Wilde

Tolerable dinner date for hire

Hey lover, Glad you’re here, and I’m flattered you’re interested in meeting me. Allow me to further tempt with you all the feminine wiles I possess. I’m Kat, an early 30 something city girl with small town roots, refined, polished, and funny as hell. A statuesque 5’9 barefoot, I exude feminism with soft curves, long locks, and supple lips. I’m told I’m beautiful yet approachable, and I think you’ll find me easy to relax around. In my early 20's, I related to the “girl next door” trope, but now in my 30's I fall more into the “hot mom you keep seeing at soccer practice and fantasizing about” file. I’m all grown woman, the age-appropriate girlfriend you can take anywhere, but are most excited to take upstairs afterward. Insatiable and a little silly, let’s giggle all the way up the stairs or into the kitchen or wherever the mood strikes us. I mean, if you can’t laugh during the good parts, was it even fun? As I’ve matured, I’ve learned a lot more about my body and will always invest the time telling you what turns me on, my likes and dislikes, and priding myself on being able to intuit yours. Don’t be afraid to speak up and ask for what you want – I’m eager to satisfy within my comfort level, which is vast. I’m an intensely sensual woman with a full life who enjoys the advantages of this arrangement as much as you do. I think there’s a myth that genuine connections don’t exist in the realm of companionship. This isn’t true. Chemistry can be found in many places, likely and unlikely, and companionship is no exception. I’ve found that I’m a quick and usually effective judge of whether we’ll be compatible in a booking from our early communication, and I don’t accept every inquiry I receive. The magic happens with the “click”. Whether you’re looking for someone to share a few stolen hours with during the day, whisk away to sand and surf, or anywhere in between, each connection deserves the same amount of attention. I delight in companionship because it’s all the best parts of dating, less the hassle that makes it hard. I like the clever flirting, the easy intimacy. Being able to keep it light is what makes this experience so uniquely enjoyable. I love the opportunity that each new meeting holds, whether you’ve carved out a couple of hours for just-us time behind closed doors or are requesting me dressed and ready on your arm for dinner. I’m just as comfortable with a luxurious day out as I am an indulgent day in, wrapped under the covers, enjoying each other. A bit about me personally, the girl behind the smokin’ hot bod and charming personality. I’ve lived in Atlanta forever, I love the city, and I love to play tour guide for visitors (only visitors who promise my body very much positive attention). I love the theatre, and there’s a certain play about a certain founding father that I have seen a ridiculous 11 times. Take me again. I love fine dining, tasting delicacies together in a darkened cozy room with an old fashioned, ripe with anticipation. I also love Taco Bell, extra fire sauce, eating with you in bed. Do with that what you will. I’m a backpacker and a camper, and I’ve spent days in the woods alone sleeping under trees and wondering if each crack in the woods was a bear or a murderer. I’m a dad joke connoisseur and a board or dice game enthusiast. Also, a sore loser, so no games on the first date. It’s the only possible way you might not want to see me twice. If I’ve held your attention, and I do hope I have, please reach out. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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I am typically available during the week from 9-5 but I am flexible with bookings made in advance. If your schedule only allows for evening or weekend appointments, reach out and I can likely make accommodations so that we may meet. Same day availability is unusual but more likely with prescreening. Longer engagements are prioritized.


In-date extension per hour$550

1 Hour (touring only)US$700

1.5 hours (Atlanta minimum)US$1,000

2 HoursUS$1,200

3 HoursUS$1,600

4 Hour Dinner DateUS$2,000

*dates 4 hours or more require social time*

6 HoursUS$2,800

Overnight - 14 HoursUS$4,000

24 hoursUS$5,500

Couples (add on)US$300



I require a 25% deposit to reserve my time. Time and expense go into preparing for our date, and this is to ensure I am covered in the event of a last minute cancellation. I accept Venmo and CashApp. If neither of those options work for you, contact me to inquire. Deposits are non-negotiable.


If I must cancel our date and we are unable to reschedule, I will refund your deposit in full, otherwise deposits are non-refundable. Any dates canceled between more than 48 hours in advance can apply their deposit to a future booking. I allow one reschedule per deposit. Any cancellations without at least 48 hours notice forfeit the deposit.


Complete booking form on my website or reach out to me directly via email for screening requirements.

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