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Heeeeeeeyyyyy! You just came across the ad of the "Pretty Samoan/Black / British/ American Indian/ Mexican/ Puedo Rican Go Getter Princess" who is continuously happy-go-lucky, out-going, sweet, juicy, wet, edible, well mannered, highly favored and professional. A supplier of various intimate encounters!! Right now, I am in dire need and in the mood to bless that special someone with my cheerful, healing and joyous persona!!! I am all for you if you decide to be a part of one or multiple of my sessions with me. I am with whatever it is you are trying to do; as long as, it is in good taste and is a service I provide. I am anxious and ready to partake in some extreme, erotic experiences with that unique rare priceless one that is down for the cause!!!! Maybe, for a while or even just a little bit you will invite me to be involved in your night or day cap!!?? Or come be a part of mine... So, that I can have a chance to be a part of your cause????? Do you want to, like I want to??? I am thinking that you could be that perfect one I could share some of my kinky resolving ways and thoughts with? Why not? If not only for just 15 or 30 minutes of your time. So, that we can experience each other's TRU bliss with a mixture of ecstacy and passion... Quick Visits, Half Hours and Hour, clothed or unclothed sessions are available. You are more than welcome to have me schedule you in for an appointment. All I ask is that if you do have me schedule you for an appointment and you cannot make it after all, that you let me know that you need to or are going to cancel... Anyways, I am excited thinking, hoping and praying that I may possibly get a chance with you to show off my education & knowledge, of what I was taught and learned independently by experience about the male species. In which, is how to satisfy a female or male and how I can make your secret fantasies and dreams become your reality!!!!! I am feeling even more optimistic about the thought of having your assistance to help me make these things come TRU for you and for you to tell me what it is that you desire, want, need and want me to fulfill for you!!! With your guidance and my expertise it is highly probable that you will not be disappointed by the time our session is over!!! For example, some of the fantasies the males like me to fulfill and just adore me for doing is spoiling, treating them like a king, dominated or submitted to, rimming, prostate massaging, breast release, DATY, pretty feet fetishes, or a 2 girl special, etc. etc. Although, the males sometimes like to switch things around and tell me they want to spoil me, dominate me, do exotic, intimate, foreplay or physical gestures of relaxation, play and/or love to me, etc. These are just a few of the most common request I receive by my clientele and customers... In which, I am totally fine with because, I think it allows for spontaneous fun and helps make awesome memories!! So, I am totally okay and game with it... That's just the tip of the iceberg of what you could have done, request be done to you or that you could request to do to me. I honestly feel we could have a real joyous time together. You don't have to have no worries of being frustrated by being rushed either when it comes to me because, I provide a no rush guaranteed policy. Believe me when I say "I aim to please 100% of my clientele or newcomers that purchase one of my sessions I mean it by all positive means necessary. I honestly am not joking or playing around when I say this"... So, far I have been 99.9% successful on pleasing my counter partners because, I have always believed in and have always practiced unerringly, proficient, flawless, elite services with all my appointments, everytime, During, ur session u will always be My Top Priority and in My Upmost Care the whole time, always having my undivided attention. Also, I am constantly thinking of ways and trying to do what it takes to give you a top of the line, mind blowing, unforgettable experience, that will leave u feeling great inside and out with a genuine smile on your face to top it off by the time you leave... So, if there is a certain particular thing you would like for me to do for you that your significant other will not do, if it's just a fantasy you want to fulfill with me, if you want me to perform for you by sexy, striptease dancing, if you want to make a personal XXX rated video with me or want me to record one of myself and send it to you for your personal collection and viewing through video chatting, need some XXX Rated pictures of me just let me know!!!! I provide all those services happily. Also, I am very open minded to creative wants, needs and requests when it comes to all your different ideas, dreams, desires and fantasies!!! So, how about we get together to have some enthusiastic fun and piece of mind while enjoying one another's company. You will be able to see 1st hand how I will pleasure you and that I always aim to please my clientele no matter what!! Like I said earlier, as long as, what is wanted is in good taste, does not go against my rules and nobody will get hurt! you feel me? I will try my best to do it for u. I bet you are probably wondering why I am so into and hung up on making my company satisfied and happy? The answer is... I have always been an adventurous, loving and caring type of individual that gets self gratification, a certain kind of mental and emotional high and superb peace of mind, while watching or helping others enjoy life to the fullest and having a blast of a time!!!!! Even, if it is just for a short lived time... For the simple fact is, I did not have someone looking out for me like that growing up... Nobody ever cared to make me happy or even cared if I was happy at all. So, I especially get a kick out of doing this for people and when the person is having a super ecstatic best time of their life moment, all because of me and/or on the account of me helping them get to that point or level in their life!! It just turns me on. I have this inner soul that just kind of goes wherever the wind blows, but who highly likes to please others more than I like to be pleased... who is genuinely happy most of the time and enjoys seeing others experience the best things in life... I have been this way since, i was a small child and go into a heavenly state of being when I witness others experiencing my bliss or having a stupendous time of their life of their choice. Also, when living my life I do not want to regret a moment of it by wasting my or anybody else's time by being too boring or too big of a stippler about the stupidest things. ( i am a real spontaneous fun seeker), I always want you to get your money's worth and quality of what you pay for when you donate to me for my sessions. Also, I want you to feel like my services were definitely worth your time and donation. However, most importantly to me... I am aiming to treat u as fair and satisfied as possible... in order, to make you one of my repeat customers, ( I absolutely cherish my repeat clientele and they are highly appreciated and favored by me) no pressure this way but, I do want people who I can build a rapport, close, intimate, fun, caring, friendly, relationship with. People who will come back to see me time and time again!!! Well, if you think that you want or can be that person please do not hesitate to call or text me!!!!!!! But I also can do no strings attached engagements as well... Also, if you are at all interested in seeing me for any other reasons that are not stated above, if you just want to have a simple meet and greet, if you are just curious about what it would be like to have a nite or day cap with endless, fun and pleasure with me or if having fun, the finer things in life while trying to live your best life, while, in the moment with me, is what you want, is all fine with me too! Now, u be sure to get in touch with Me sooner than later tho... Call or text me whenever you find it convenient for u... I am usually always available at all times 24/7/365!!! If, I am not catching up on some of my beauty sleep or dealing with personal issues that I cannot ignore... Well enough of me running on you have a wonderful day and immaculate rest of your week. Also, I DO NOT do business with anyone who is affiliated with any kind of law enforcement agencies out of fear of entrapment!!! So please do not call, text or message me on any websites. In order, to inquire about my services or to schedule an appointment with me!!!!! Thanks in advance and have a blessed rest of the day.....

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mainly all day, everyday unless sleeping, attending to a customer/client or taking care of family or personal business!!! On Sundays I only do by appointments only!


1 hourUS$200

Me come to you

Half hourUS$175

Me come to you


Half hourUS$100

You come to me


You have to come to me



Liberty, Mo



If you want me to travel to you you have to put up a deposit or else I am not wasting my time!!!


Please let me know before your scheduled appointment if you need to cancel or reschedule!!!!!

Please, feel free to call, message or text me anytime of the day I should be available!


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