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Those who have spoken feel like I am a long time friend, perhaps a high school crush or a soul they’ve known forever. I would be ecstatic to curate the perfect date and be your chic companion. Enjoy me as your confidant among your upscale event or casual rendezvous. ​ To imagine life as an adventure engulfed with enlightening experiences is vital. You are invited to join me on this journey of existence. Let us smile and cultivate memories before returning to what society has taught as right. Let’s do what we feel as right! Travel Let us wander in lust! I am passport ready and have been fortunate enough to visit 37 US States & 17 countries. Most definitely, we have a common destination intersecting. Pass me your bucket list! Traveling is an uttermost passion as I consider it early retirement. To fill out a passport book is adding to our life’s resume. Activities Yoga, Rafting, Downhill skiing, Hiking, Camping, Ice Skating, Bicycling, Boating & Sailing, Dancing, Kayaking, Tree climbing, Snorkeling, Skinny dipping, Rollerblading, Stand up paddle boarding, or just a nice stroll are great past time activities. A goal would be getting into aerial yoga. Art There is art in all astral planes. I fancy all forms of art from fine to performance. I am fond of Leonardo Da Vinci, Alex Grey and Frida Kahlo. Being from Seattle, I enjoy Rock, Metal, and Grunge bands. RATM, Black Sabbath & Sound Garden are symphonic to me. Cuisine I’ve been taught that health is your true wealth and believe that food is medicine. I thrive and heal when consuming vegetables, fruit, grains and unprocessed dishes. I love Michelin restaurant tasting menus as well as green blend at a refreshing smoothie bar. We’re students of life and I admire anything you are willing to educate me on from realty, assets, esoteric traditions, ancient occult tales, world cultures and national park trails. I’m currently accepting inquiries for virtual dates for those who have curiosity to meet me in the future as well as returning friends during these times.

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Tour Schedule

My current tour schedule is below! These places are not searchable but 7/15 - 7/18 Coos Bay, OR * asterisk means tentative & Open for bookings Besides Seattle, WA I frequent the west coast, Boston and the Hawaiian islands.

Portland, OR, USJul 10–11
Salem, OR, USJul 11–12
Bend, OR, USJul 12–14
Eugene, OR, USJul 14–15
July 15 - 18 Coos bay OR
July 15 to 18 Coos bay OR
Washington DC, DC, USJul 30 – Aug 3
1 hour 700
Lihue, HI, USNov 2–8
Kihei, HI, USNov 16–21
Kona, HI, USNov 22–27
Hilo, HI, USNov 28 – Dec 1
Miami, FL, USMar 13–14, 2023


1 H Salacious texting dateUS$200

1 H Flirty Phone ChatUS$300

Another great way to get to know me prior to future meeting

1 H Sexy Live DateUS$500

Great Ice breaker for return inquiries or new inquiries prior to meeting in real life!


1 HUS$600

1 H - BOS / LA / NYC / SFUS$700

2 H US$1,100

3 h US$1,500

4 h Dinner DateUS$2,000

5 h US$2,400

6 h US$2,700

12 hours Overnight$3,500

24 hours $5,000

48 hours$8,000

72 hoursUS$11,000


1 H - BOS/ DC / NYC / LA / SFUS$700



For all new inquires, a deposit of $200 will be required to secure your time. For dates 3 hours or longer, a 50% deposit will be required. Deposits will secure your date are non-refundable, they can be sent in the form of Bitcoin, Uber / Amazon / Ebay giftcards to inquireKana@protonmail.com The remainder of the rate can be paid for with cash upon arrival. Note: I do not accept PayPal, Venmo or cashapp for new friends.


Cancellations within 48 hours are subject to a 50% inconvenience fee. ​ Cancellations within 24 hours of the day of are subject to a 100% inconvenience fee.

If you contact me : 1. Full Name 2. Available Dates / Times 3. Location of Date 4. Duration of Date 5. Linked in / work badge / ID Two recent references from reputable verified providers I only accept US numbers for calling/text. All international inquires must be contacted via email.

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