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Katana Grey

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Upcoming Schedule ✈️ Townsville 14 April -19 April ✈️ Townsville 28 April - 3 May ✈️ Townsville 12 May - 17 May ✈️ Townsville 26 May - 30 May ✈️ London 3 June - 18 June Gold Coast - Brisbane based when not on tour Hello! It seems I have caught your eye, so while I have your attention - let me introduce myself. My name is Katana Grey. I am a Gold Coast, Brisbane, and Worldwide luxury companion in my early twenties. A tall, black-haired, natural beauty with dreamy eyes, a slim yet athletic figure, and curves in all the right places. Even though my long, dark hair, natural assets, and soft, tanned skin is irresistible; I am most often complimented for my warm, and charming personality. With my quick wit and affable nature, I am the kind of girl that will always try to make you laugh. It is important to me that you feel comfortable, as I believe this leads to an incredible, and sensuous intimate connection. My reviews remind me that my personality is one of my most adored qualities; “Katana really is one of a kind, a hilarious and intriguing young woman with a contagious laugh, she makes any occasion unforgettable” - B Intellectually minded, I love engaging in deep conversation while flashing my bright smile and throwing seductive glances your way. I’ll have you stimulated in all senses of the word. Kindness is a philosophy that I live by, and I make sure to treat people with respect. If you would like to get to know me, it is important that you return this sentiment. As a person who is selective with the company I keep, establishing good communication from the very beginning is key; your first message will determine if we will meet each other. Be sure to pay particular attention to the information below if you have your heart set on us meeting. Everything you need to know about my rates, expected etiquette, deposits, screening and cancellation policy is on my official website. Please read all of the information carefully before sending a booking request. To book, you can simply fill out the booking form on my website, or you can contact me directly. If you prefer the latter - be sure to briefly introduce yourself, and include your preferred date, time, duration, and location for the booking. Condensing this information into a single text shows me you are serious about the booking, and that you respect my time and energy. This will be rewarded with a kind and thorough response. Please be direct and straightforward, but always polite during the booking process. Learning about your desires and leaving the banter for our date will make things much more interesting. Remember, the more respect you show when making a booking, the more likely we will meet and make memories together! Personal Website: thekatanagrey.com Twitter: twitter.com/thekatanagrey Email: thekatanagrey@gmail.com Yours, Katana Grey

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
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Men, Women, Non-binary, and Couples
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181 / 5'11"
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Tour Schedule

London, UKJun 2–29
Please pre-book via my website! thekatanagrey.com


Tryst - One Hour A$550

Slower - Ninety MinutesA$800

Couples - Ninety MinutesA$1,000

Dinner Date - 3 HoursA$1,000

Escape with Katana - Two Hours $1,100

The Ultimate - Three HoursA$1,500

The Overnight Escape - 8 Hours$3,000



Please see my website for my deposit/cancellation policy.


Communication is very important to me, it will determine if I see you and part of my screening process, as I'm selective in who I spend my time with.
The booking form on my website is the best way to contact me. If you do prefer email, you’ll need introduce yourself, briefly tell me a bit about yourself and provide the desired meeting details, such as preferred date and time, address of booking, duration of booking and preferred deposit method. Please note before contacting me, that bareback/natural requests are not tolerated, and instantly reported/ blocked.

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